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Sarah Flier

Position: School Counselor
School: Willow River Elementary School
School District: Hudson Schools
City, State: Hudson, WI

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Sarah Flier was nominated by the Wisconsin School Counselor Association.

Ms. Flier was named the Wisconsin School Counselor of the Year and one of five finalists for the 2021 National School Counselor of the Year honor. Her heartfelt compassion and personality is always on display with students, parents, and colleagues. She cares deeply for the people in her school community and is always available with a hug, listening ear, and honest guidance. She helps children to think critically and problem solve with each other in contrast to the constant adult intervention we see in other situations. Additionally, she goes beyond expectations to help students with nutrition, clothing, or financial needs while always maintaining their confidentiality. She is always caring for the whole child. Also, her honest, transparent communication with parents and students has endeared them to her. She has not hesitated to share sensitive information with parents about their children without the sugarcoating. They have appreciated this approach, and it has ultimately helped their children grow as young people. She is an incredible asset to her school community.

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Alison Schloesser Posted over a year ago

I am honored to call Sarah a colleague and friend. I’ve seen first hand her patience, grace, and understanding when dealing with challenging situations. Students in our school feel safe and comfortable approaching her, and are reminded by her nurturing nature that they matter. They belong. Her passion for her work in our school is evident every day, and we are so fortunate to work alongside her. Life changer? Most definitely.

Dayna Dreher Posted over a year ago

Sarah is a true "life-changer" and I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award! Sarah has been the school counselor for my 3 children for years and she has made them feel at home at Willow River Elementary since the day they each started in Kindergarten. They are truly blessed to have her at their school. Thank you, Sarah, for everything you do for our Willow kiddos and families!

Sara Makovec-Soley Posted over a year ago

Sarah is utterly amazing- she sets the standard for the positive school attitude and knows how to connect with kids of all backgrounds. It is easy to see that she loves her job, loves the school and loves each child that goes there. Willow is so very grateful to have her.

Joan Strom Posted over a year ago


Stacey Posted over a year ago

Sarah is not only a passionate advocate for her kids at school but a collaborator and an amazing leader. She not only works tirelessly at her school but helps school counselors in her district and throughout the state of WI. Sarah, thank you for everything you do for kids, families, staff and your community.