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Erinn Maestas

Position: Instructional Coach
School: Barcelona Elementary School
School District: Albuquerque Public Schools
City, State: albuquerque, NM

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Erinn Maestas was nominated by her principal, Katherine Trujillo.

For Trujillo, there is one person at Barcelona Elementary School who always goes above and beyond to bring out the best in staff, students and families. That person is instructional coach Erinn Maestas. She not only builds relationships with her colleagues, community members, and students, but she also brings positive energy to the school.

For the past thee years, Trujillo has had the privilege of working with Ms. Maestas, sharing some of the same beliefs in education.

"We have created some of the best professional developments for our staff through brainstorming ideas and finding positive ways to recognize each staff member for what great talents they can contribute to our school community," Trujillo said. "Our collaborative work has helped to build a positive school culture and a climate that brings staff together like family. Students love learning, and the joy of them coming to school is easily visible because of Ms. Maestas' dedication to our school community."

Ms. Maestas is a professional and perfect example of what an educator should be. She is recognized as a leader in the school district and has shown her own passion in being a life long learner.

"She not only welcomed me as a new administrator, but always believed in me. The changes that we've made to build a more positive learning environment have been very noticeable by our school district's administrators and other schools," Trujillo said.

Students trust her, love her, respect her and feel safe around her. She brings a brightness to her school, and the overall positive morale of staff and families has been made possible with her help and support. She supports staff with life-long learning by sharing instructional strategies to bring out the best in everyone.

Trujillo has had her own life changed by working alongside Ms. Maestas, who has the same passion for education and the belief that all kids can be successful. The school wide theme, "Dream Big" encourages students to achieve high standards and set even higher goals in life.

"I recognize Ms. Maestas as the true LifeChanger in my life as well," Trujillo said. "She brings a smile to my face every day at work, simply through being by my side in all we accomplish."