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Doneisha Odum

Position: Assistant Principal
School: Pathways in Education
School District: Pathways in Education
City, State: Memphis , TN

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Doneisha Odum received multiple nominations from her community. The following profile contains text from each nomination.

Ms. Odum goes above and beyond to help her community and students out. She owns a small business selling food. Most of her former students return to see her to thank her for helping them graduate.

"My son was struggling in a standard school setup," said Tonya Owens, a parent. "Ms. Odum talked about her school, how it differs, and how my son could benefit. I have noticed a difference in how he does his schoolwork and the attention he takes in it. When my son starts to slack a little, she always gives him the nudge and advice he needs. Ms. Odum always makes herself available to her students. She honestly cares, and it shows!"

"Doneisha has dedication, drive, and commitment in whatever she does," said an anonymous friend. "She is a great choice for assistant principal."

"Ms.Odum doesn't view her job as a 'job,' but as an opportunity to change everyone's life she encounters," said April Solomon, a friend. "She does everything with love and passion. Her greatest gift in return is solely the achievement and betterment of others."

Comments (2)

Kimberly Shropshire Posted over a year ago

Doniesha Odum has made a major impact on my life. She gave me information to help my son with enrolling in school. Ms Odum came to an event I hosted and spoke to young girls. She talked to them about school options as well as running a business. Her interaction with them was amazing. Personally she has connected me with individuals to help me reach my educational goals.

Tina Brooks Posted over a year ago

Congratulations you deserve it, I'm sooooo proud of you.