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Michele Voss

Position: School Nurse
School: St. Louis Language Immersion School
School District: St. Louis Language Immersion School
City, State: St. Louis, MO

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Michele Voss was nominated by the American School Health Association.

Ms. Voss carries out duties such as performing daily health screenings in every classroom, treating students as needed, supporting staff in health and safety measures, tracking and providing information to local and state health departments, and developing systems and procedures for responding to health crises. She proactively contributes and collaborates with faculty, students, and outside agencies to not only promote best practices in health education and student care, but provide for any and all needs that arise in the community. She works determinedly to ensure all decisions are made in a student-centered approach, while also ensuring that the overall classroom and school system is impacted as little as possible by health and safety measures.

Ms. Voss provides a valuable, deep knowledge of current medical science and practices, often bringing resources and expertise necessary for decision-making to the team. She has taken a major leadership role at St. Louis Language Immersion School (SLLIS) to ensure that equitable choices were presented to all students during this unprecedented school year. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit last spring, SLLIS closed their doors and transitioned quickly to fully-virtual instruction. Over the summer of 2020, Ms. Voss had an active role in determining when and how the school could accept students and faculty back onto campus. She was one of the most important voices in favor of opening the doors to a portion of the population, with strict safety protocols in place following CDC guidance. During this time, Ms. Voss was doing the important work of risk assessment and research into how COVID might affect both children and adults early in the pandemic. Thanks in large part to her efforts and leadership, SLLIS was able to begin the 2020-2021 school year with roughly 30% of their total student population on-site.

Ms. Voss is committed to health, safety, and keeping students in school. She has worked to ensure a safe learning environment, and her vast knowledge, unwavering professionalism, and grace in leadership make her a LifeChanger.

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