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Barbara Truluck

Position: School Counselor
School: Palmer Middle School
School District: Cobb County Schools
City, State: Kennesaw, GA

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Barbara Truluck was nominated by the Georgia School Counselor Association.

Ms. Truluck was named the Georgia School Counselor of the Year and one of five finalists for the 2021 National School Counselor of the Year award. She goes above and beyond in all areas as a school counselor. Most importantly, she is always willing and ready to help any student she comes across—whether they are in her caseload or not. All stakeholders—students, families, teachers, administration—see her as an invaluable resource. She is a constant, unwavering source of support and encouragement for all. In her solution-driven, kind approach, Ms. Truluck can be witnessed day in and day out impacting the lives of all students, both directly and indirectly. She enthusiastically volunteers her time on numerous occasions to make presentations about stress and anxiety at the school, district, state, and national levels in an effort to inform as many people as possible on this important topic. She also holds leadership roles, both at Palmer and beyond. Her voice is respected and appreciated, and her calm, firm approach helps keep everyone accountable to the school's mission of equipping all students to succeed and thrive.

Comments (25)

Christina C. Posted over a year ago

As a parent of a child with special needs, I appreciate counselors like Ms. Truluck. She has been a wonderful advocate for my daughter and has made meetings far less stressful. It can be extremely difficult to get a child with special needs the support that they need so that they are successful in school. Sometimes it feels like a constant battle. Having a counselor like Ms. Truluck as a support is a blessing. She is an asset to the school. Palmer has already been a great school to work with and she makes it even better.

Shannon Kiger Posted over a year ago

Barbara Truluck is a blessing to our school and the students and families that she serves. I have been in middle school education for 28 years and I can honestly say that she is one of the most amazing educators I have ever worked with. The students are always her number one priority. She supports and encourages them to be the very best they can be each and every day. Barbara is passionate about her students and the counseling program. She is a leader in her building and a mentor to so many others outside the building. I am in awe of her knowledge, energy, and dedication. I am so thankful to call her my co-worker and my friend.

Amanda Woodham Posted over a year ago

Barbara is a gift to our school. She not only cares about each individual student, she also supports teachers and staff members when they need resources. I am grateful for her care and compassion.

Andrea Patterson Posted over a year ago

My daughter has so appreciated your counsel and guidance as she maneuvers through this thing called life. She feels so supported at school by you and references you often at home. Thank you for supporting our children which helps to support us parents as we corral our children with community.

Devin Frank Posted over a year ago

Thank you for being a huge blessing to the Palmer students and families. Your passion for changing lives is evident in your everyday interactions with the students and all stakeholders. You are loved by all and thanked for your dedication. Adanna Frank’s Father

Mrs. Frank Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Truluck is a blessing to the Panther families and school! She has helped me with personal health issues with both of my children. And even when they were no longer on her caseload, she made sure to check on them and assisted their assigned counselor with meetings and contacting me. I trust her with both my children’s lives. This will be my daughter’s final year at Palmer and I will truly miss the kind nature of the staff, especially Mrs. Truluck. Mrs. Truluck, please know how much you are LOVED, HONORED, and APPRECIATED! Palmer has a gem on their hands. We will miss you. LOVE, Adanna’s mom

Kim Saye Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Barbara as a colleague and she has also worked with my son for a couple of years as his middle school counselor. She is so knowledgeable about mental health and was a great team leader when we put together a newsletter for the return to school this year during COVID. She has such a kind personality and generous spirit that reflects in her work. My son benefited from the strategies she taught him, as well. I feel privileged to have been able to see her in action as a colleague and as a parent. Barbara is an inspiration!

Katie Truluck Coats Posted over a year ago

My mom has always been my role model, counselor, and advocate. As my middle school science teacher, she inspired me to challenge myself, develop resilience, value intelligence, and taught me how to create goals for entering the medical field. Now as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I get to watch my mom inspire others as she has always inspired me. I love seeing the impact she has in the lives of her students and her colleagues in Cobb County, the State of Georgia, and across the nation as ASCA’s School Counselor of the Year Finalist. This woman is so relentlessly caring, selfless, intelligent, and hard working, which puts her in the perfect position to make positive changes in the lives of others and inspires me to do the same in my profession every day. It is amazing to be able to cheer on my amazing mom and watch her succeed just like she always cheered me on growing up. My mom's passion for her profession reaches so many people, and I know that whoever has the blessing of meeting and working with Barbara Truluck is one very lucky individual who will be completely cared for, encouraged, and strengthened by the talents and experience she offers. Barbara Truluck is an advocate, a leader, and an inspiration to her students, her colleagues, and her family who are so proud of everything she has and continues to accomplish for the sake of bettering her profession and bettering the lives of everyone she meets.

