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Chris Keisker

Position: Retiring Fifth Grade Teacher
School: Meramec Heights Elementary School
School District: Fox C-6 School District
City, State: Arnold, MO

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Chris Keisker was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

“Every child can learn.”- Chris Keisker

Students who have experienced the honor of being part of Mrs. Keisker’s classroom will always remember that they were unconditionally loved, challenged to reach their fullest potential, and part of an absolutely magical educational experience.

Mrs. Keisker is a compassionate educator who has dedicated her life to serving the at-risk students at Meramec Heights Elementary School,  a Title 1 schoolwide program for reading and math services, in the Fox C-6 School District in Arnold, Missouri.  For 28 years, she has impacted the lives of countless students and families as a fearless advocate and compassionate educator.  

Mrs. Keisker has served on building and district educational committees by being an advocate for change and leading by example.  She has served her school community by serving as a second grade teacher, fifth grade teacher, and summer school administrator.  She has mentored multiple student teachers and supported them beyond their student practicum experiences.  In 2017, Mrs. Keisker received the “Building Teacher Of The Year Award” for Meramec Heights Elementary School and the“District Teacher Of The Year Award” for the Fox C-6 School District. She was also honored with the Emerson Excellence In Teaching Award.

Mrs. Keisker is a life-long learner who has earned multiple educational degrees, including a Bachelor's degree from Wittenburg University, a Master of Education Degree from Webster University, and a Master of Educational Administration from Lindenwood University. She seeks professional growth opportunities by attending relevant professional development to learn best practices that will help her students be successful.  She is actively involved in the Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA) and local CTA to collaborate and represent her school staff members.  

Mrs. Keisker builds connections with her students and families by seeking additional opportunities to build relationships.  Over the years, she has served her students in after-school activities such as Girls On The Run and Science Fair responsibilities. She has also served the community through Boy Scouts of America.  

Mrs. Keisker has made countless sacrifices to better the lives of her students. She has built her classroom community on the strong foundation of relationships.  Playing an instrumental role in the lives of her students, life is a celebration in Mrs. Keisker’s class. There is always something to be extremely grateful for, and everyone belongs as part of a classroom family.  She will celebrate anything from birthdays, to graduations, to homework completion, to school attendance. Sometimes, she will simply celebrate each special child for their uniqueness and the gifts they have to contribute to the world.  

Mrs. Keisker goes above and beyond the call of duty so her students have the necessary supplies they need to succeed and the classroom materials they for learning. She mentors students when they need personal advice and supports them when they are ill or struggling.  With a strong focus on hands-on active learning and STEM, Mrs. Keisker's classroom is always full of adventures, laughs, and activities that document a fun, busy day of learning.

After Mrs. Keisker retires, her passion is to continue serving her school community by focusing on how to continue helping these at-risk students and families to develop the life skills they need to be successful.  

"Mrs. Keisker, this time we are celebrating you!  Thank you, Chris, for making a difference in your school community," said her nominator. "Your passion for education and learning is contagious and an inspiration to others.  Thank you for your heartfelt service and dedication to the students and community of Meramec Heights Elementary School.  #MeramecMade"