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Amber Gorman

Position: Pom Coach / Softball Coach / Senior Class Sponsor
School: Midwest City High School
School District: Mid-Del School District
City, State: Midwest City , OK

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Amber Gorman was nominated by an anonymous student.

Mrs. Gorman is a LifeChanger! She strives to make Midwest City High School (MCHS) a better place for her students and colleagues by creating fun, engaging activities that help benefit the school and community. You will never see her with a frown on her face. She always knows how to brighten up the room. 

Many people look up to Mrs. Gorman due to her positive, welcoming attitude. She has always been a great person to be around. A lot of the students name Mrs. Gorman as their favorite teacher because she never gives up on them. She works hard to make sure that students get involved and have successful careers after their high school graduation.

"I am amazed at how much Mrs. Gorman does without skipping a beat. She is always on top, no matter what you throw at her," said her nominator. "She demonstrates how wise and powerful a leader should be simply by just being herself. I am proud to call Mrs. Gorman one of my teachers, and I know that many other students feel the exact same way."