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Vernon Lowery

Position: Principal
School: Westover High School
School District: Cumberland County Schools
City, State: Fayetteville, NC

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Dr. Vernon S. Lowery was nominated by her colleague, Kristle Rouse.

Dr. Lowery is the current principal at Westover High School. She grew up as a ward of the state. As she was going through her high school career, a counselor told her she would never amount to anything. For Dr. Lowery, that was the defining moment that pushed her into the education field. She wanted to advocate for students who may not have support. Truly, that's what she has done in her 20+ years in education. She has invested her time, energy, and resources into helping disregarded students graduate and create plans for their futures. 

Dr. Lowery was placed over a dropout prevention program for Cumberland Schools. During her tenure, the program grew exponentially, to the point that the district had to find another building to house those students wanting to enroll in high school. Dr. Lowery showed these students that they can write their own stories, and it starts with them completing high school. She spearheaded the creation of a clothing/food pantry so that various barriers could be removed and students could focus on their academics. 

Dr. Lowery is a strong educational professional who received her Ed.D. degree focused in Educational Leadership and Administration. She has been a presenter at various educational conference, most recently at the National Alliance of Black Educators conference. Dr. Lowery was a 2019 College Board Chinese Delegate, and she traveled to China to study the Chinese education system. She is constantly seeking ways to improve professionally so that she will be best equipped to assist students and staff. 

Dr. Lowery is always pushing others around her to move to the next level. She has shared her knowledge, along with her 20+ years of experience. She recognizes that a school is only as good as its teachers and staff. Therefore, she is always encouraging, motivating, and mentoring staff and teachers. She truly wants everyone around her to be the best version of themselves. 

Dr. Lowery was named Cumberland County Schools Principal of Year for 2017. She was an Inez Eas Winner in 2018, as well as a Fayetteville Observer 40 Under 40 Winner for 2019.

"Everything that Dr. Lowery does in education is focused on providing quality support to teachers so that our students receive high level instruction to make them globally competitive," said Rouse.