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Ja'Net Rhoan

Position: School Nurse
School: Friendly High School
School District: Prince George's County Public Schools
City, State: Fort Washington, MD

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Music that Describes Ja'Net

Ja'Net Rhoan was nominated by her assistant principal, Tanya Parris-Andrews.

"Ja'Net Rhoan, a.k.a. 'Nurse Ja'Net,' 'Nursie,' or 'Nay,' has been a true supporter of all things related to Friendly High School," said Parris-Andrews.

On any given day, including weekends, you can find Nursie involved in an activity that will only add to the positive atmosphere of her alma mater.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ensuring that the school is ready for opening by recruiting volunteers to beautify the interior and exterior of the building.  This happens EVERY summer, with Nursie always ensuring that the volunteers are fed on a daily basis.
  • Ensuring that she personally decorates any new staff member's office space to make sure it's welcoming.
  • Scrubbng the floors, walls, and baseboards of the building.
  • Assisting with hall duty, parent nights, sport events, etc.
  • Volunteering as senior class sponsor.
  • Visiting students' homes to bring them necessary items or to do a check-in if they were out of school for a few days.
  • Mentoring students in her office, or while visiting the cafeteria. Sometimes, she just sits with them.
  • Developing and building relationships with parents through regular duties as a nurse, as well as serving as a support system whenever needed.

"All in all, it is amazing to see how one person who pledged to give back to her alma mater does so consistently, selflessly, and without the expectation of recognition of any kind. Whenever we attempt to recognize her, she shies away and 'snithers' into the nearest corner," said Parris-Andrews. 

When the class of 2020 did a virtual thank you video for their teachers, Nurse Ja'Net was the most mentioned, recognized, and cherished. 

"Not only does she change lives by her actions, thoughts, words, and deeds, but she is also a role model for anyone who comes in contact with her. I know she changed my view of what a nurse truly should be," said Parris-Andrews.

Comments (43)

Sam Kamara Ed.D Posted over a year ago

There is no philanthropic course that Nurse Ja'Net will not support. She is generous and very thoughtful. She will go out her way to help others in need. She has the heart of a true Christian. She once confided in me that she has her meditation every morning for 30 minutes. She said that is what keeps her going. It is evident: the way she keeps going everyday from one task to another, nonstop. It has to be some sort of superhuman in her. Her spirit is always calm amidst all types of emergency situations. She knows exactly what to do when a situation occurs. I have watched her go into a classroom where a student was in a coma. She handled the emergency with ease like it is something she does on a daily basis. Needless to mention that she has an influence on my New Year's resolution: to commune with God every morning. If that is not Life Changing, I do not know what else is!

Mark Bickerstaff Posted over a year ago

Over the past four years I have observed Nurse Ja'Net wear a variety of hats. She has been relentless with her efforts to ensure that the students and staff have a safe and conducive learning environment. Beyond her responsibilities of providing immediate medical attention when needed, she provides daily mental health messages through our school email network and is seen throughout the school day providing support where ever needed. I have witnesses her moving furniture, setting up tables/chairs for upcoming meetings/events, assisting with sporting events and stepping in to assist the office staff with administrative tasks. Often referred as "Wonder Woman" due to her abundance of energy that enables her to be one of the first responders to an emergency and one of the last individuals to leave at the end of the day. She exemplifies a highly effective nurse and is without a doubt most deserving of receiving national recognition for her untiring commitment to make a difference in our school community.

William Lee Posted over a year ago

I've watched Ja'Net put her everything into Friendly High School and is a major reason for the culture of the school. As her brother, I have gotten on her several times for "doing too much." There is no such thing as work hours...she is the last to leave the building. To students she is the nurse, the counselor, the drill sergeant, the confidant, and the Auntie. To the school leadership she is administrator, security, intervener, and boss. To friends and family she is supporter, fan, medical advisor, prayer warrior, and head chief. She is modest and humble, never looking for accolades or awards. She is kind and compassionate and her smile helps bring calm and peace to every situation. She is genuine and real, which as her brother sometimes gets on my nerves LOL. She is the center without even trying to be. She is team captain because her peers want and need her leadership. She is the best little sister to myself and the best of God's gifts to the world. She is and always will be the Life Changer to those who come in contact with her.

