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Vinny Sabino

Position: Tier 2 Student Behavior Advocate
School: Lamoille Union Middle School
School District: Lamoille North Supervisory Union
City, State: Hyde Park, VT

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Vinny Sabino was nominated by multiple colleagues.

Mr. Sabino works with troubled children and provides them with a much needed support system. He instills confidence in his pupils and helps them stabilize and become more independent. He is an authentic, ethical leader, and an all-around good guy.

Mr. Sabino is outstanding with his students, and he's truly proud of them when they accomplish new skills. He never gets tired of helping out those around him. His colleagues all look to him whenever they need help, and they are so grateful for his guidance and words of wisdom.

"We just finished our summer program, and some of us gathered to socialize afterwards.  Vinny was one of the last to join us. When he entered, everyone clapped and cheered him with big thank yous for the work he had done during the summer program and the support he had given to everyone," said one of his nominators. "Everyone who meets him is better for having met him. Our program would not be what it is today without Vinny's help and dedication."