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Kathy Grant

Position: Retiring Electives Teacher
School: Evergreen Middle School
School District: Hillsboro School District
City, State: Hillsboro, OR

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Music that Describes Kathy

Kathy Grant was nominated by her colleague and former student, Sean Fishback.

"Kathy is who I want to grow up to be. I mean, I'm grown up, but still. Let me back up," said Fishback. "Kathy was my 8th grade leadership teacher at Evergreen. She taught me so much about advocating for myself and others. She challenged my thinking and supported me through a very difficult time in my family. I know that she has been this same support for countless other students throughout her long career in education."

As education and technology changed, so did Ms. Grant. She piloted new programs, electives, and tech integration. Others might struggle with change, but Ms. Grant adapts quickly and with grace. 

"Now, as a teacher who works with Kathy, she has continued to support me," said Fishback. "I look to her for advice on my career and how to work with students who are often overlooked or written off. She continues to challenge me to do better and be better."

"I've been watching her very closely at the end of her career," said Fishback. "In a time when so many teachers are getting burned out or jaded, Kathy continues to be a calming, positive presence in our building. She is who I want to model my career after."