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Sharon Neal-Turman

Position: Math Teacher
School: Columbia County Alternative School
School District: Columbia County Board of Education
City, State: Grovetown, GA

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Sharon Neal-Turman was nominated by an anonymous friend.

As Mrs. Turman approaches her retirement years, she still exhibits and exerts a high level of passion, energy, and dedication to the teaching profession. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. Mrs. Turman is viewed as tough, but fair, and her students acknowledge her teachings as a part of their success. She has a natural way of building leadership, independence, and critical thinking skills within the minds of the students she serves.

There is an adage that says, "Actions speak louder than words," and Mrs. Turman is the living example. The rapport she builds with her students extends beyond the walls of a traditional setting. After the regular school hours, Mrs. Turman can always be found giving back, whether she's working in a local learning center, local college, or Boys and Girls Clu. She volunteers and provides tutoring services to students in the local surrounding communities/counties or at her church, many times free of charge. Those who were once Mrs. Turman's students are always Mrs. Turman's students. She will travel many miles to support her past and present students in their endeavors, whether they are academic or extracurricular-related.

The county in which she teaches has great appreciation and respect for her, as well. Many times, she has been called upon to serve in the capacity of a leader/teacher within her district. She never hesitates, and she fulfills the expectation without complaint.

"I am an educator, as well. Beyond her knowledge, Mrs. Turman inspires me and serves as a role model," said the nominator. "When I grow up, I want to be just like Mrs. Turman! Mrs. Turman is definitely a LifeChanger. She serves her prestigious position with dignity and pride, and she's an exemplar of the teaching profession!"

Comments (19)

Mrs. Lashaun Thompson-McGhee Posted 11 days ago

Mrs. Sharon Neal-Turman is a dedicated and passionate educator! She goes above and beyond the call of duty as an educator. She tirelessly plans and executes engaging lessons for her students ensuring that she makes real-world connections in all her lessons. Most importantly, she ensures that the students grasp the concepts and standards by using: math games, manipulatives (hands on & virtual), various technology programs; not to mention, she differentiates her lessons and ensures that all students are learning at their level. She offers tutorials (virtual & face-to-face) to ensure that students master all math standards taught. She's so dedicated that she shows up even when she isn't well and will only respond with, "My students need me!" She rarely takes a sick day and will comment that she has to cover all these standards before the state mandated assessment. She doesn't teach to/for the state assessment but teaches to ensure all of her students are college and/or career ready. Mrs. Sharon Neal-Turman is definitely a "Life Changer" as she makes a positive impact on all the young lives that she touches daily! Well deserved recognition for an educator who has taught me so much as an educator, former colleague, and she definitely embodies "love" as she loves all her students and teaches them just as she teaches her own children: state standards & life lessons to ensure that they'll be productive citizens in society when they leave her class. Again, well-deserved recognition for a true "Life Changer", Mrs. Sharon Neal-Turman!

Davion Howard Posted 12 days ago

Mrs. Turman is a great teacher who goes above and beyond for her students. I'm glad that she is getting her flowers words can't express how she changed my life and the lives of other students and former students. She is caring, she is loving, she shows great pride in everything she does n teach.she loves all her students and former students and they love her back. She is a true role model!

Earl Allison Posted 13 days ago

I have known Ms For a little over a Year. And in that time she never Cease to amaze me with her communication skills, I would’ve loved to have a Strong willed young lady as my Teacher when I was in School. She’s a great Teacher who loves and Cares about her students

Eric Small Posted 13 days ago

Sharon the diamond in the ruff! Please continue to soar to new heights, while bringing one student at time with you. Thank you for reaching students from all walks of life, where they are. That's exactly what Jesus did and is still doing, reaching the masses of people where they are! Continued Blessings Sharon!!!!

Evelyn McDuffie Posted 13 days ago

Sharon she is such a beautiful person a strong person and very very smart she gave me such encouraging words that help me a lot I consider her a strong black woman and a amazing teacher love you Sharon ????

Fred Brown Posted 13 days ago

What an Awesome caring leader Mrs Turman is in the classroom and community. Her willingness to go the extra mile to teach, train, and mentor is evident in the the live of countless productive citizens from all walks of life. We are blessed to have such an extraordinary leader in our community making a difference in mathematics and social adaptation.

