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Stephani Cranford Garrett

Position: English Teacher
School: D'Iberville High School
School District: Harrison County School District
City, State: D'Iberville, MS

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Stephani Cranford Garrett was nominated by her colleague, Renna Moore.

"I have had the honor to work with Stephani at three separate schools over the past 15 years. I not only can call her a valued colleague, but a true friend," said Moore. "She is the teacher who is always there for her students and is always able to reach the student who is falling through the cracks at school...Her students scores always show growth. While that shows her strong ability to teach her subject, I feel like the growth mostly comes from how she nurtures her students and helps them believe that they can reach higher standards. Even after students leave her classroom, she's there for them by mentoring, reading over their papers for other classes, and being a person in their lives they can look up to."

For a large portion of her career, Ms. Cranford worked at an inner-city Title I school where the graduation rate was very low. So many of the students who were not expected to graduate ended up graduating due to her willingness to be there for them and push them to exceed their own expectations. Beside being there for her students, Ms. Cranford is also great to work with as a colleague. She is always willing to do cross-curriculum lessons, share her lessons, and team teach with other teachers.

"In all of my years of teaching, there is no one else I can think of who is more deserving to be called a LifeChanger," said Moore.