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Melanie Griffin-Hamlin

Position: Academic Interventionist
School: Lagos Elementary School
School District: Manor ISD
City, State: Manor, TX

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Melanie Griffin-Hamlin was nominated by an anonymous family member.

"Mrs. Griffin-Hamlin is a gem in our school, in our community, in our church, and at her home," her nominator said. "She has many accolades and awards, and she is humble about them all. Outside of school, she uses her second job to donate to others. She is always busy, in a good way. She loves helping. Her school has recognized her as the Humanitarian of the Year for three years straight. Her district honored her as their Teacher of the Year a few years ago. She recently said in a post on her teacher Facebook page that 'A true teacher educates more than those on her roster. I was born to serve all those in my life in some way!'"

Mrs. Griffin-Hamlin does so many things behind the scenes and wants no credit. One of her former students, who she used to teach in Virginia, recently enrolled in school in Texas. Mrs. Griffin-Hamlin is the only person he knew from Texas. She picked him up from the airport and drove him two hours, paid for some essentials, stayed in contact with aunt while he was at school, and made sure he had what he needed. She is a lot of kids' favorite teacher.

Mrs. Griffin-Hamlin has taught since 2005 and still keeps in contact with former students. She is in school again. She just finished a program with Harvard University that she paid for without aid. No matter what challenges she faces, she's not a quitter. She is the face and voice behind her church's e-ministry and website. She is a great mom to two high schoolers who are already enrolled in college. Mrs. Griffin-Hamlin always has a smile and a word of encouragement. She's a LifeChanger, for sure.

Comments (49)

Valice Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Beautiful; Greatness is in your DNA and you Because you walk in the spirit of Excellence there are many lives you impact everyday with your presence!!!! I am so proud of you and your achievements... the best is yet to come!!! Love You

Cory Lanier Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination. Continue to serve your community and enrich young lives. Super proud of your accomplishments! You rock!

Jae W Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination. Your definitely deserve #LCOY because of your heart of love and passion for excellence. Thank you for your commitment to serve and educate others. Your effort to remain teachable, teaches us all. We love you.

Alisha Posted over a year ago

Melanie has a humble, kind spirit. I know that spirit shines through in all that she does, especially as an educator. She deserves every recognition that she could ever be considered for!

Connie Wright Posted over a year ago

There's so much that I can say about this young Lady. Her heart is bigger than the state that she lives n. Her heart is the motivation for everyone that she comes in contact with. Her heart motivates her to encourage others,share wisdom, share unique perspectives, find humor in the adventures of life, love her family and friends and even touch strangers. God has gifted our lives with Melanie and I am fortunate to be one of the ones to see her blossom n soar.... God has so much more for you as you follow his ordered steps!!! I love you more than words can exoress!!!

Rita Reyes Posted over a year ago

Every interaction we have had are so amazing. Melanie makes you feel important each time.

Rebecca Branch-Griffin Posted over a year ago

What an awesome honor bestowed upon one who is so deserving.Mrs. Griffin-Hamlin is an amazing educator but an even more amazing daughter! Congratulations to one who holds a major piece of my heart; you continue to make me a proud mother

Sandra Staes Posted over a year ago

Not only is Ms. Melanie an AWESOME Educator, she is an exceptional human being. She loves and cares about ALL students and she loves learning. She is willing to lead by example, by continuing her education and being a life long learner. She's ALWAYS willing to step in and lend a hand where needed. I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ms. Melanie for the last five plus years. And the thing that resonates with me about her the most, is her attitude. She is so positive, humble and genuine. She has an infectious smile and is always willing to give you a warm hug. Ms. Melanie is deserving of this recognition and award. In just one encounter with her, and you will walk away feeling better or encouraged. And if you are lucky enough to work with or have her as your child's teacher; their lives will be forever changed.

Ciarra Griffin Posted over a year ago

Melanie is an awesome aunt and educator. She has so much patience and a true passion for helping little minds grow. Her creativity is like no other, and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

Priscilla Tye Posted over a year ago

Melanie is a wonderful woman of God she is never too busy to stop and help or give you a word to encourage you, she is a very compassionate person she not only takes the time to be a wife, mother, friend and a teacher, and she is also a mentor to everyone she is devoted to God first and then others, I thank God that he has blessed her to be a blessing to everyone.

