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Danielle Crawford-Burroughs

Position: Administrator
School: Newark Lab High School
School District: KIPP Charter Schools
City, State: Newark, NJ

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Comments (11)

Diane Revalski Posted over a year ago

Danielle is THE most incredible human. She is an amazing Assistant Principal who goes above and beyond and does whatever it takes. This year she has built relationships with students and staff, coached teachers, stepped in to fill any need, and helped to found a virtual school. She always carries herself with grace, humility, and love. She IS a game changer and impacts people's lives EVERYDAY.

Marshanette Myers Posted over a year ago

Life changer of the year is Danielle Burroughs.. I have personally seen her in action with her students but especially with my own child.. she has gone the extra mile and beyond to exemplify her determination to make sure that my daughter does HER best and helps to raise the bar for herself... I have also witnessed her love for children she does not know.. it’s just the love of seeing a child which she always says, “Is our today”....she is also a positive mentor for the children at her church with motivating them to trust God if they have no one else to mimic their aspirations after.. so she well-rounded in her movements for ALL children, knowing that children more than often duplicate what they see and not what they are taught.. she makes it personal to always be an example of the GOOD and not the BAD that soooooooo many of our children see today in their homes, schools and just everyday living.. she is LIFE CHANGER and a LIFE IGNITER in my book

LaToya Ricks Posted over a year ago

Working with teens is both an art and a science and Mrs Burroughs has mastered both. Her consistency in supporting students and staff allow for strong, genuine and lasting relationships. These relationships allow her to bring students closer to meeting their goals both academic and behavioral. She indeed has earned the title life changer because she has changed many.

Linda Crawford Posted over a year ago

Congratulations cousin Great job

Jeran Crawford Posted over a year ago

This life changer is beyond excellent! I have personally watched young people leave her system and praise her as someone that has taken time to mentor them more than their own parent(s). Mrs. Burroughs has invited young people into her home for holidays and made sure that her “kids” didn’t go without. She has spent countless hours as teacher, basketball coach, and administrator. After completing all her tasks at her school she then becomes the greatest mother, wife, and glue that holds her own family together! This woman is beyond life changing. She is a LIFESAVER!!!

Danielle Posted over a year ago

Danielle deserves this more than anyone I know. I’ve known her for 24 years and I love seeing her support and pour into the kids in her school. The little snippets I see on social media is enough to know she is making an impact.

Monasia Posted over a year ago

Take care of the ones she loves pure hearted she will forever be appreciated and loved because she the way she loves genuinely and with care !

Sheena Johnson, M.S., RPA-C Posted over a year ago

For the 20 years I’ve known Danielle she has been positively impacting the people in her community, whether it be in her personal circle, or professionally! She has been passionately standing in the gap for so many at risk kids, serving as a educator, personal mentor, surrogate mother, and friend to those who need it most. As a result, many of the youth she impacts have go on to be positive, resilient, compassionate, and productive individuals in society. Currently, Danielle is doing this amazing, selfless work, all while being a wife, mother, and doctor student! The hats she wears is many, but she does it with such grace, zeal, and humility. This nomination for Life Changer Of The Year is so fitting for Danielle. She is absolutely a life changer, and an inspiration to myself, and so many others!

Sharmaine Lewis Posted over a year ago

If you’ve only had the opportunity to be with Danielle for just a day, your life is changed. She speaks life into every single person she meets with authenticity and a style that always feels safe. She is a teacher and a leader that puts ALL students first. She supports them in their classrooms, in the halls and outside of the building. She is constantly reminding them that there is always greater for them and she does it in an almost poetic way. When Danielle walks into a room with any student or staff member that’s had the privilege to work with her, you will immediately hear everyone yelling loudly because they’re so excited that she is there because they know that they will be blessed. There are so many students at our school who did not believe in themselves and considered the prospect of graduation to be just a dream. Because of Danielle, they will be walking across that stage with their heads held high with post graduation plans! Danielle volunteers her time outside of work to support students entrepreneurial endeavors because when she says she is there for students, she SHOWS UP and is there, all the way. I cannot think of someone who is more deserving of a life changers award. Go Danielle!!!!

Garline Fenelon Posted over a year ago

Couldn’t think of a better person to get my vote. She is able to connect with her students and staff and is the definition of life changer.

Cynthia Crawford Posted over a year ago

Danielle is a selfless woman. She's caring and kind. She always has a positive spin on life's circumstances. She always looks for an opportunity to encourage whom ever is in her presence. It's a honor to have her in your circle