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Jim Strickland

Position: Special Needs Teacher, 18-21
School: Marysville Getchell High School
School District: Marysville School District 25
City, State: Marysville , WA

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Jim Strickland was nominated by Katrina Ring, the parent of a student.

Mr. Strickland has changed the lives of so many students, from the uninvited and misunderstood young teens, to adults with disabilities. He puts on monthly karaoke sessions for students, takes walks with them on the walking path, and holds get-togethers at the public movie house. To him, teaching is not just a Monday-Friday job. He keeps his students feeling welcomed and very loved. When one of them is hurt or going through a struggle, he is right there going through it with them.

"My family recently moved 200 miles away, and he has kept my son in Zoom gatherings, feeling like a part of the friend group he left behind," said Ring.

Mr Strickland even shows up to sporting events and Special Olympics games to cheer on his students and friends. Often times, he will spend money out of his own pocket to pay for snacks, tickets, missing library books, yearbooks, or school shirts.

"Mr. Strickland is a one of a kind teacher. He has changed lives by loving students and boosting their confidence," said Ring.

Comments (8)

Pamela Smith Posted over a year ago

He is one of the greatest Teachers and loved by many..He is and always will be my daughters favorite teacher..not only is he a great teacher mentor and friend..he does so much for the community and his church..I cant even list all the things he does..I dont know how he does all he does..but I am so grateful to have met him he has helped me with my daughter so many times to put my mind at ease...his joyful and calm demeanor and always a smile on his face..thank you Mr. Strickland for all you do!!!

Tammy Bissell Posted over a year ago

I have only had the pleasure of working with Mr. Strickland for going on my second year but, it was incredibly obvious from the beginning he is very treasured by his students and colleagues. He has a heart of gold and it has been a highlight of my career seeing his students shine so bright because of him. We are fortunate to have wonderful special needs teachers and support staff, but Jim Strickland is a one of a kind and we are so blessed to have him.

Kate Kilroy Posted over a year ago

Jim is a space maker. With great empathy and sincere desire to make others shine, Jim can facilitate space to make any student, and fellow community member for that matter, feel seen and significant. I think he can do this because he sincerely believes that each of us are. So grateful to have his work in our community!

Lisa Heffernan Posted over a year ago

Mr. Strickland changes lives everyday. His positive attitude, dedication, commitment to building leaders of all abilities, teaching students to serve those around them, impacts not only the students he works with but also coworkers, parents and those in the community of Marysville. During some of the hardest months for students and staff alike when we couldn’t meet in person for school or Aktion club he continued to socially connect, serve and radiate positivity. I know that meeting on zoom for Aktion club was a highlight of many student’s and staff’s week and gave them the positive energy to endure yet another uncertain day. I always left feeling better after attending our zoom Aktion club then before it started. What a teacher!

Karen Coragiulo Posted over a year ago

Mr. Strickland is one of the most caring and genuine teachers I have ever known. He really does love his job and his students and it shows. He treats everyone with respect and is a good friend to all. He often volunteers in the Marysville community serving the less fortunate. We need more people like Jim in this world.

Terri House Posted over a year ago

Mr. Strickland is one of those people you meet in life that feels like you've been friends forever. We are all better people for knowing Jim who leads by example.

michellle morales Posted over a year ago

I am one of the Paras in Mr. Strickland's class.He is a very dedicated teacher and loves all the students. He devotes his summer to making sure they stay connected and spends time with them weekly.. This guy deserves a medal!

Tony Perkins Posted over a year ago

Mr. Strickland not only has been a life changer for the students but he has also changed the lives of adults who has had the pleasure of working with him. He has been my mentor teacher, guide, and personal hero!