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Dona Mitchell

Position: Lancaster ISD Truancy/Attendance Rocks Coordinator
School: Lancaster ISD
School District: Lancaster ISD
City, State: Lancaster, TX

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Dona Mitchell was nominated by her husband James Mitchell.

Mrs. Mitchell is the Lancaster ISD Truancy/Attendance Coordinator. She has created a program called "LISD Attendance Rocks" to promote student attendance, build partnerships and bring in resources and incentives to help students maintain good grades, citizenship, and attendance. She has proven her ability to make a beneficial difference in the lives of students through this program.

The program includes perfect attendance initiatives such as principals competing monthly to promote student attendance and student engagement, fifth grade class ‘attendance’ poster contest, sixth grade attendance essay contest, and a ninth grade door decorating contest on school attendance and perfect attendance incentives. Ten high school seniors receive lunch with the schoolboard and transported in a stretch Escalade limo.  Perfect attendance students receive the opportunity to attend professional sports games, college games, etc. Parents receive discounts on an oil change to help get the students to school on time; partnership with city  & government officials. Lancaster ISD's vision is for all students to achieve self sustaining success and leave a lasting legacy.

"Dona's ability to positively add to the development of the school’s atmosphere is right on point because school attendance is an achievement," James Mitchell said. "If the students feel good about going to school, they will attend. She works countless hours to make a difference and include everyone. She has programs for students overcoming obstacles and breaking through barriers to be successful. Her leadership is across the board and non stop when it comes to empowering and encouraging others. She is a role model for her colleagues."

Mrs. Mitchell has been invited to Good Morning Texas and has shared her work across the state to show students the importance of school attendance. Her service to students extends to the international level; she serves as First Vice President on the International Association of Truancy Dropout Prevention. She is the Dallas Chair for the 108th IATDP Conference held in Dallas Texas 2018. 

She has a great record of excellent performance and professionalism. Mrs. Mitchell's commitment to her school district is unparalleled, and she is determined to keep students in school. She has been on several media outlets sharing tips on how to help parents talk to their children and get involved in the school. She believes that in order to help students, one must care about their home and family.  Dona cares about the complete person (student) and their home environment, and mentors students to help them be the best they can be.

"She has high morals and standards for the students and will be a LifeChanger forever," James Mitchell said. "Dona deserves this award because she is a LifeChanger for students across the world."

Comments (38)

Joslyn Posted over a year ago

She is the most selfless, careful, and amazing woman I have ever seen. Because she is my mother, I have been blessed to see her grow spiritually and emotionally in her calling for 23 years. She has hosted BIRTHDAY parties for homeless children in Dallas, clothed the homeless, and for two years in a row she has made sure no one on the streets are without water with her annual "Project Under" event during the summer. She is a God sent woman who deserves nothing less than the opportunity to receive the Life Changer of the Year award because, or over 30 years, she has changed lives.

Patricia Taylor Posted over a year ago

Miss Mitchell is such a beautiful person always have time to work with kids, alway have time to feed and take clothes to the homeless doing whatever she can to make life better for those that are unfortunate. She is a hard worker in her church. This world would be better if we had more people like her

James Mitchell Posted over a year ago

On 2/27/2018 Dona Mitchell delivered washer and dryer sets to 3 different Lancaster School District campuses. One of the staff members commented " thank God for this, I've been hand washing these babies clothes for the longest". It takes a true Servants Heart to see a need like this. This goes above and beyond Truancy Prevention because it helps kids avoid being bullied, and embarrassed so they want to come to school.

Ricardio Sparks Posted over a year ago

Extremely involved with the youths in the school district, which is so badly needed. I commend Mrs. Mitchell on her dedication toward today's youths.

Johnny Gassaway Posted over a year ago

Dona Mitchell has volunteered to come to the elementary school where I am an assistant principal and speak to our students about a variety of topics. These topics have included staying in school, real-time decision making, and the impact of their actions on themselves and others. She has encouraged students to stay active during the summer by giving them information and affordable activities for them and their families. Past students remember her from the use of the puppets to reinforce the messages she taught. Well done and a very positive force in our community.

James Mitchell Posted over a year ago

Ms. Mitchell continues to advocate programs that help youth succeed! Her most recent act was to obtain washer & dryer sets for several campuses within the Lancaster ISD from donations! Wow talk about understanding the "underlying issues". No one knew that a lot of the kids couldn't wash their clothes at home, and were embarrassed to wear them to school except Dona Mitchell because this is truly a passion for her. I don't know how many people have friends repetitiously commenting just for the sake of numbers, but in my opinion the content should mean more. This particular act ABSOLUTELY CHANGES the LIVES of underprivileged kids!. Dona Mitchell is your NLG Life Changer OF THE YEAR!

Kelli Watson Posted over a year ago

Dona is committed to making a difference for students. She is always seeking ways to encourage students to come to school. She is an asset to all of our stakeholders.