Juanita Paz Posted over a year ago

Melanie is such a great caring person. She cares about her students and colleagues. Melanie is someone that I can count on as a friend and as a teammate. She is always ready to help. I feel so fortunate to call her my friend. She is a Life Changer in anyone she meets.

Linda Perry Posted over a year ago

This lady where do I start she is a very loving caring person that will go over & beyond in all she do. I'm so glad & it was a pleasure meeting her & I thank her for letting me in her life. She is a very good teacher & show her love for children & she makes learning easy. I no I will never forget how she took my daughter under her wing at JB Stuart in Petersburg Va. & ensure me that she will be well taking care & she made sure of that so I'm so thankful & grateful for her even on our spiritual level also. She is a Team Player & I no she is a #LifeChanger. I could go on & on about this Wonderful & Blessed Woman. So much love to give to everyone she meets.

Janet Gauna Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Griffin-Hamlin Will make you see the good in every scholar in a way no one else ever has. The way she interacts with each scholar is something wonderful to watch. She makes sure each scholar knows how important they are to our campus. Her energy is infectious, she changes the lives of our scholars each and every day. When you are around Mrs. Griffin-Hamlin your will become the best version of yourself. She will make your challenge yourself, count your blessings, and look for ways to help others just as she does. She is a life changer!!

Cindy Hipps Posted over a year ago

Ms. GH is an amazing educator and an even better advocate for all students. She shows it through her kindness, flexibility, versatileness, efficiantness, and not to forget, she is extremely knowledgeable. I am very proud to be working alongside her.

Tabatha Garris (family) Posted over a year ago

It is not often that myself and my cousin, and nominee Melanie Hamlin, get together. However, the supportive mentality and love she displays from afar goes above and beyond. While deployed to Germany, during the pandemic, Melanie went above and beyond to research and send myself, a large Scentsy care package. Not only did she assist me in getting the package, by affording the German standards and adding me to her network, she did not profit from the sale. I've known Melanie since childhood, although we are not blood related, we are forever cousins in spirit. Her ability to be stern, yet helpful, loving, and compassionate comes straight from the soul. Melanie is so deserving of this award, and all future awards, in my honest opinion. May God continue to help her reach new heights, accomplish the most difficult of assignments, and reach those spirits and souls whom feels the world has abandoned. The verb 'love,' is well actioned by Melanie daily. God bless family! You're already a winner ten times over.

Felisha Henry Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Melanie Griffin-Hamlin is my mentor. She has been the calm during my storms. She has been the reasoning voice during my challenges. She maintains her joy and smile even on the long busy days. Her positive vibes make you feel comfortable being around her. I admire how she listens to you and then guides you to make a decision rather than tell you what you should do. I'm grateful that she's my mentor and I know the students enjoy having her as a teacher.

LaRhonda McBeth Posted over a year ago

Melanie has been a dear friend of mine for several years. She has been an exemplary example of a virtuous woman, a nurturing mother , a phenomenal educator and impactful human being to everyone she connects with. I’ve witnessed her education techniques explain calculus to my daughter while shopping for dresses to a formal. I’ve seen her coax my resistant grandchild out of her antisocial shell and enjoy learning with her peers in minutes. She’s nothing short of amazing and has changed the lives of all she’s come in contact with and it only takes a moment to connect with her contagious smile. Life changer is only one way to describe her but I would use World shifter.

Felisha Henry Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Melanie Griffin-Hamlin is my mentor. She has been the calm during my storms. She has been the reasoning voice during my challenges. She maintains her joy and smile even on the long busy days. Her positive vibes make you feel comfortable being around her. I admire how she listens to you and then guides you to make a decision rather than tell you what you should do. I'm grateful that she's my mentor and I know the students enjoy having her as a teacher.

