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Michelle Foster

Position: Retiring Science Teacher
School: Wayland Union Middle School
School District: Wayland Union Schools
City, State: Wayland, MI

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Michelle Foster was nominated by her colleague, Andrea Farwell.

Ms. Foster is an amazing teacher who has made an impact on many students' lives throughout the years. Being in a low-income district, Ms. Foster will spend her own money to give backpacks, shoes, or sweatshirts to students in need. She is not only giving financially, but she will spend lunches with students who need someone to talk with or help with classwork. She is the definition of the word selfless.

Ms. Foster is a teacher who spends many hours every Saturday and Sunday grading papers and doing lesson plans. She will host video calls with students and parents whenever needed. Ms. Foster has always been involved in committees at school, but in the past few years, she also started the middle school robotics program. In a few short years, she has grown the program from nothing to a strong team of students. 

"Wayland Union Schools will miss this phenomenal teacher who has given her whole career to better the students here," said Farwell. "Michelle has always made her science classes applicable to real-life and holds high expectations for her students. Michelle embodies our school motto, which is to teach, inspire, and challenge our students. She is also one of the most positive people who always finds the good in all children. Students are drawn to her nurturing and caring personality. She gets many requests each year from parents to have their students placed with her. Wayland will definitely have a hard time finding someone to replace this wonderful woman."

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