Dr. Carolyn Gentle-Genitty Posted over a year ago

Ms. Mitchell has engaged in numerous activities for the benefit of others. She is self-less in her work and does not tire in moving and advancing the lives of children and youth. As an active and executive member on the Board of the International Association for Truancy and Dropout Prevention, she is poised to lead the US on the path to valuing prevention. As the immediate past president of this association her endless work for change alone lends her the title of Life Changer. Kind Regards,

Gala Sams Posted over a year ago

Dona is a very sweet person with a good heart and god fearing woman I love everything she do

gaye arbuckle Posted over a year ago

Dona Mitchell is an active member of Concord Church. She is the ministry leader of our youth drama ministry. Mrs. Mitchell will be a great nominee for LIFECHANGER OF THE YEAR. Congratulations!

Ty G Jones Posted over a year ago

As Board President of Lancaster ISD, I would like to affirm Mrs. Dona Mitchell for her dedication to the students of Lancaster ISD and the City of Lancaster community. She continually works to develop different initiatives and incentives to further encourage our students to attend school on a daily basis. Her efforts have reduced our truancy district wide and has provided positive recognition of Lancaster ISD by Justice of the Peace, Judge Thomas G. Jones, who presides over truancy cases. Mrs. Mitchell's continuous efforts allows us to recognize students, campuses and administrators throughout the year. The recognitions have consisted of recognition at board meetings, bicycle giveaways (courtesy of strategic partners), field trips to key areas in the North Texas for our students, outings to local businesses and recognition of the businesses for partnering with us to improve our attendance. I support the nomination of Dona Mitchell and truly believe that she has been and is the 2017-18 Lifechanger of the Year!

Phil Jackson Posted over a year ago

I've had the privilege of working with Ms. Mitchell and experiencing her Servants Heart attitude up close. Ms. Mitchell is truly a Life Changer, but also a Game Changer!

James Mitchell Posted over a year ago

Dona is not just doing a job, she truly is pursuing a passion as an advocate for chlldren!

Rachel Johnson Posted over a year ago

My Vote is For Dona Mitchell.. A Lady Whose Heary is All About the Children and Their Well Being.. She is An Awesome Woman of GOD.. A Hands on Mom and A Great Person All Around.. She Deserves this Award and More..

Johnique Mitchell Posted over a year ago

Dona Mitchell has been impacting the lives of youth for years. Her capacity to find the time to love on children and see them beyond their current circumstance makes her a Life Changer. The sacrifices she has made in her own life to see the fruition of the children she helps is outrageous. For 20 plus years she has served and continues to serve the unheard voices of children and youth in the community and that makes her a Life Changer!

Dana Mosley Posted over a year ago

Dona Mitchell is my co-worker. She is always a delight to see when she comes to our office. She has a kind spirt and it is a pleasure to work with her. She also work tirelessly to ensure that our attendance rate at Lancaster ISD is high. She is a dedicated and loyal employee of Lancaster ISD and very deserving of the Life Changer Award!!! She is an amazing woman!!!

BRYAN CARTER Posted over a year ago

I am excited for Mrs. Dona Mitchell on this nomination and support her efforts to continue making a difference in the lives of our young people everyday. Mrs. Mitchell is a woman of character, substance, maturity and scholarship. She joyfully serves in her church with passion and purpose. Thank you for giving her an opportunity to be considered for this great honor.

Rhonda Garner Posted over a year ago

I have known and worked with Mrs. Dona Mitchell in Lancaster ISD for many years. She is definitely a Life Changer who has always had a positive attitude and a sweet spirit. Mrs. Mitchell truly cares about the students in the school district. She is actively involved in the LISD Truancy program trying her best to keep students in school and off the street. Dona has a great relationship with students, parents, the Police Officers as well as other district employees she encounters. She does an excellent job each year taking care of the LISD Police department budget by submitting all purchases made by the LISD Police Department to the Finance Department in a timely manner. For many years, Dona has assisted with collecting food donations to feed families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to families who needed food. Mrs. Mitchell is always very professional and polite and anytime I have needed her assistance she has been there to help. I feel that Ms. Dona Mitchell is a very humble person and she is well deserving of any award that she is blessed to receive.

Jordan Coleman Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mitchell definitely deserves this LifeChanger award. Since I have been with Lancaster ISD, I have noticed her great contributions to this school district. She has been nothing but an inspiration to make a difference in the lives of our students. With her creation of such a proactive program as Attendance Rocks, she shows how focused she is on making a positive impact.

Yolanda Williams Posted over a year ago

Dona Mitchell is definitely and Life Changer for all who know her. She works to encourage the students of the district and is dedicated in helping them to achieve their goals. She in deserving of this honor! Thank you Ms. Mitchell for all you do and I am honored to know you.

SHERRY CALLOWAY Posted over a year ago

Dona, is OUTSTANDING. She goes far beyond the call of duty to make sure that she greets every situation that she encounters with Excellence and Professionalism. I could go on and on but Dona is simply OUTSTANDING and is an excellent choice for the Life Changer of the year!

Linda Brown Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dona Mitchell ROCKS!!!! Dona, you will always be a winner in my heart!

