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Dr. Evangelina Ramos

Position: Assistant Principal
School: Merlo Institute of Environmental Technology
School District: Stockton Unified School District
City, State: Stockton , CA

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Dr. Evangelina Ramos was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

In addition to performing her job as an assistant principal and educator at an exemplary level, Dr. Ramos always demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to everyone around her, including the people within her district and community.  Dr. Ramos takes it upon herself to provide exceptional support and service to all students, families, faculty, and staff. She quickly discerns someone's individual needs and moves efficiently to provide key information, recommendations, or direction. Even with the difficult circumstances of COVID-19, she made sure her staff kept pushing and moving forward through whatever obstacles they encountered along the way. She provided a comfortable and smooth transition journey for her team at her school site.

Dr. Ramos is a wonderful ambassador to her school, and she's always going the extra mile for her MERLO extended family, as she refers to her students and staff. She is simply the kind of person who gives to give. She always takes time out of her busy schedule to provide a helping hand.

Dr. Ramos shows her students and colleagues how to juggle ups and downs, and she inspires them to never stop giving. She epitomizes servant leadership and inspires others to give back and pay it forward. She is fondly known as the "go-to" person for most things at her school site, and she receives calls from district personnel, students, and parents, who call upon her experience and know-how for information and advice.

Dr. Ramos is helpful, caring, resourceful, and happy to offer service, no matter the task. She often goes above and beyond!  Even though some situations don't require her assistance, she willingly provides her helping heart. She's always cheerful and exceptional in everything she does. Her quick wit, attention to detail, and loyalty to her school have endeared her to her colleagues. She is a true champion for higher education, with a tireless commitment to serving not only her students, staff, and parents, but everyone around her. Her skills, knowledge, willingness to help others, and dedication to her school and community make her a LifeChanger.

Comments (7)

Veena Nath Posted 27 days ago

Dr. Ramos genuinely cares about the students at Merlo and the people in the surrounding community. She is supportive and always willing to support another person. She models kindness and always has a smile or an encouraging word for everyone that she comes into contact with.

Harjinder Hundal Posted 27 days ago

Dr. Ramos is a cheerful, creative, fun, and overall, outstanding person. She makes sure everyone knows that she believes in them and they can do great. She is a great administrator.

Alexis Suarez Posted 1 months ago

Dr. Ramos has been an inspiration to all of us. Her strive, her motivation, and the kindness she shows to everyone she comes across is undeniable. There's never a day where she's not interacting positively with the students and ensuring they're the correct track, there to assist them when they need it. Not only is she great with students, but the amount of support she gives to staff is incredible. Undeniably, she is by far one the greatest administrators I've worked with, but also one the most sincerest individuals I've had the pleasure of knowing.

William Xenos Posted 1 months ago

Dr. Ramos makes everyone who steps on our campus feel welcome. I have never met another educator who is simultaneously loved by all students, yet constantly pushes each and every one of them to do better every day. Ramos worked officially as my mentor for two years but her mentorship started well before than and continues to this day.

Margaret Guel Posted 1 months ago

As every person who surrounds Mrs. Ramos, we are aware she represents an immeasurable asset to Merlo i……., and other organizations, and groups, she has served. Her skills and knowledge have helped others improve professionally and personally. Mrs. Ramos has assisted new teachers understand their new academic environment, and most important, she has helped overcome their fears and insecurities on their new vocation. In addition, she motivates students to succeed, by trusting they can reach any goal through education and hard work. She is also empowering with parents; she understands the needs of the different cultural backgrounds that form her school. Also, she is a public bilingual speaker, and volunteers for various activities in her community. Mrs. Ramos executes trust, respect, and confidence by her administrator role, but with a sentiment of a caring friend, or family member. She always has time to help, those who are most in need, including myself. She has always invested extra time and effort for the well-being of her school, and everyone who is part of it. I can continue giving more reasons and examples to express how much she deserves an honor or award.

Carolina Palma Posted 1 months ago

Dr. Ramos is an AMAZING PERSON inside out. She will definitely take you under her wing and make sure she helps with whatever situation you’re in or help your meet your goal. I hope Dr. Ramos gets chosen because she definitely deserves it.

Karely Carlos Posted 1 months ago

Dr. Ramos is an amazing individual who truly and deeply cares for her staff and students. I can say with 100% certainty that I would not be the educator I am today without her unconditional love and support. Dr. Ramos does not just support her staff on a professional level, but she takes the time to ensure that we thrive on a personal level as well. It is not rare to receive a text or email that says "Time for a mental health check! How are YOU today?". She is an inspiration on so many levels, she is the type of person and educator I aspire to be.