Gail Carter Posted over a year ago

We are so very proud of Barbara. My Sister in Law for 35 years & such an important member of our family. Always such an attentive listener, offering valuable encouragement and solutions when needed. Her attention to detail & caring nature makes her a natural for assisting young students with their path. With purposeful intent, she tackles each task with passion and perfection. Barbara has always had a fun sense of humor and grace about her. The sort of person you look forward to talking to, sharing a laugh with or seeking advice. The passion for her family is unequaled. How fortunate for the Truluck family she became part of our story and we are a part of hers. I am delighted to see that her hard work and dedication is being recognized. She is so deserving of this award. Congratulations Barbara for being #1 in our hearts always.

Jenifer Wilson Posted over a year ago

Palmer Middle School is incredibly fortunate to have such a kind, caring, and talented counselor like Mrs. Truluck. No matter how difficult the situation is, Mrs. Truluck handles it with complete confidence and respect to all persons involved. She used her skills to reunite the students without making either side feel defensive or alienated. She has a unique way of making others feel like they were a part of the solution making process. Mrs. Truluck’s innovative ideas and solutions have helped so many students, parents, teachers, and staff resolve issues and conflicts in their lives over the past several years, including my son. My son had the privilege of having Mrs. Truluck as a school counselor at Palmer Middle School. She helped him resolve concerns dealing with typical teasing from other middle school students as well as helping to cope with the death of his grandmother. Mrs. Truluck has always given our son great assistance when resolving issues that were causing him difficulty in life. Additionally, Mrs. Truluck was a great listener when he simply needed to work through how he was feeling about difficult situations. She was a positive role model, providing solutions to help him deal with some very difficult issues in his life. Mrs. Truluck has had such a positive impact on our son. He will continue to use the strategies that he learned from her throughout the rest of his life as he transitions into adulthood. I have personally been impressed with how calm, professional, and kind Mrs. Truluck approaches each situation. In the three years that I have known and worked with Mrs. Truluck as a parent volunteer, I have developed enduring respect for both her strong work ethic and problem-solving abilities. As a parent that has been positively impacted, I can confidently say that Mrs. Barbara Truluck has earned the title of Life Changer of the Year and has my highest recommendation. Sincerely, Jenifer Wilson

Lauren Holland Posted over a year ago

Barbara goes above and beyond in all areas as a School Counselor. Most importantly, Barbara is always willing and ready to help any student that she comes across. All of our stakeholders—students, families, teachers, administration—see her as an invaluable resource, and she is a constant and unwavering source of support and encouragement for all. Barbara understands and believes that the reason she does what she does day in and day out is for the betterment of her students. Through her advocacy, leadership and collaboration, Barbara has made Palmer and the School Counseling community a better place.

Dr. Melisa Marsh Posted over a year ago

School counselors have a special calling and talent set. Barbara Truluck embraces all that it means and encompasses to be a school counselor. She loves what she does but maintains a real-world outlook when working with students, parents, and staff. Her integrity and determination as a professional exemplifies the highest standard. Ms. Truluck does not limit her herself to only the role and defined responsibilities of her position. She seeks opportunities to engage with everyone which supports a positive school climate and provides students with a significant connection to an adult in the building. Through her efforts and leadership, Palmer Middle School has a comprehensive, data-driven school counseling program. Palmer Middle School and the Cobb County School District are fortunate to have a counselor of her caliber. She makes a difference in the lives of students and she makes an impact on the school counseling community.

Donneth Hamilton Posted over a year ago

Congrats on your nomination by the Georgia School Counselor Association, your passion to all humanity goes above and beyond your scope duties in the education field, I am not surprised that your work has been recognized, your compassion and care for all students are a testament to your nurturing skills. I wish you well in your nomination and leading up to be the winner of the "Life Changer of the Year." WAY TO GO, Mrs. Barbara Truluck!!!

Mary Knight , Ph.D. Posted over a year ago

Barbara Truluck is a selfless humanitarian who makes herself available to diverse students, parents, and colleagues. Barbara has graciously offered training and shared counseling lessons, techniques, and materials without hesitation to new and veteran counselors during difficult emotional times.No question is too small or large for Barbara to render assistance. All stakeholders are treated with kindness, respect, and professionalism. Barbara is a dedicated role model, leader, and true " Life Changer". I would like to express my gratitude for Barbara's constant support, counseling advice, consistent encouragement, and positive thoughts. 

Lisa King Posted over a year ago

Barbara is a role model for us all. When she came into the school counseling profession as a second career, she quickly rose to be the cream of the crop. She is someone to admire and learn from. For those of us who have been counselors for 20+ years to see a colleague who is genuinely so innovative, caring, giving, and inspirational… well, I for one took notice. I love to learn from her whenever I can in how she impacts students, what she knows and how she carries herself. She has won prominent awards such as GA Counselor of the Year and was a Finalist for National School Counselor of the Year. This is a huge deal and so well deserved. She is a light of the school counseling profession and teaches us all that we can all make a difference and if we can be as genuine, helpful, and professional as Barbara, the world would be on the right track.

