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Quintin Williams

Position: Assistive Technology Specialist
School: Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind
School District: Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind
City, State: Ogden, UT

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Quintin Willams was nominated by his colleague, Wayne Todd.

"Quintin has been learning and teaching assistive technology throughout his whole life, and it shows and shines. I had the pleasure of working alongside Quintin for only a few short months, but I have learned and gained so much from him," said Todd. "His willingness to research and test new products, get them in the hands of students, and teach the students how they work is a skill long forgotten. I've stayed after hours with him assisting students, teachers, and TVI in fixing issues with devices, troubleshooting, or just learning a new skill. He's outgoing, caring, kind, compassionate, and is driven by one thing: empowering his students. He teaches them to be strong, to self-advocate, to be assertive, and to stand tall."

"One day really stands out in my mind," said Todd. "We were meeting a student to go over his BrailleNote Touch. This student was having problems with copying and pasting items. We sat with the student for about an hour working on key strokes so he could get it down. Needless to say, the student was able to copy, paste, and email a recipe he wanted. What made this so amazing was the explosion of excitement the student had when he sent the email out. To most people, this is a simple task, but to a child that has visual impairments, it means the world."

Comments (10)

Mandy Kay Posted over a year ago

Quintin's nomination is well-deserved. He is always willing and ready to collaborate. Always willing to learn & teach others for the greater good, not just students but coworkers and adults around him. Quintin is smart, compassionate, and has the most amazing personality. He is such a bright light to this world and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more.

Alyese Nybo Posted over a year ago

He has my support.

Alex Westergard Posted over a year ago

Quintin has always been someone I can rely on. He is someone I can go to about assistive technology and receive adequate assistance. He is also a great mentor to students and makes lessons fun and engaging.

Alex Westergard Posted over a year ago

He flat out knows assistive technology. He interacts well with the students by making lessons fun and engaging. He is someone that is dependable and is a great resource to all teachers as USDB.

Keri Ostergaard-Welch Posted over a year ago

Absolutely, YES! Quintin is the best choice for this award. He is a inspiration to us all, in that he knows his craft so incredibly well. There isn't anyone on staff that understands the high-tech devices in our school's system to the degree that Quintin does. He also knows how to teach and REACH kids that use these technologies. He knows how to use it, and he knows how to teach it; and he is good at it. Simply put. I admire his many skills and hope that he wins this award. He has worked so hard for so many years and there is simply no one like him. He consistently cheers everyone up and always keeps a level head, not to mention he is always willing to answer the toughest questions. He certainly has my vote!

Jacquelyn Phillips Posted over a year ago

I can't think of a more deserving person!

Mirinda Posted over a year ago

Quintin isn’t just a colleague, he’s an awesome family friend. He grew up in the same neighborhood with my husband and everyone knew Quintin and his amazing story of loss, perseverance, and joy. He learned at an early age to cope with the trauma of loosing his sight. He learned how to use echolocation to ride a bike and navigate the neighborhood independently. Now I have the privilege of knowing him as an adult. That same can do attitude has been magnified and he is an inspiration to me and all those around him. Seeing him raise a family, excel at his career and maintain his youthful exuberance for life, while battling health issues and total blindness is truly inspiring. Way to go Quintin, you’re definitely a life changer!

Sue Utley Posted over a year ago

I worked for several years with the same organization Quintin works for, and he was always available and eager to teach our students how to use technology or the visually impaired. After I left that organization and eventually went to work for another school district, Quintin made himself available to me - just a phone call away - to answer my questions about the BrailleNote, so I could teach my students. He is amazing - always knows the answer or where I can go to find the answer. He gets my vote!!

Lauren Rich Posted over a year ago

Quintin is absolutely a LIFE CHANGER. He does incredible work to ensure that students who are blind and visually impaired can access the world around them. Technology is an integral part of how blind and visually impaired students and adults can learn and live independently. Having the appropriate technology and skills to use it is incredibly important and also very complex. Quintin changes the lives of the students and families he works with. He gives them the skills to be successful and free to engage in ways that those of us in the sighted community take for granted. His work is instrumental to the support we provide to our students. His expertise is shared state wide as he consults with and trains educators. Quintin's impact on others is huge, and I know it will be felt for years to come in each individuals life that he comes in contact with.

Ryan Greene Posted over a year ago

Quintin has played a seminole role at our school for the past 12 years in teaching students and staff alike the ins and outs of assistive technology. He is extremely focused on each individual student and takes the time to ensure that a concept has taken root. For many, technology can be a confusing, frustrating, ever-changing barrier. Quintin has the well-refined talent of making difficult things make sense. For students who are blind/visually impaired, Quintin is the tip of the spear and one of the educators that unlocks a whole new world, allowing students to do things with technology that they never thought possible. For that, Quintin is a life-changer.