Lanise Thompson Posted over a year ago

Best wishes, Nurse Ja'Net!!! You got this!!!

Tiffany Beverly Posted over a year ago

You are always willing to help everyone in need. You are compassionate, loving and always there when we need you.

odis W Bradford Posted over a year ago

I can speak from experience, "You will always provide the best of care possible and more. CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU

Mama Nancy Lee Posted over a year ago

There are not enough words in the English language to describe Ja Net. Compassionate, loving, dependable, encouraging, persistent, perseverant, pleasant, dedicated, knowledgeable, strong….l could go on and on. Ja Net epitomizes all these qualities that she demonstrates daily for family, friends, co workers, school, church and community. She truly is deserving of this honor.

Rev Dr Mama Lee Posted over a year ago

When I think of an angel I think of my angel Ja Net who epitomizes those angelic qualities of love, compassion, encouragement, strength, patience, persistence, perseverance…..I could go on and on. This young lady has been an example of love for family, friends, school, church, and community. You never have to worry because she is dependable committed and available and so worthy of this honor. She definitely gets my vote

Natascha Wilson Posted over a year ago

Ja’Net is the best…..she rocks ???? She has a heart for the kids, patient and family. We love her ??

Shawn Andrew White Posted over a year ago

Nurse"hot sauce" Ja'Net is an amazing professional who puts the students first everyday. She is an intrepid leader who sets the tone at Friendly. Congratulations on this honor!!!

Tomara Lee Posted over a year ago

Ja'Net is a nurturing and loving individual who pours her time and energy into everyone she encounters. She has an outgoing spirit, an infectious smile, and serves with excellence. Ja'Net is definitely a "LifeChanger" and deserving of this award.

Bonnie Rock Posted over a year ago

Ja’Net has dedicated her personal and professional life to the care, safety, and health of children. She continues to excel in her professional development and remains focused on committed to working with students and their families. She is an amazing role model to her students for hard work, compassion, and giving back to the community.

MoMA N. Posted over a year ago

First thank Mrs. Parris-Andrews for recognizing Greatness and nominating Nurse Ja'Net.She is an amazing young lady and I love and respect her with all of my heart!!If you know her or know of her you are blessed. If you're sick- she will visit you. If you need anything- she'll move Heaven and Earth to make sure that you get if. If you need a babysitter - she's your girl. If you come to her office for help you will leave with your problem resolved. She makes 24 hours look like 2 or 4 hours because she never stops, She is a very hard worker and never mines helping in any situation not just nursing. She goes above and beyond what is asked of her. Sh is just AMAZING.I am sure that when she lays her tired little head down to sleep she is already thinking and dreaming of what she can do tomorrow to make someone's life better . I'm sure that our God draws near to her as the whole host of heaven listens in He says WELL DONE MY GOOD AND MY FAITHFUL SERVANT. REST NOW FOR TOMORROW IS A NEW OPPORTUNITY TO HELP!!! YES FAMILY SHE IS THAT G.O.A.T.??????LOVE YOU MUCH MS. NEAL.

Janelle Harris Posted over a year ago

Ja'Net is absolutely deserving of this honor. She has always been willing to help and support others whether it be at work, school or in the community. She keeps a positive attitude and looks out for everyone! How delightful that she is being recognized now for all she does. ??

Robin Pettit Posted over a year ago

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Finally getting the recognition she deserves. Nae doesn't know how to do anything halfway. She always gives it 100%. One of the sweetest and kind hearted people I know. She has and will always do anything for the kids. She deserves so much more than just this award for all she does. I could spend countless hours talking about how giving she is and what she means to so many people because she won't.??She is truly one of a kind....a difference maker in the kids lives. You will only meet someone like her once in a lifetime...truly unforgettable. ?