Marla Baldwin Posted over a year ago

Barbara is a tremendous support to the teachers at Palmer Middle School, in addition to the students. More than once, I have entered her office with tears in my eyes and she has counseled me. Any time that I have a concern about a student, she is lightning fast in responding to that student's needs. There is a calmness about Barbara that is infectious. With her in the building, you just know things are going to be okay. She has a firm grasp of the 'big picture' without missing any of the tiny details along the way. She is a joy and blessing to all those who work with her. Bravo to you, Barbara!

Toni Dickerson Posted over a year ago

It is an honor to work beside Barbara Truluck as a school counselor in Cobb County, GA. Not only is Barbara an amazing individual all around, but she is a true inspiration and leader for her peers. Through her small group initiatives and programming for students, Barbara is always willing to help others strengthen their comprehensive school counseling programs. Barbara presents and advocates for the profession and students all over the nation through such topics as GRIT, resiliency, stressbusters, and coping with grief. In addition, Barbara leads by example, always positive and smiling. I also work alongside Barbara through Cobb School Counselor Association (CSCA) where she serves as a board member helping to plan events and activities to better serve counselors in Cobb County School District as well as Marietta City Schools. This honor is fitting for Barbara because she changes lives locally, statewide and nationally everyday. Not only is she fitting to be a life changer, but she is a game changer in the school counseling profession everyday!

Jennifer Frederick Posted over a year ago

I am an elementary school counselor in Cobb County. Even though my students don't feed into Barbara's middle school, all of us have been positively impacted by Barbara's tremendous skills as a counselor. She has contributed so much to the school counseling profession as an advocate, an encourager, and an idea-sharer. She is a true Life-Changer!

Lisa Jackson Posted over a year ago

I am fortunate to be the principal at Palmer Middle School and get to work with Barbara. She is truly a joy to work and see in action when working with students, families, and teachers. She is a dedicated professional who is a role mode for servant leadership. It is amazing how she sees an issue or problem and how she works with others to develop and implement a plan. I love how her passion impacts her actions and those around her. Her compassion is inspiring to all of those who work with her. It truly is an honor to work with her each day. I am so proud of all of her accomplishments and the work she does each day to make a positive impact in our school community!

Linda Corriveau Posted over a year ago

Barbara is by far one of the best counselors we could ever have here at Palmer! She eludes compassion in all she does, which is a tremendous amount. She is constantly working with students on their social emotional needs, their academic goals, and she has set up numerous support groups (ie. grief groups, STARS Girls Group, Boys Mentoring Groups to name a few). Each day she comes in with the most upbeat, positive, and supportive attitude. She truly loves what she does, and everyone here loves her for having the biggest heart for school counseling and for always continuing to strive for more for our students. As a colleague, she is also supportive, a great listener, has a strong ethical compass, and demonstrates integrity in all she does. She is a friend, a colleague, and simply a good quality person who makes an impact in the lives around her! We are blessed for all she does for ALL our students and community.

Debbie D'Aurelio Posted over a year ago

Barbara Truluck has found her calling as a middle-school counselor. She has wonderful insight into young people---their fears, insecurities, anxieties, and challenges both in and outside of school. She has a great relationship with the students. She's caring, patient and she's really funny which puts the students at ease. Her personal struggles with stress have made her the perfect person to spearhead her Stressbusters program. I can not say enough about Barbara Truluck. She is truly a treasure for any middle school.

Jordan Hazard Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Barbara for the past 3 years. She cares so deeply about our students at Palmer and is always looking for ways to help our school culture and is very much committed to improving our community outreach. She goes out of her way to make sure students feel safe, empowered and comfortable when they come into our building each day. As a teacher I have witnessed students request Barbara in order to calm their anxieties about situations in their life. She is passionate about what she does and her kindness is contagious. She is an amazing counselor and even even better human being. We are blessed to have her in our building.

Tammy Duke Posted over a year ago

Barbara is an excellent counselor at Palmer Middle School. She has helped so many students be successful through her dedication and experience. Whether it is a goal setting lesson or a chat to assist students with struggles they are facing, she is an inspiration. Thank you for being wonderful, Barbara.

Barbara Seiz Posted over a year ago

Barbara Truluck consistently goes above and beyond to help the students, staff and community at Palmer Middle School. Her tireless efforts are seen each and every day. She is a counselor that all of us can rely on at any given moment and we know she will always give her best.

Laurie Ann Truluck Posted over a year ago

I am lucky enough to be Barbara's sister in law. But before we were married to the Truluck brothers, I knew her in high school, so I have literally known her for over 40 years and am honored to call her not only family but friend. She has always been special -- always kind. She is a wonderful wife and an amazing mother. But the person that she has become over the past 6 to 10 years as she found her passion in education, first as a teacher and then as a counselor has been so inspiring to watch. Barbara gives her all and balances life so beautifully - giving love and care and attention to her husband, grown daughter and son in law, family, friends and to her students/children at school in special ways. She is always striving to be the best version of herself in all of these categories. The interest she has in making each and every child's experience positive and the time she spends coming up with ways to help them is a motivation to those around her. I've been so proud of the recognition Barbara has received in her field - she deserves the accolades and more!