L. Perkins Posted over a year ago

Melanie is such an amazing person and most definitely a life changer. She is able to push others to greatness by her continued motivation and hands on approach. She routinely offers her service to serving the community and others in balance with meeting the needs of her family and working to further her education. She is amazing at her ability of multi tasking and leading by example. Melanie is the #1 life changer and trailblazer in all facets of life. She leads by example and makes life so much easier for others.

Malinda Nicholson Shabazz Posted over a year ago

Any one that knows Melanie Griffin Hamlin will most likely say the same things about her,she has such a kind heart and soul she’s SUPER friendly and lovable and will help anyone that she comes in contact with.Melanie knew me way before I knew her however once we introduced ourselves to one another it was friends at first sight??I love this young lady so much and our love and friendship is so unique,we don’t talk as much or see each other much but the phone calls, text,and video chats are always uplifting and as always we are smiling from ear to ear in our hearts.Whom ever has the opportunity of meeting,spending time,or just passing by this beautiful,intelligent,loving woman will definitely never forget the impact she will leave on your life.We met over 20 plus years ago and I’m thankful and blessed to call her my special incredible friend.You deserve to be honored for the special gift that has been placed inside of you,and that you freely share with the world.

Talitha Gaylor Posted over a year ago

Melanie is dedicated to helping others in every way possible. She brings a light to all of those around her with her joyful spirit. I have had the pleasure of working with her for the past four years. Her amazingly positive attitude is contagious and it has truly been a blessing for all of us.

Monica Latris Chambers Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Griffin-Hamlin is an AMAZING educator! She plays the role of mentor to many teachers and has managed to wear many hats as an academic leader at Lagos Elementary School. Mrs. Griffin-Hamilin is a pure example of leadership, kindness, and professionalism. She goes above and beyond to take care of her students and colleagues. It is with great pleasure and honor to nominate Mrs. Griffin-Hamlin for LifeChanger of the Year!

Vanessa Moreno Posted over a year ago

Mrs. GH is a person who's kindness guides us. Just this morning I heard her pepping up a students who was worried about taking a reading test. That is what I see in Mrs. GH. Her kindness helps everyone around her, and the world is a better place because of her.

Luis Mesorana Posted over a year ago

Melanie is the type of person that brightens up your day. She notices the small things and changes about each individual in her life. She values your opinions, thoughts, and ideals. She makes everyone feel important and worthy, and encourages many students in our school to be their best self. During this pandemic, we've had multiple issues with either technology, students accessing to different apps on their tablet, and also trying to close the gap with reading, Melanie has shown that during tough times we can get through it with positiveness and inspiration. She is the type of person in our administration that I look forward to seeing and collaborating with. Since the beginning of 2019 when I met her, she has welcomed me with open arms and has been such a great supporter. Schools need a leader like Melanie to help the school grow, show spirit, and convey kindness no matter what. Thank you Melanie for all that you do and for bringing your smile and enthusiasm to work everyday. She is a leader, a fantastic co-worker, and a LIFECHANGER.

Natasha P. Posted over a year ago

Where do I start! Mrs. GH (what we call her at school) is an example of a true sister in Christ who would give you the clothes off her back. She is a loving and sweet person. When I started working at our school, I was new and did not know anyone at the time. She approached me with her kind spirit and warm greeting. I knew then, something was special about her. She goes beyond her work. She has the heart to serve others and pray for others who are in need or just because. I remember she prayed over my child's school because it was her first time in that setting and as a new mother, I was a nervous wreck. I had a sense of peace after she told me what she did. That's the kind of people we need in our world. I am blessed she is in my world! I believe she deserves this award. She is truly a servant!

Melva Phelps Posted over a year ago

Mrs. GH is amazing.I first had the pleasure of meeting her as a parent. She was my son's 3rd grade teacher. My son had many challenges in school and we decided to switch schools. Mrs. GH welcomed my son and showed him that he can be accepted for who he is and he can be appreciated by teachers. My son blossomed so much his 3rd grade year. He used to cry about going to school, but not that year. He was so excited about going and learning with her. She went out her way to make her lessons engaging. I remember my son singing" Watch me whip and Make this A", I thought that was the cutest thing. My son is now in the 8th grade, and still runs over to hug her and talks about her. I will always be grateful for her. She gave my son something that I wasn't able to. We are now co-workers. She actually inspired me to become a teacher. She has helped mentor me and show me the way of engaging and teaching my students. When I think of a great educator, Mrs. Melanie Griffin Hamlin is the first person to come to my mind. I hope one day, I am able to reach her level of success. She is the definition of a LIFE CHANGER!

