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Kristen Schweickart

Position: Retiring Kindergarten Teacher
School: Rulh Elementary School
School District: Ripley Union Lewis Huntington School District
City, State: Ripley, OH

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Kristen Schweickart was nominated by Lori Blackburn, a member of her community.

"This amazing teacher fought her way through illness and the loss of her mother," said Blackburn. "She's always there for her kids and is always giving her best. One sentence can't say it all."

Comments (2)

Bev Overstake Posted 29 days ago

Kirsten is a very strong lady fighting illness she couldn’t hardly handle to be there everyday possible for her students. She went through losing her mother through dementia for the last several years while with struggling her own illness! She’s very zealous and hard working through it all!

Dennis Riedel Posted 30 days ago

Kristen is a very kind, caring, teacher, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend...I feel so fortunate to know this lady and wish her much happiness wiith her new adventures! One in a million??