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Ryan Whitcomb

Position: LASEC Case Manager / Learning Behavior Specialist
School: Kelvin Grove Middle School
School District: Milne-Kelvin Grove District 91
City, State: Lockport, IL

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Ryan Whitcomb was nominated by an anonymous student.

"Mr. W is the best teacher ever, and he really cares about his students. He never gives up on us, and when things get hard, he's always there to support us," said the nominator. "I feel as though I learn so much better with him as my teacher. Mr. W teaches the material to make us understand it...I'm also more confident with him as my teacher. He never gives up on us, and he cares about our success...He's always so positive and teaches us great things. Mr. W's just a great teacher!"

Comments (13)

Darlene Posted 18 days ago

To have such a positive effect on your fellow teachers as well as your students is truly a gift and to have a student take their time to put in a nomination for you speaks volumes. Congratulations Ryan on this honor and no matter the outcome, please consider yourself a winner in the eyes of those lives you have touched!

Darlene Mercer Posted 18 days ago

Congratulations on this nomination! To be a teacher that can connect so positively w/ their fellow teachers and students is certainly a gift and should not be overlooked! Whatever the outcome, you have won... for a student to take the time to nominate you speaks volumes. Keep up the good work!!

Lisa Posted 2 months ago

I had the privilege to work with Ryan and I saw the magic he brings to the students, the classroom, and everyone he meets. The positivity he admits every day is contagious and his students respond in kind. Ryan has a wonderful gift that students connect with and want to copy because he’s just that good. It was my honor to work and learn beside him.

Kathleen jones Posted 2 months ago

Great job Ryan!

Dorita McCabe Posted 2 months ago

Ryan is an amazing educator that goes above and beyond for his students. He collaborates with colleagues and implements instructional strategies that meet the needs of all his students. His students benefit immensely by being in his classroom!

Jenny Mahoney Posted 2 months ago

Ryan truly cares about his students' development and dedicates countless times and resources to that end, even when others are willing to merely skate by. He deserves an award because he is sincerely dedicated to changing lives!

Lisa Whitcomb Posted 2 months ago

There are educators in this world that change the lives of not only the students, but the parents, staff and community. Ryan is one of them! He has what it takes to make every student thrive and succeed. He empowers his students to believe in themselves and encourages them to be the best version of themselves daily. Ryan acknowledges and celebrates each individual students' strengths, their ability to achieve and the value they add to the classroom. Ryan implements a rigorous curriculum to meet each student's level and pushes them to be as independent as possible. Students can easily share what they are learning, what behavior they are trying to work on, and what reward they can earn due to his classroom leadership. He has an open-door policy with students and parents which provides trust, security and safety for his classroom. Ryan is committed and passionate about his work and puts in tireless amounts of off the clock hours to make sure his students have an amazing education! He truly is a LifeChanger!!

Justin Munoz Posted 2 months ago

Mr Whitcomb is the best and most supportive teacher our daughter has ever had. He communicates well, truly cares for every student and wants them to reach, and even exceed their potential. I can only hope our daughter has a few more teachers as good as Mr Whitcomb in her future.

Fred Whitcomb Posted 2 months ago

Ryan has always been willing to help other kids even at a very young age, and takes tremendous pride in his work.

Carrie Flores Chavez Posted 2 months ago

Mr. Whitcomb is one of the best teachers I have encountered. My daughter Stephanie has grown so much in this year and because of him and his team. She went from low low grades and lack confidence to A’s and B’s and a hole bunch of confidence. He has kept all the kids engaged when they were remote and kept school fun. I am super excited to see what he has in store for his students for next year. I wish we can clone Mr. Whitcomb and have more teachers like him. Thank you for being a superhero teacher!!

Aisha Williams Posted 2 months ago

Ryan is An AMAZING Teacher that is genuine & caring! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for a few months. He always responds to any questions/concerns. Because of Ryan the world is a better place! Thank you for always being YOU!

Maria Nudo Posted 2 months ago

I’m so happy and proud of you. Can’t think of a more deserving person! You Rock and keep up the great work. Our students need more like you.

Ethel Angelos Posted 2 months ago

Well-deserved!!! Bravo, Ryan!!