Briatney l brooks Posted over a year ago

Mrs. GH is the most humble, helpful, happy woman I have ever encountered. She is always her genuine self. She handles conflict with ease between adults and children alike, using humor. Her teaching strategies are a model for all instructors, the way she uses games and manipulatives, her ability to come up with new games for any subject, even those that include physical fitness with science, is unmatched. You wouldn't know this woman has carried any burdens the way she presents herself. She is the real mother of the campus, apron included. The fact that she juggles parenting, marriage, and a designer classroom is another conversation altogether. She deserves any honor that she is recommended for!

Lyndsy Roberts Posted over a year ago

Melanie Griffin-Hamlin is more than a teacher. She’s MY, among other’s, role model. She also is my personal Rita Pierson! The dedication & strive she has is unmatched.

Denise Deckard Posted over a year ago

Denise Deckard Posted over a year ago

You are more than a conqueror. You are an overcomer! Our lives are blessed from your smile. Our souls are touched from each kind act you show. You are a life changer, confident, cheerleader, and Christian. We thank God for you.(corrected)

Vanessa Moreno Posted over a year ago

Mrs. GH has a heart of gold. Just this morning I saw her lift up a child’s spirit (he was scared if taking a test). That is what Mrs. GH us all about, lifting up everyone she encounters.

Keith Granderson Jr Posted over a year ago

Melanie Griffin-Hamlin it’s many things I could say about her we met in 2003 and for the last 18 years she has been a role model, friend, encourager and a prayer partner. I wouldn’t think of any better person for the award and she’s not only my friend but that’s my family I’m proud of the woman, wife, mother, daughter, educator, sister and friend that she is. I can’t wait to see what else God will do in her life.

Brenda White-Jordan Posted over a year ago

Melanie has always had a heart of gold. I will be forever indebted to Melanie for babysitting and tutoring my little lady when she was in elementary school. As a single parent there were not many people that I would trust with the care and guidance of my only child. Outside of her grandparents Melanie was that one in a million. At the time Melanie was in high school herself but had a natural gift that she shared freely. My daughter loved spending time with Mrs.Melly and we love her even more today. I know that my daughter who is now 31 years old and holds several degrees of her own was directly impacted by Melanies guidance especially her academic achievements. Melanie has supported me with every endeavor I have embarked upon, from writing a letter of reference when I returned to school after 25 years to everyday encouragement just because. If anyone deserves this prestigious honor, it is definitely Mrs.Melanie Griffin-Hamlin. She has given of herself tirelessly with no complaints! She has and continues to be a blessing to so many including me. May God continue to order her steps and her reward be great just as she has been her entire life!

La Tonya Woodson Posted over a year ago

It's hard to find just one word to describe Melanie Griffin-Hamlin or as we call her (GH). I can just use the only one that fits her best-AWESOME! She is a very remarkable woman that has a heart for God and God's people and that's reflected in her character. She's a ray of sunshine at the school because she's very positive and she's always willing to lend you her ear. She's very deserving of an award that epitomizes who she is-A LIFE CHANGER!

Keith Karseno Posted over a year ago

Mrs. GH is an amazing human being. She is the epitome of the teacher, mentor, and colleague you’ll never forget. Mrs. GH is always patient, kind, and soft spoken. Her passion shows through her work and service to others, in AND out of school. My only regret is that I don’t get to work with her enough. Thank you, Melanie, for your tireless devotion to everyone around you and your fearless leadership as an integral part of our campus’s success. You make others around you better and that is an exceptionally wonderful and rare quality to have.

