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Genevra Walters

Position: Superintendent
School: Kankakee School District #111
School District: Kankakee School District #111
City, State: Kankakee , IL

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Comments (6)

Barnetta Harris Posted over a year ago

I have known Dr. Genevra Walters for over 30 years and she has always been a strong African American Women who thinks of others first. As superintendent of her hometown, she has continuously shown herself as an fierce advocate for kids. I am extremely proud to call her a friend and colleague! #Kankakeeproud

Aaron Clark Posted over a year ago

Dr. Walters You totally deserve this award!

ToiAnna Clasberry Posted over a year ago

She has been a awesome person since day 1 I love ?? her and she’s forever my sister Sge deserves All & May All she Do prosper I want to be just like her when I grow up something I’ve always said lol..&Still mean to this Day May she Be Blessed Beyond Measures for your Hard Work We are also Day away Twins ????? Sagittarius ?? Rock !!!

Ann Berns Posted over a year ago

Dr Genevra Walters is a true leader! She doesn’t lead by saying “look at me!” She’s working quietly behind the scenes. She not looking for headlines, she’s truly changing lives in our community.

Annette Brandy Posted over a year ago

Thanks for being a role model to our community. It’s extremely difficult to lead in any situation but especially as an African American women. But you continue to do so confidently while embracing not only changes that we all are dealing with, but you embrace others ideas. Your ability to lead as well as the understanding of when to follow is probably your most talented gift as many leaders struggle with this but you are comfortable and confident with who you are. I can definitely go on about your impact but most importantly thanks for your passion to serve the community and offer on a daily basis the best version of yourself!!

Felice Posted over a year ago

Dr. Walters has been a mentor to me for the last 8 years. She is always available for anyone at anytime . She is a true Visionary and is a restless advocate for all children/