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Sonia Vega

Position: Paraprofessional
School: USDB Listening and Spoken Language Program
School District: Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind
City, State: South Weber , UT

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Sonia Vega was nominated by her colleague, Tiffany Milligan.

Ms. Vega is an amazing paraprofessional aide for the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind. She works with kids who have certain disabilities, and her job can be challenging. You wouldn't know it by watching her, however. There are days when she struggles with personal health complications, but she always comes to work with a positive demeanor. When she sees something that needs to be done, she takes care of it.

Ms. Vega always has a joke or game to make the students laugh or brighten their day. She has a genuine interest in helping them learn. For instance, it's not only time to go to recess, but it's time to do the countdown to go to recess. Lining up means finding your triangle, your square, or your circle, which she has personally drawn out for each student. For Ms. Vega, there's always an opportunity to teach, learn, and help a child grow.

"I look up to Sonia and all the help she provides for everyone around her," said Milligan. "If I have a question, she will help me find the answer.  Our school and community are blessed because we have Sonia here with us. Thank you, Sonia, for all you do! You truly are a LifeChanger!"

Comments (20)

Tiffany Milligan Posted 10 months ago

Thanks for bringing everyone a smile every single day!

Lisa Le Fevre Posted 11 months ago

It's rare to meet someone who never hesitates but instantly dives in and helps out with any situation. Life in a classroom means you always have to be on your toes and ready to accommodate or change at a moment's notice. Sonia never complains she just jumps right in and gives everything and every one her best. Sonia is the best definition of an everyday hero who never stops and is always willing to help and love anyone she meets.

Sarah Diamond Posted 12 months ago

Sonia is an amazing selfless tireless woman! She has given her whole life in quiet service to others in and outside of her career. We are all so blessed to know her! Thank you Sonia for all you do!

Milton Vega Posted 12 months ago

After reading these comments, I can say that her personal life is very similar to her professional life. She is the backbone of our family, our nurse, our organizer; always going the extra mile to help all those around her.

Michelle Olivares Posted 12 months ago

I am not capable of adequately conveying how amazing Sonia is in these comments. I have had the privilege of working with her every day for the last six years. Sonia is a teacher in every fiber of her being. She is constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of the students and their families, at school and at home. Sonia is the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. Sonia works harder than a team of educators, cleaners, organizers, and planners. She never lets on to how tired she may be, how she might hurt, or what she might be needing. You would never guess that she was ever any less than 100% and completely happy to be at work because she doesn't let her life affect her work. No matter the size or seeming importance of the tasks she is asked to do, she puts a genuine effort into each and every one and treats it as the most important thing she could be doing. That's just the tasks she does. If you watch how Sonia treats the students, teachers, and other people in her life, you would want to be her best friend. She treats everyone like the individuals of worth that they are. She sees the potential, the good, and the value in everyone, especially her precious students. To know Sonia is to love her. How could you not? She is kindness wrapped in dedication and hard work and topped off with genuine care and concern. She is the most selfless and generous person I know. She changes each and every life that she touches for the better. Mine most of all. Thank you, Sonia!!

Sandra Espinosa Posted over a year ago

You are a wonderful woman and a hard worker that I admire profoundly. I've seen you accomplish so many things in your life for you and your family and friends, setting example for the children you educate. And the best is that you do this with love!

Denisse Amy Posted over a year ago

Sonia is the definition of selfless! I have known her for all my life and she has always given everything she can for others. She is definitely a life changer. ??

Andrea Ram Posted over a year ago

Sonia is the best all around! She is a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, coworker, etc. She always strives to have a positive outlook and attitude regardless of what may be going on around her. I was able to work with her in the classroom for a few months and she knows exactly how to work with each individual personality and ability. I enjoyed seeing all the fun activities she planned, some outside of work so that the children had entertaining ways of learning. During the beginning of COVID I remember her signing up for online trainings, taking notes and brainstorming how those ideas would be used. She was so excited to share those things with those around her so that they could also apply them in or outside of the classroom. She always encourages everyone to give the best of themselves as she does and I know the lives of many have been enriched because she is part of it!

Sandra Espinosa Posted over a year ago

You are a wonderful woman, a great worker and you give the best of you always, setting great example. And most of all you love what you do and live the children!

Victoria Amalaraj Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Vega is an amazing paraprofessional. I’ve subbed in her classroom and have seen how the kids love her. She is passionate about her work inside and outside the classroom, she brings her all everyday. She is kind with her students and coworkers. She is always willing to help and go above and beyond to help her kids learn. I’ve seen her outside of work hours looking for fun learning activities to incorporate in the classroom. USDB is lucky to have such a caring and hard working employee, she is definitely a life changer.

Sarie Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Sonia it truly was a pleasure getting to know you and working with you for that small amount of time that I did. You are an amazing person! Thanks for making such a great difference in children’s lives. ?? Sarie Hall

Miguel Posted over a year ago

Sonia is a kind and dedicated caregiver. She fun to be around. Exudes warmth. She has a down to business attitude to keep you in line, but can flip right back to fun. That makes her an effective educator. I know she loves children. I’ve observed her to be a person driven by ethics and morals. I am grateful to know her.

Jamie Pearce Posted over a year ago

Sonia, you are the best!! You do so much for the students you work with, much of it behind the scenes. You also know about language development and hold students to a high standard. It is evident how well you are loved by watching how the kids act around you - they adore you! Thank you for being such a caring person to me and teaching me so much. You deserve all the best!

Pedro Arzeno Posted over a year ago

Sonia, you are an amazing person. Knowing you and your family has been a pleasure. You are kind and compassionate. Glad you are getting recognition. ??

Carolina Gardner Posted over a year ago

Sonia, You have a heart of gold. Always having Love for others and willingly to help them. You are a good example to me and to many others. Thank you for the beautiful person that you are and for letting your light shine. ??

Ilia Ferrer Posted over a year ago

I have known Sonia for over 20 years and I am not surprised that she got nominated. Sonia has a heart of gold it’s always there to help everybody to cheer people up and to lend a helping hand every time. You are truly blessed to have her as a member of your stuff.

Delma Irizarry Posted over a year ago

My dear friend and sister by choice. I''m so happy you were nominated for Life changer of the year. I'm not surprised at all and wonder what took them so long. You are indeed a life changer to all the people around you! You are an out of this world person. As I always say, I haven't met a person so committed to help everyone around you. Even when you are dealing with your own health and personal issues, you never say no to anyone who needs help. You are an angel and Michelle is so blessed to have you as a paraprofessional. I know all those kids that you serve are better because of your love and dedication to your classroom. I'm so blessed to call you my best friend forever, my mirror and my shadow. Love you!!!! #LCOY

Marissa Peak Posted over a year ago

Sonia, you are truly the most genuine and caring person! You brighten my day whenever I get to see you. I love to watch you help our students learn and how you engage with them. You are a role model and an amazing teacher. You are always willing to help and support us wherever it is needed. I appreciate all that you do!

Tiffany Milligan Posted over a year ago

Sonia gives our kids, as well as our staff, a smile every day. She goes above and beyond to help each student feel valued and important. She plays games with them, does arts and crafts with them, and spends countless hours coming up with ideas to help them learn. Way to keep your focus on the most important asset we have, our kids! Thank you Sonia!

Gabby Geiger Posted over a year ago

Sonia is amazing! She helped me so much during my first year of teaching. She would help with lunch, give me behavior management tips, and support me on days when I felt defeated. Last year, she provided simple tips that vastly improved our classroom environment. As Tiffany mentioned, Sonia is special because she goes above and beyond to help both her coworkers and the students she works with. I appreciate Sonia!