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Allison Pattion

Position: Pre-K Teacher
School: Dunbar Elementary School
School District: Shelby County Schools
City, State: Memphis, TN

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Allison Pattion was nominated by a family member, Tabitha Birdsong.

As a product of an inner-city school system, attending all inner-city educational facilities for every milestone met, Ms. Pattion vowed that she would always become a pre-kindergarten teacher. She started the teaching profession in the same school system that nurtured her curiosity and empowered her desires. This academic wizard weaves a web of learning concoctions that majestically meets the needs of every student and parent. She researches, converses, and signs up for a variety of professional developments to strengthen her craft.

Ms. Pattion is a level five teacher with constant scores that exceed the required end-of-the-year pre-K state benchmarks.  Many of her students become inducted into their school’s honor society or gifted program in Kindergarten after leaving her pre-K class. However, she feels like there are additional ways to grow as an educator and society member.

Sometimes, entering pre-K is the first learning experience many young learners have encountered.  Ms. Pattion is aware pre-K students need teacher support and learn better when their needs are met. After attending UT Martin, she made a decision to come back to Memphis and work in an impoverished area, where access to materials was limited and equitable funding was a moot point. In many circumstances, Ms. Pattion had to ensure her pre-K class was a safe haven for her students as well as their parents. Although she faces some of her own personal barriers, Ms. Pattion is simply amazing.

From the beginning, Ms. Pattion has proven to be a great addition to each school she has taught at. Something positive that Ms. Pattion brings to the educational experience is perseverance. Prior to teaching, she subbed for one year as she worked to pass a test. She used this challenging time to motivate others to not give up on dreams and to continue to strive for their best. Even in this new, unknown virtual setting, she brings a positive outlook to her school’s team. She continues to show that this platform can work for all ages of students. She developed ways to make learning more interactive for students at home during online lessons. Ms. Pattion is a motivator and an innovator who always has the best interest of educating young learners effectively at the forefront of her thoughts.

This silent giant roars with the mindset of helping her team flourish. She has supported the school system as a student teacher mentor, performed as a pre-K grade chair for at least seven years, led as a chairperson during the school's SACS review, and continues to collaborate daily/weekly with teachers from other schools in sharing ideas and imparting knowledge about a topic. She is a powerhouse of collaborative information who is always willing to share. Throughout the years, Ms. Pattion has been the recipient and nominee of the Golden Apple Teachers Award (Memphis City Schools), Women of Stamina Educators of Excellence Award (Memphis), and recently, the Tennessee Lottery Teacher of The Week (WREG 2020).

Her professionalism and track record is remarkable. She is dependable, and she works tirelessly to ensure every stakeholder involved in her classroom is accommodated. She believes in being proactive during times of change and adversity. As COVID-19 hit, Ms. Pattion began gathering individualized materials so every student would receive an abundance of learning materials and kits. In addition to spending money out of pocket throughout her career, she created several DonorsChoose projects, won grants, and received other awards for school supplies. As a 13-year pre-K teacher, Ms. Pattion understands it's necessary to ensure kids living and attending schools in zones that are underfunded receive as many learning experiences as possible. It is her goal to make what appears impossible to others, effortless for her students.

Ms. Pattion believes, "It's not where you're from that matters. It's how hard you're willing to work to achieve your dreams." She has worked in several schools that are surrounded by abandoned houses, poverty, and drugs. It's always her goal to make her classroom workable for all pre-K students and their parents. She is passionate about having a family-oriented classroom. Providing her personal cell number, along with her open door policy, have been additional assets to building positive relationships. Students are loved and nurtured inside the four walls of their class. In turn, they learn to demonstrate that same behavior. She believes in educating the whole child, especially their social/emotional awareness.

Ms. Pattion acknowledges that every stakeholder involved should work as a team to invest in education.  By doing so, young learners begin to see education as one of the most important aspects in their family dynamic.  She is hyper-focused on providing several ways parents can prepare their early learners for school, such as the self-published book series “Doodler Doddles," Pattion’s Virtual Choice Centers, and activity boxes with learning notebooks.

“It’s my goal to invest in my educational endeavors both professionally and academically so that I can be the best educator version of myself as possible,” Pattion said.

Comments (5)

Nikida Whitlock Posted over a year ago

Allison is one of the most dedicated teachers, I know. She is the absolute BEST at what she does and she puts all of her energy into the education of the students in her classroom.

Sandra K Selmon Posted over a year ago

A great teacher. She loves her students and always put them first. She is a very dedicated to education. I am so proud of the work she does. She deservers this honor.

Krystal L Bolden Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms. Pattion for almost 20 years. She has always been an inspiration to me. She is a very creative and loving teacher. Her motivation and enthusiasm for teaching helps me to be a better teacher. She deserves this honor.

Patrice Hemphill-Dixon Posted over a year ago

Best teacher of the years!!

Melissa Crouch Posted over a year ago

Keep up the great work peep!