Tia Johnson Posted over a year ago

Since my coming to Friendly, Nurse JaNet has been the true meaning of the school’s name. Her dedication to the school in all capacities shows her passion for the community and it’s stakeholders. Lucky to have such a great asset to the Friendly family. Tia Johnson Assistant Principal

Sylvia Yarborough Posted over a year ago

I’ve know Ja'Net Rhoan long before she became a nurse. I was not surprised at all that she entered in this field. Her love and her care for people has always been evident in her actions even as a teenage. She will go over and above to ensure that both young and old are cared for. Her love and appreciation for life is so refreshing. Nursing is more of a ministry in that she will take care of your physical wombs but will make sure your emotional wombs are healed as well. Trust and believe that after the physical is attended too, you will have conversation to make sure you “the person” is cared for as well. She has a connection to people that comes natural. I’m honored to have experienced her presence and taken hold to her many teachable moments. I wholeheartedly support this nomination. You cannot possibly find a better life changer than Ms. Rhoan.

Zania Womack Posted over a year ago

Congratulations you really do deserve this and many more coming. I just wanted to say that you a wonderful person.You care for me like i’m one of your own and i love you for that.

Kirk C Wilson Sr. Posted over a year ago

I couldn’t agree more. Well deserve and about time. We love you so much.

Roslyn Riley Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure to work with Ja’Net in the capacity of School Nurse and Ministry in our home church. She is kind, compassionate, intelligent, professional and always make a positive difference everywhere she goes. Although she never wants to be in the spotlight she is definitely a life-changer and shining star! Most deserving of this award!

Baiyina Williams Posted over a year ago

I SUPPORT ALL OF THIS! Nurse Ja’Net is the best! ????????

A.DeCoteau Rhoan Posted over a year ago

Simply put, daughter extraordinaire! There s a letter that a very young Ja'Net wrote to, and about her granny who succumbed to cancer after a brave battle:. Nay spent many after-school hours with her granny before she passed. There and then she decided she wanted to be a nurse to "help people" And she did become a nurse, and has been helping to change lives every since! She is generous and kind and keeps her word even when it's to her disadvantage. She is as passionate about her nursing helping to better the lives of students and their families at her alma Marta, as she was at large hospitals. . The nomination is superbly deserved!

Ernestine Nicholson Posted over a year ago

I concur with the nomination of the Life changer of the year award. Ja’Net has gone above and beyond year after year to support her school community. She continues to excel and has passed the National Certification of School Nurses to add to her school nurse expertise. She never wants praise for what she does and continues to do. You are a “SHINING STAR”!!

Denise Rhoan Posted over a year ago

I nominate Ja’Net Rhoan for the “Lifechanger of the Year” award. I have known Ja’Net since birth. She has always been a loving and caring person. It doesn’t surprise me to hear the many areas, outside of her job, to which Ja’Net volunteer her services. She is truly a humble Life Changer!

Dena Posted over a year ago

Ja’Net is the exact individual that this award explicitly describes. She is a phenomenal nurse and truly gifted in her profession. Her gift does not end in her nursing skills. She is thoughtful, giving and resourceful when others are in need. She is always willing to be at the helm of any worthy cause for the betterment of people. Ja’Net is an intelligent, beautiful and gracious young lady with a heart of gold. Ja’Net would be a worthy recipient of The Life Changer of the Year Award.

Tonya Butler Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to this phenomenal young woman!!! You are truly deserving of this!!!

David Keene Posted over a year ago

Nay is honestly one of the most selfless individuals I have ever met. She puts the needs of her students before all others and only wants the best for use. Getting on us for applying to schools and scholarships and guiding us to ensure we are set up for success for the real world. She 100% has my vote !

