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Megan Todd

Position: English Teacher
School: Bay High School
School District: Bay District Schools
City, State: Panama City, FL

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Megan Todd was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Ms. Todd has been a inspiration, role model, and light to students for many years. However, the last few years in her area have been more than trying. In October 2018, Bay County was struck by a category 5 hurricane. After losing her home, Ms. Todd moved back to her parents' home almost two hours away. Due to housing constraints, she was only recently able to move back to an area within a small commute to her school. While facing commuting hours and time zones, she continued to serve her students and community in extraordinary ways.

Fast forward to the 2020-21 school year. Ms. Todd has fought to create a "normal" year for the Student Government and student body as a whole amongst the struggles of the pandemic. In doing so, she received the SGA Advisor of the Year for her region this school year, as well as the local Golden Apple award.

"We are so appreciative and thankful for her sacrifice for her students, as well as our school," said the nominator. "She is the epitome of the phrase, 'It's Better at Bay.' She has been a LifeChanger for so many."

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Kris Palfrey Posted 10 days ago

When I think back to my high school years, it is not the courses I took, the grades I made, or programs in which I participated. My memories are intertwined with dances, proms, pep rallies, field days, volunteer events, and friends. High School wasn't the best years of my life but surely the most memorable and the ones I fall back on when making decisions. What I know now as a high school administrator is that someone had to create those opportunities for me and my peers to experience. This person at Bay High School is Megan Todd. While Megan is "that person", she trains a group of high school students to be "that person" every year. She teaches students to be the leaders of the future by training them to accomplish the enormous things such as navigating the city politics to facilitate a parade through downtown, negotiating the cost of a location to reduce the cost of prom tickets, organizing the dispersement by students of many tons of food, learning to follow the stringent rules for the safety of students, and to do the simple task of always writing a thank you note. When was the last time you had a senior male ask you for stationary to write a thank you note? Megan Todd is a life changer for those students under her watchful eye and for those they will touch.