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Kim Glace

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: Wicklund Elementary School
School District: Lammersville School District
City, State: Mountain House, CA

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Kim Glace was nominated by her friend, Melissa Northway.

Ms. Glace has worked at four different schools over the course of her career. This is her fifth year at Wicklund Elementary School. She's a selfless educator who never complains, even during long work days.

Ms. Glace always wanted to be an educator, and teaching is her passion. As a young child, she would play "school" in her neighborhood. She couldn't have been happier making up assignments and correcting papers. She has had a myriad of jobs since she was 14, ranging from mortgage loan officer, to office manager, to lifeguard, but she has always been the happiest working with children.

For Ms. Glace, the most rewarding thing about teaching is having the ability to make a positive impact in a child's life. For her, teaching is more than academics. She has helped students gain confidence in themselves. Her goal is to inspire students and encourage them to have a growth (not a fixed) mindset. She has regular conversations with students about the importance of grit, perseverance, and most importantly, kindness. In our world today, we need that most of all.

"This past year, Kim invited me to read one of my children's books to her third grade glass through Zoom," said Northway. "The amount of attention to detail that she showed for this fun activity showed me how much she loves her job and the kids. She made sure each child had a chance to ask me questions about the story, the writing process, and ideas they had for my next children's book storyline. The students were so engaged, and Kim went above and beyond to provide this unique experience for her students. We spoke about the possibility that this experience might inspire one or more of the students to write their own story and publish a book in the near future. This has been a tough year for so many students, so to see Kim go out of her way to provide an enriching experience lends to the fact that she is one amazing teacher."

Comments (11)

Tania Posted over a year ago

I've worked in her classroom as an Instructional Aide for almost 3 years and I can certify that she is indeed an amazing teacher. She's always compassionate and happy when she teaches her students. Always showing a genuine interest in everything she does with them like if its always her first year teaching. Her students love her and is a love well deserved because I have seen first hand her commitment for the benefit and success of her students. Congratulations Ms. Glace!

Kim Maberry Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Kim!!!! Congratulations on this awesome nomination!!

Josh Manabat Posted over a year ago

Kim, congratulations on your nomination! Well deserved!

Marcus Williams Posted over a year ago

Well deserved Nomination, thank you for all your hard work Kim! You're an inspiration for teachers across the country!

Melissa Posted over a year ago

Thank you Kim for all you do! You’re an inspiration!

Dan Posted over a year ago

Kim you have my support! Thank you for everything you do for our kids!

Lonnie Murphy Posted over a year ago

Kim, so incredibly proud of you... Lonnie Murphy

Michael Di Giulio Posted over a year ago

Thank you, Kim, for all of your hard work!

Michael Byrne Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Kim! You and all teachers across the country deserve so much for your efforts over the past year. Thank you for being there for the kids!

Phil Jones Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination Kim. Teachers do amazing work and create such a positive impact on our country's future and it shows by your nomination.

Jimmy Barnes Posted over a year ago

Congrats Kim. Keep up the great work and inspiring our youth!