Gloria Williams Posted over a year ago

As the Truancy Coordinator, Mrs. Mitchell has implemented several initiatives to keep our student's in school. She recently chose our campus (DAEP) to participate in a field trip to the County Courthouse to visit with Judge Nash. Our student's were very engaged with the presentation. They returned discussing what they had learned about the Truancy system. We also had one student that is a senior and she has signed up to intern with Judge Nash. Programs like this one will always be impactful!

Mr. Ricky Posted over a year ago

This is my First time ever meeting and working with Mrs. Dona Mitchell as a Life-changing Person. She's a Outstanding balanced and a Superb Woman whom I can go to when I have unsolved answers with some difficult questions I ask her, have Laughing matters, and Heart to Heart moments. Mrs. Mitchell has Inspired Me to become more like Her to be a Motivational Speaker or a Motivator with People of ALL Ethnicities and Ages. Mrs. Mitchell deserves this award as a Life Changer.

Shannas Jackson Posted over a year ago

I have known Mrs. Mitchell for a short period of time because I recently joined the LISD Police family. I will tell you that my transition has been an awesome one do to the great efforts of Mrs. Mitchell. I also have noticed the kindness that Mrs. Mitchell has displayed from day to day. Mrs. Mitchell constantly seeks out ways to reward others for their efforts. She reaches out to the community and uses her resources to reward the efforts of the LISD students. She has donated bikes, taken students to professional sporting events, passed out slurpy vouchers and many other things that have made changes in the lives of families. She has also effected the lives of students on a larger scale with the truancy program that she leads for the school district. She ensures that families find ways to solve the issue with truancy so that the student can become successful in the future. The efforts and kindheartedness that Mrs. Mitchell displays should not go overlooked. Mrs. Mitchell always places the needs of others before her own as she wears her many hats for the LISD family. Mrs.Mitchell's selfless service is worthy of recognition. Regardless of the outcome, Mrs. Mitchell is always a winner in the eyes of many and most of all, in the eyes of mine.

Lakeashia Smith Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mitchell is very deserving of this Award, she's always professional and each time I see her she always wear a smile on her face which is very infectious. The funny thing about that is I can also hear her smile through her voice if I'm speaking with her over the phone. She's extremely helpful and supportive to me when I reach out to her in regard to Truancy or any issues I come across in regard to student Attendance. I definitely agree that she will be a Life Changer forever!

Erica Thompson Posted over a year ago

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Dona Mitchell for the life changer of the year award. Dona's professionalism and passion and for her commitment to the well- being of our students education, makes her the consummate candidate.

Michelle Johnson Posted over a year ago


LaRhonda Mays Posted over a year ago

Mrs Mitchell has high morals and love for our students she will forever be a LifeChanger for students she cares about our students and their environment at home If you should ever need a mentor she’s our girl I want too Thank You Mrs Mitchell for all you do

Eumeka Gassaway Posted over a year ago

Dona Mitchell deserves to be life changer of the year because of her dedication to the community and actions in the community. She does more than talk about the issues, she act on them literally. Giving the homeless people water in the summer and going to the nursing homes to read and put on shows. As stated before she brings awareness not only through community service but also the entertainment such as plays. Shinning light on the major issues of Aids to homelessness, introducing to some and reminding others that disregard people with these problems. For these reason i recommend Dona Mitchell for Life Changer of the Year

Shirley Robinson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dona Mitchell is so deserving for this award. My daughter has been in several of her church plays that has made a tremendous impact in her life. My daughter's involvement in Mrs. Mitchell's play is one thing but the greatest thing was helping my daughter as a person. Mrs. Mitchell's words of encouragement and her continuous praise boosted my daughter's self esteem. Mrs. Mitchell is a true hero in helping my daughter in more ways than one.

Jewel Hudson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mitchell is a dedicated, talented individual who is very deserving of this award. Her enthusiasm for the work she does for students is what makes the program successful.

LaMonica Williams Posted over a year ago

Dona Mitchell is very worth of receiving this reward. Her dedication and work ethic within Lancaster ISD has been awesome. Often times I have to inquire about policies and procedures and she's been a great resource for me. Her commitment and efforts has been greatly appreciated!

Calvin and Cynthia Lane Posted over a year ago

We nominate Donna Mitchell for her great Excellency throughout her career interacting with the public children etc... looking back over her track record dealing with media public we feel that she's equipped to adapt to any task that is set before her she has great qualities people skills and she excel's and anything that she does we nominate Donna Mitchell.

Nylevette E Milligan Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mitchell carries this in her personal life as well as her professional life! She is the consummate wife, mother, businesswoman, writer, director, and a good Christian! How many people do you know that can wear so many hats so well!!!

Jeffrey Mitchell Posted over a year ago

Wonder Woman for kids!

Ron Matthews Posted over a year ago

Dona personifies this award because of her empathy for people. She is a powerful child advocated! It's not just a job for her, it's a way of life!

Joslyn Mitchell Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mitchell has been nothing less than an inspiration to me. Seeing how hard she works and how she always puts others before herself. I have faith that she will win this award because I do not know of a more deserving person.