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Shelly Wuellner

Position: Director of Food Service
School: Bunker Hill CUSD 8
School District: Bunker Hill CUSD 8
City, State: Bunker Hill, IL

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Shelly Wuellner was nominated by her superintendent, Todd Dugan.

Although Ms. Wuellner's job title is "director of food services," her role and impact goes far beyond food services. Her leadership, positivity, and can-do attitude inspire not only those in her department, but the entire district.

When COVID-19 struck, and most of Illinois was under a “stay-at-home” order, Ms. Wuellner and one other cook prepared over 17,000 meals. She not only ensured the meals were prepared and delivered (often accompanying deliveries herself), but she went above and beyond by writing inspirational messages on fruit, fortune cookies, etc. Ms. Wuellner does not require being told to prepare meals. It's truly her mission, and she excels at it! As soon as the possibility presents itself for mitigation back to hybrid or remote learning, Ms. Wuellner will automatically begin preparing many bagged breakfasts ahead of time, often to send home with every student in the district.

"Prior to COVID-19, Shelly had performed her duties so professionally that on one occasion, our district was selected to host a quarterly joint school board division meeting involving the Illinois Association of School Boards and school board members and superintendents from several districts," said Dugan. "Her team did such an outstanding job that I fielded many calls in the months following inquiring about the company that we contracted with for professional food service. They were shocked, but extremely impressed, to learn that it was our own department under Shelly's outstanding leadership."

Ms. Wuellner also contributes to a positive school culture, not only within her department, but throughout the district. She continues to model positive thinking and promotes and rewards it district-wide, in addition to being the best role model.

"Although our district is small, remote, and rural, we are often told that our district makes a huge impact, not only to our students, but to the entire community," said Dugan. "For that, I feel we owe a debt to Shelly Wuellner for her contribution to this."

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Margaret Freer Posted 5 months ago

Shelly truly loves her job. She is always trying to please and is a true inspiration to the students and her peers. She is truly a great asset to the district??