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Christine Carter

Position: Preschool Teacher
School: Edwin A. Jones Early Childhood Center
School District: Stoughton Public Schools
City, State: Stoughton, MA

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Christine Carter was nominated by Jaclyn Torres, the parent of a student.

"Christine is every parent's dream teacher," said Torres. "The evening I met her at the open house, I knew immediately she was the first impression I wanted my daughter to have for her education. She brought this fun, positive energy that wrapped a hug around you, an energy that said, 'I am going to teach your child, and I will take your worries.' Ms. Carter instantly creates a bond with all of her students that makes them open their minds and enjoy learning."

"Ms. Carter somehow has a sixth sense; before my son was old enough to attend her class, she knew he was going to be a challenge, but she was eager to take it on and figure him out," said Torres. "She communicated with me every day about how he was adjusting. After giving him time to acclimate to the school setting, we agreed to have him evaluated. My son was not speaking at all during school and was often very tense and angry. Ms. Carter was extremely patient and determined to find a way for him to break out of his shell, be comfortable in the school setting, and set the stage for his academic career. Ms. Carter has a complete understanding of how every process works in the school and explains them very clearly."

"During the past chaotic 15 months of the pandemic, Ms. Carter has created a smooth transition for her students and parents with a smile on her face," said Torres. "Ms. Carter allows her students to be themselves. She builds their confidence and encourages silliness when appropriate, all while providing a safe, healthy, and happy learning environment. I honestly would not have wanted my child to be anywhere else during a pandemic. Homeschool/remote learning is not something that is successful for 3 and 4 year olds, but Ms. Carter can keep them engaged, even if their faces are not completely on screen. She'll include everyone by calling on each student and giving them a chance to participate.  If a student chooses not to participate, she has a calming way of explaining to them that it's ok, and they can let her know if they would like to add something."

"Ms. Carter is a LifeChanger who has changed my son's life by guiding us every step of the way to get him the services he needed," said Torres. "We didn't know where to start, but we didn't have to; Christine took care of us. My son has made so many gains over the two years he has had Ms. Carter as his teacher, and most of them have been made during a pandemic. He is talking to teachers, other staff, and students in school.  He is learning to transition better, is less angry, and is participating in preferred and non-preferred activities. My son loves school, and Ms. Carter is one of his favorite people!  We are so proud of him and know he would not have come as far as he has this year, if it wasn't for Ms. Carter's ability to encourage, ample experience, and genuine care for all of her students."

"Ms. Carter has been absolutely exemplary for her students and colleagues on a daily basis," said Torres. "She is very welcoming and keeps in constant contact with families."

Comments (3)

Jennifer Hilton Posted 1 months ago

Miss Carter is always putting her students first. During 2020 Quarantine, Miss Carter always provided exciting and interesting project to do with the kiddos at home. My son and I would always be excited to do them. Miss Carter was the lead for the Summer Extended program in 2020. It was so ensuring knowing she was at the lead, Especially with all the Covid restrictions. She made the summer session easy for the kids. My son never has been taught directly by miss Carter but she as always provides him with great attention! If he ever needed anything during the school year or summer session she was there to take care of it! Thank you Miss Carter for be an exceptional life changer!

Jana Szeglin Posted 2 months ago

Ms. Carter , There are no words that can describe how inspirational this woman is. Her love for teaching is out of this world. She prepares little minds to believe in themselves, to enjoy school, be kind to others, and helps each child to excel . Her students are her children she cares and loves each and every one of them. This world wouldn’t be the same without the fantastic Ms. Carter shaping little minds to become great citizens of the world!

Kara Morrell Posted 2 months ago

Ms Christine, was the absolute best teacher my daughter Arielle had. Such a caring and fun teacher. My daughter loved going to school each day knowing Ms Christine was her teacher