Patrice Murphy Posted over a year ago

When you say life changer of the year I am not surprised Nurse Nay is nominated for this award. She absolutely personifies What this award represents. I have had the pleasure to experience her in both a personal and professional space go above and beyond for her community. She truly has a passion to help people and it shows in her work. Her honesty and pure heart is what people love about her even when she tells you like it is it’s always with love. Nurse Nay has my vote!

Stephanie Anderson Posted over a year ago

Nurse JaNet is indeed an exemplary person that strives to ensure that Friendly High School is running smoothly everyday. She’s very helpful, kind and considerate among the many talents of decorating, checking the building for safety purposes, Senior Class Sponsor just to name a few. JaNet’s perfection as a Nurse has now paid off as being Board certified as of Wednesday, September 28th, 2021. Nursey is a special individual that helps everyone no matter the task. She’s sincerely has changed many lives and is well deserved to be Lifechanger of the year.

Charlotte. Shumate Posted over a year ago

Nurse Nay, is ready and willing to complete the task before her. She well rounded and very busy. Helping all who is in need, here at FHS school. When you look up there she is assisting. She is all over the school giving herself to others as she shows her support to us all... She continues to set the pace.

Kevin Thompson Posted over a year ago

Ja’Net truly has a heart for serving people. Everyday she commits herself to serving her school and community. She is AWESOME! Luv Ya, J!

April Christian Posted over a year ago

I have so many wonderful things I can speak about Ja'Net and being a Lifechanger is one of them. Her hard work and dedication is valuable and infectious. She is always pouring her heart into her work and leaves no stone unturned. I am super proud of her achievements and look forward to ALL that the future will bring for her to share with the world. Ja'Net is truly one of a kind.

Stephanie Parker Posted over a year ago

Nurse Ja’Net demonstrates genuine love and care for the Friendly High School Patriot Family on a daily basis. She is truly an amazing person, and we are so blessed to have her as our Nurse. I highly recommend Nurse Ja’Net! She is definitely a life changer!

Angela Carr Posted over a year ago

Such a deserving honor for a worthy person. I love her dedication and commitment to excellence

Diane Eubanks Posted over a year ago

Ja’Net is a true representation of what this award is about. Her outgoing personality, love for people and professional expertise lends to her accomplishment of all given tasks in an excellent manner. She is always willing to go above the call of duty, without any expectation. Without a doubt, Ja’Net is my #1 choice.

betty lou burnett Posted over a year ago

congra.!!!! - and many more awards!!

Daniel Bradley Posted over a year ago

Nurse Rhoan is literally the most caring person God created. She’s attentive to the needs of family, friends, and especially her students. She deserves this and is a great representation of what a Life Changer Is!

Sharita D. Boyden Posted over a year ago

Ja’Net is a hard worker and always gives above and beyond the call for anyone whom she comes in contact with. Always willing to lend a helping hand. She truly is a role model to all, and i’m proud to have her in my life. She’s awesome!!

Candace Davis Posted over a year ago

Nay is so amazing and really deserves this award! She always goes above and beyond in anything she does. In our fam we say she is the glue that holds all of us together!

Sharita Hawkins Posted over a year ago

Nay!!!! She was made to be a nurse she’s very nurturing and loving. She takes pride in all that she does and I truly love that about her. She gets my vote every day!

Candace Posted over a year ago

Ja’Net deserves this award! She always goes out her way for others! Her family, patients and the children at her school! She def gets my vote!!

Tam Posted over a year ago

This nomination is WELL DESERVED!! Ja’Net consistently goes above and beyond the call. She is constantly pouring into others and does it without worrying if she will be recognized for all her efforts or not. Her love for people and her community is genuine. She is selfless and truly deserving of this nomination. I am so proud of all she has accomplished. She gets my vote 10 times over!!!

Ania Tates Posted over a year ago

Ja'Net is the epitome of what this award represents! She is always going above and beyond, and does all things with excellence, professionally and personally! Super proud of all she has accomplished and all she represents! My #1 nurse definitely gets my vote!