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Deborah Patrick

Position: Retiring Math Teacher
School: Converse High School
School District: Sabine Parish School Board
City, State: Converse , LA

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Deborah Patrick was nominated by her friend, Brandi Register.

"I have known Mrs. Deb since I started subbing at our school, before I had my children," said Register. "We found out she knew my mother from a small town north of here. We instantly hit it off. She took me under her wing and helped me as I learned the ropes. I had to quit due to having my babies, but she always had a smile and a hug for me when I saw her."

"When my kids went to school, I eventually went back to subbing, and Mrs. Deb was still there being encouraging, kind, and caring," said Register. "My oldest daughter has her for math now, and I'm sad my youngest won't have her next year since Mrs. Deb's retiring, but we are so happy for her. She has seen the potential in my oldest, and she has guided and pushed her along this year. My daughter struggled at first due to virtual and stagger days, but she quickly caught up with the help of Mrs. Deb and her constant encouragement. My daughter tells me daily how much she loves Mrs. Deb and is thankful for her. Even when my daughter doesn't want to do math, she still loves her teacher and thinks a lot of her. She is sad Mrs. Deb's leaving, too, but she's happy for her. We're just thankful for a good teacher who loves what she does, even on the hard days, and especially with everything teachers and students have had to adjust to this year. We can never tell her how much it means, and we're thankful for her. Hopefully she will know and carry that with her when she leaves. She made a difference and was kind, good, and loved."