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Annemarie Hill

Position: District Nurse
School: Cle-Elum Roslyn School District
School District: Cle-Elum Roslyn School District
City, State: Cle Elum, WA

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Annemarie Hill was nominated by her colleague, Amy Norton.

Nurse Annemarie has been a LifeChanger because of the way she has educated and led her school district through the COVID pandemic. Her impact has not only been felt in her own school district, but in the County's response. She works directly with public health to assist in the organization and implementation of their testing and vaccination sites. She has shown amazing leadership state-wide by sharing her systems and providing guidance to school nurses and districts around central Washington State. Ms. Hill not only serves as the lead district nurse for her hometown, but she is also very active in the School Nurse Organization of Washington as a board member working on the legislative and Public Relations committees. 

Ms. Hill's work has directly impacted everyone in her district, including the students, staff, and even the families in her community.

"We are all well aware that COVID isn't a stand alone issue; once a person is impacted by it, it spreads far and wide very quickly," said Norton. "Annemarie's work has helped keep students and staff safe, kept our school doors open, and kept students in attendance. This alone has helped address the other issues that have come along with the pandemic: isolation, depression, and a lack of services and support."

Ms. Hill moved mountains to make sure that the students in her charge had what they needed, and she continues that work today. As the COVID landscape changes, Ms. Hill is always one step ahead, with plans and preparations in anticipation of the need. 

"To say that she is a hero is an understatement. Her work has touched so many lives directly and indirectly, and all for the better. I am honored and humbled by her practice, her selflessness and her heart. She is a true LifeChanger by any standards," said Norton. 

Comments (7)

Karla Hill Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!! No one is more qualified than Annemarie!! She has been godsend to our district since the day she was hired and we are beyond grateful to call her “Our Nurse”

JoLynn Wallick Posted over a year ago

So well deserved. Thank you Annemarie for all you do for our kids. We appreciate you

Sena Lanphere Posted over a year ago

Annemarie is the best nurse ever!

Roslyn Shipp Posted over a year ago

This recognition is so well deserved. Wonderful work, Nurse Annemarie Hill! I can only imagine the difficulty of this year and can think of no one better suited to receive this award! The children and district are lucky to have you.

Frances Woodward Posted over a year ago

My best wishes to Annmarie Hill serving as the school nurse in her hometown area school district. After graduating from nursing school and returning to work in her small hometown is quite an accomplishment in itself.

Amy Norton Posted over a year ago

You are a rockstar!! Thank you for all you do!

Mary Lou Shean Posted over a year ago

AnneMarie is always willing to share her excellent understanding of public health, COVID guidance and systems that worked in her school district with other nurses! She works incredibly hard to serve her school district and has gone above and beyond to help her school district stay open and safe. Because of all of her work and willingness to share, she is truly a person who changes many lives!