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Kristi Martin

Position: School Nurse
School: Mount Lebanon Elementary School
School District: Anderson School District 4
City, State: Pendleton, SC

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Kristi Martin was nominated by her assistant principal, Artrice Kinard.

Nurse Kristi is the best school nurse ever! She’s knowledgeable, driven, thorough, and always willing to go above and beyond to make sure students and staff are well. After the school closure in March, Nurse Kristi had no idea what she would be faced with if (and when) students and staff returned. She was already great at documenting, advising, and following up, but since students and staff have returned, her kind nature and willingness to serve has been a bright light that shines everywhere.

During the pandemic, Nurse Kristi has truly gone above and beyond to follow all of the state and district-level safety protocols. The protocols involve multiple steps to identify and respond to students and staff who are ill to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. There is a web-based application that employees use to report symptoms and an electronic temperature scanner that Nurse Kristi manages daily. She also makes phone calls, maintains records, and makes follow-up calls to families who have members who have tested positive or are suspected positive.

Nurse Kristi is doing a phenomenal job at keeping up with who can be at school, who can't, and when students and staff can return based on their quarantine or isolation status. It’s a lot to keep up with, but she does it all so well, calmly, and with a smile on her face.  She fulfills these tasks on top of taking care of student injuries, medications, managing Individualized Health Plans, Seizure Plans, and severe student allergies on a daily basis. Because of her work, she was voted as her school's Support Employee of the Year.

"Nurse Kristi’s commitment to patient care, physical and mental wellness, and emotional stability are unparalleled," said Kinard. "Her love and compassion are what some students in our school come here to feel. She gives it tirelessly and relentlessly. We are so thankful for Nurse Kristi!"

Comments (5)

Jessica Dixon Posted 15 days ago

Nurse Kristi is the absolute best. All 3 of my children live her. She was such a great help when my whole family and I got Covid. She went above and beyond and even checked in to make sure we were ok. Our little Elijah adores her. Thank you Nurse Kristi for everything you do. You deserve this and so much more.

Joanne Avery Posted 18 days ago

Kristi is one of the best school nurses I have worked with. As her superintendent, I was extremely grateful for her dedication to her nursing. She is very caring, follows protocols to the tee, and handled the chaos of the pandemic with grace and thoroughness. She is the epitome of this award. I give her my highest recommendation.

Kim Mullinax Posted 18 days ago

Kristi is so deserving of this. She has always gone above and beyond - even before COVID - always caring and ready to listen and help.

April Hendricks Posted 18 days ago

Kristi has been there for myself and each of our 3 kids at different points in their life. Words do no do justice to fully express my appreciation and respect for Nurse Kristi. She is so kind and gracious. She goes above and beyond-taking calls and texts after hours. She is always encouraging and uplifting no matter what the situation. She has carried the added weight of these last several covid years with more grace and dignity than most people I know. I am so thankful to know and love Nurse Kristi!!

Angela Dunn Posted 18 days ago

Nurse Kristi is a valued friend and colleague. She has been THE consummate professional in the midst of COVID and manages to lift the spirits of everyone she comes in contact with. Her calm demeanor, assurances, and kindness have truly grounded our school community for the last three years. I don’t know how she manages to do all she does, but I am ever so grateful and awed that she does.