Kathleen Collins Boyer Posted 14 days ago

Mrs.Furman, is a very sweet and special person. She is your ride to the end friend.. McDuffie County has lost so many good teachers and she was one of them. Mrs. Tirman has a caring heart that goes beyond the call of duty. Mrs.Sharon Furman loves the kids and the kids loves her, because she shows LOVE!!!!!

Mechelle Bennett Monroe Posted 14 days ago

I totally agree. Mrs. Truman and I attend the same church and she always gives whatever she does 110% She is definitely a role model and an inspiration.

meg brady Posted 14 days ago

Mrs.Turman is such an amazing teacher! She has always been so helpful and always gets your spirit up if you are feeling down! I graduated in 2020 and she has always been one of the teachers I will never forget! She deserves this award because she truly is someone who will change your life!

Kebearl Rivers Posted 15 days ago

Mrs. Turman has always been compassionate about the students who crossed her path. Please comsider her for this honor as she is so deserving. Good educators are hard to find. Mrs. Turman is a rare diamond, often imitated but never duplicated.

Mary Posted 15 days ago

Congratulations ?? ?? ??!! Having worked with you for many years, I totally agree with this exceptional nomination! A well deserved honor!!

Thomeshia Ruff Posted 15 days ago

There are not enough words to modify exactly how phenomenal this educator is. Life changing is the most appropriate description of someone of such magnificence. Prior to becoming her student, I had absolutely no interest in math. It was so bad that I even believed that I suffered from dyscalculia. Being taught by her not only changed the way I looked at numbers, but it also inspired me to want to teach. It made such a lasting impression that I was even able to share with my children the things that I learned from her class to make math for them a breeze. Mrs. Turman is not just a life changer of the year, she is a life changer of a lifetime.

Bazy Brite Posted 15 days ago

I have known Sharon for many years and have taught two of her daughters. She is an excellent teacher that goes above and beyond to make sure her students get any support that they need

Justin McNair Posted 15 days ago

Taught me Math in the 6th grade. Wonderful teacher and person.

Mrs. Gates Posted 15 days ago

I had the privilege of meeting Mrs. Turman through a very high recommendation from a Teacher in our district for our daughter. Our daughter struggled with Math in the classroom. We were able to connect with Mrs. Turman to start tutoring our daughter during the summer and through Mrs. Turman’s impeccable patience and step by step guidance, knowledge and her expertise in Math along with working with children she was able to evaluate our daughter’s methods of learning. Once she was able to evaluate our daughter’s best method of learning she implemented a strategy that allowed our daughter to confidently work through every Math problem put in front of her on her grade level. The most amazing thing is our daughter came home and went straight to the table to do her homework. This has never happened in the history of homework! Our daughter says “I think I like Math now, Mrs. Turman makes it understandable and not scary.” THANK YOU Mrs. Turman for all that you do in the education field. We need more sincere Educators like you!

Belinda Posted 15 days ago

You are so awesome and so deserving of this award! Keep doing what you do because you are a shiny star to many!

Mr. James Ware III Posted 15 days ago

Sharon Turman is one of the most influential people I’ve ever encountered. She authentically epitomizes the label, “Life changer.” From the first time I encountered Mrs. Turman, she has positively impacted my life and ignited my passion for teaching and learning. Mrs. Turman is a bright light shining and giving guidance to those around her. Her humility, genuineness, passion, fire, and love has been a constant source of encouragement. I could not have asked for a better mentor and friend. Congratulations, Mrs. Turman! You are so deserving. I wish you many more blessings!

Ashlee Crawford Posted 15 days ago

I worked with this amazing woman for years in a previous school district. I saw the life changing in person. She would take students who were struggling in math and by the time they exited her class they had mastered it above the curriculum. She had patience and a heart for teaching math and she still does, but what inspired me the most was watching how she cared about the students beyond the classroom. She would take me on home visits to get help for students. She would push me to stay with her and volunteer and support students. She always had the whole child in mind and we are talking about some students who had no one, but the had Mrs. Turman. She is truly a life changer. She not only changed the lives of her students, but also of parents and other teachers like myself. I am so much better for working with her. She empowered me and helped me to get to the place I am in today in education. This is well deserved. God continues to shine on one of his children.

Jasmine Posted 15 days ago

I couldn’t think of a person that’s more deserving of the praise. Well deserved.