Shiron Hamlin Sr. Posted over a year ago

Melanie is my wife and the mother of my children but she is so much more. The passion and dedication she put into education is unexplainable. She pours so much into any child that is blessed to be in her class and those she teaches in youth ministry. She has always found the time after work to help our children with their homework and at times she has tutored me in my own college courses . She is not only a true educator but also a mentor. I am proud to be married to such a magnificent woman.

Mariya Hamlin Posted over a year ago

I am the proud daughter of this wonderful woman. Not only am I her child, I was able to be in her class when I was in the 3rd grade. As a mother and teacher Melanie Griffin-Hamlin has taught me so many life lessons that will impact me for the rest of my life. I really think she deserves this nomination.

Diane williams Posted over a year ago

Mrs Melanie you are a force to be recognized. Your quiet and gentle spirit. Your passion for everything you do, is so admirable. You have been a perfect picture of strength and endurance. Not letting anything stop you from achieving your goals. I love you so much and I am so proud to call you my sister. I wish you much success

Shiron Hamlin, Jr. Posted over a year ago

My mother is very loving, caring, and a compassionate person. I know she is my mom, but she is also a mother figure in so many of students’ lives. She has sacrificed so much of her time and effort in order to make her peers around her successful. She has so much on her plate like going to school, church, teaching, and coming home to be with her family. She has been up late at night to wake up early in the morning to give all she can to better herself and put a smile on someone’s face. Not only she is a teacher in the classroom, but she has carried her abilities to apply it to help so many lives. She always find a way to put others before her and always has the Joy of the Lord by her side.

DorothyWalker Posted over a year ago

Mrs Griffin Hamlin is a very dedicated,educated, intelligent young woman,I have known her since birth,and watched her grow into the young woman she is today, she has overcome many obstacles in her life, but didn’t let them stop her from achieving her goals.

Justin Griffin Posted over a year ago

Teaching is not a job for is her passion. She has a gift for molding young minds. I know first-hand because I was her first student. 2 degrees and 12 professional certifications later, I am recognized as one of the top engineers in my field. Melanie’s lessons helped me build a robust educational foundation for long-term success. She’s definitely a life changer!!!!

Tameka Leonard Posted over a year ago

Melanie is an awesome friend, near and far away! In addition, Melanie is a phenomenal educational leader with a wealth of strengths. Not only is she an innovative educator but a continued lifelong learner. Her focus has always been on helping the community and being an asset to any team she is a part of. Key examples include her dedication to teaching in church and how she goes over and beyond with her students. She has the ability of teaching to an individual's need and learning style. I really have an appreciation for her communication skill set and how proactive she is with being able to reach her audience.

Denise Posted over a year ago

You are more than a conqueror. You are am overcome! Our lives are blessed from your smile. Our souls are dead from eacg kind act you show. You are a life changer, confident, cheerleader,and Christian. We thank God for you.

Dr. Rebecca Griffin Posted over a year ago

I cannot think of a more deserving nominee to receive this honor. Melanie Griffin-Hamlin has constantly demonstrated her knowledge, skills and abilities through her profession as an educator, her community service along with her amazing ability to give 100% to any assigned project.

Zelda C. Griffin Posted over a year ago

When you have Melanie in your life you have a treasure. She has been a gem that shines in her home, church, community and her job. She exercises greatness in all areas of her life. With the many talents she have, she use them to bless others. She is a person of excellent.

Melvin Posted over a year ago

Melanie is an outstanding young lady dedicated to the betterment of others. She has a wonderful personality and is full of love.

Maegan Schneider Posted over a year ago

Melanie is one of the BRIGHTEST lights I know! I have been blessed to work alongside her for years now and have been so blessed to call her friend! She is a go-getter who inspires all along the way! She has a beautiful and generous heart and I am so thankful to have crossed paths with her!

Arkell Graves Posted over a year ago

Melanie is an awesome teacher, giving her all to make a positive change in children’s lives daily. She gives her all

Dana Griffin-Graves Posted over a year ago

Melanie is the the epitome of a caring teacher that goes above and beyond. Her teaching is not only in the classroom but life lessons that impacts the children’s life they will never forget! This nomination is well deserved.