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Amanda Jensen

Position: First Grade Teacher
School: Bennett Elementary School
School District: Fargo Public Schools
City, State: Fargo, ND

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Amanda Jensen was nominated by Keli Celikovic and her daughter, Almina.

"Miss Jensen is the best teacher ever, and she always gives us the best hugs," said Almina. "I will miss her so much next year."

"We would like to thank Amanda for being an amazing teacher to our daughter," said Keli. "Almina comes home every day from school telling us how much fun she had in class and how much she has learned. She looks forward to going to school every day. When she's home on the weekends, all she talks about is how much she misses her teacher and her friends in class. We are so happy Mrs. Jensen has been so kind and wonderful towards our daughter. Mrs. Jensen has made it the best first grade class ever!"