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Relvorie Lott

Position: Director of Operations
School: Star Academy Charter School
School District: Star Academy Charter School
City, State: Memphis, TN

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Relvorie Lott was nominated by her sister, Ciera Lott.

This school year is different because we are in the middle of a pandemic. Relvorie goes above and beyond to make the students and staff as comfortable as possible while learning in a virtual environment. She does everything from arriving early, and staying late, to making sure students have all their required books, to troubleshooting students' devices when IT is backed up, to staying on the phone with students and parents after hours to give an encouraging word, to letting everyone know that, as she says, 'we are family, and we will get through this together.'"

"On days where I pick her up, I've seen her remind students parents and staff to stay safe and to hang in there," said Ciera. "She serves as a moral compass for everyone she meets, and she always does the right thing no matter what. She helps to refer parents who are short on resources to community partners who can assist where there is a deficit."

"My sister is a proud member of the STAR Academy family," said Ciera. "I admire her for stepping away from a successful career in corporate America to pursue her dream of working in education. She told me once that she wants to make sure everyone she meets at work encounters a dose of unconditional love before they leave."

Relvorie encourages others to be the best version of themselves daily. She will cry with you, laugh with you, support you, and most importantly, love you. She doesn't look at the individual, but the heart of those she serves.

"I am most proud of my sister for actually finishing her degree this year while being a single mom. She is my LifeChanger," said Ciera.

Comments (4)

LaQuisha Rucker Posted over a year ago

You are one of the most deserving people I know for this award and of this title. You have overcome so much and have yet so much more for your hands to do. Keep going, keep trusting and keep trusting the process.

Lakisha Johnson Posted over a year ago

Relvorie, you are a life changer and this nomination is another reminder. Thank you for being bold and walking in your purpose, even those days you're scared and nobody knows. You, black woman, ROCK!

Monica Johnson Posted over a year ago

I agree with the comments that Ms. Lott's sister, Ciera made. Ms. Lott is a very influential, unselfish, talented and great coworker to work with!

Nashasta Brown Posted over a year ago

I'm so very proud of you and all your accomplishments. You are deserving of this and sooooo much more! Congratulations Relvorie!!