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Dave Kobel

Position: Science Teacher
School: Stevenson High School
School District: Livonia Public Schools
City, State: Livonia, MI

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Dave Kobel was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Mr. Kobel has devoted his professional life to the belief that students should be healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Additionally, he has established health and safety as keystone priorities in school leadership, as well as implications of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model for principals who aspire to lead healthy schools. With these aims, he is not only an emerging leader in the field of school health, but also within the American School Health Association (ASHA).

During his time with ASHA, Mr. Kobel has served on the Advocacy & Coalitions committee for three years and Professional Development committee for one year. He's currently in his second year of the Future Leader’s Academy. He was also given the honor to moderate the 2020 Conference Plenary on “Advancing Equity and Inclusion in K-12 School Health and Beyond.” 

In February 2020, Mr. Kobel started a vlog called “School Health Shout-out,” in which he read and communicated scholarly articles in short segments that were accessible for the busy practitioner. He has been very active on Twitter, using the tool to network with other school health leaders and spread school health information to educational leaders online. His experience as a teacher has been instrumental to his vast understanding of healthy classrooms. He starts every class with an agenda and question of the day for a calming and centering way to shake off the craziness and stress his students may carry with them. He provides a closet of snacks and menstrual products in his classroom, and he provided classroom breaks while face-to-face amid the COVID pandemic. In 2018, Mr. Kobel founded and co-chaired a School Wellness Committee focused on staff wellness in the district he previously taught in.

"I believe his involvement, innovative approaches to school health, focus on leading healthy schools, and practices as a teacher are characteristics that have positively influenced and made a world of difference in the lives of his students, as well as his colleagues."