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Alaina Linden

Position: School Nurse
School: Terrace Heights Elementary School
School District: East Valley School District No. 90
City, State: Yakima, WA

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Alaina Linden was nominated by multiple colleagues.

"Nurse Alaina is the most patient, caring, selfless, lovable person in our entire district," said one colleague.

She cares about all her students and patients, and she is easy to talk to. The students look for reasons to come to the office so they can spend a moment with Ms. Linden. She makes every one of them feel loved, special, and unique. Not only does she help them with their medical needs, but she acts as their counselor, friend, and parent.

Despite the challenges adjusting to new safety measures over the past two years, she has made her school one of the safest places in the entire district. She followed the health guidelines strictly so her building could stay open and her students could be in a safe environment. If and when a student showed COVID-19 symptoms, she took the time to talk to parents directly and encourage everyone to take extra precautions.

Additionally, Ms. Linden takes on shifts at the local hospital in the emergency room during nights and weekends, all while tending to her two small children. She has much compassion for others and goes above and beyond her normal duties.

"She is one of a kind, and our school is so lucky to have her. She's an ideal candidate for this nomination,” said her colleague.

Comments (25)

Tiffany Hanshew Posted over a year ago

Alaina radiates kindness! She is an amazing person and definitely deserves this award. She not only cares for others selflessly, but she is an amazing coworker and I am blessed to not only know her, but have had the opportunity to work with her as well! Congrats pretty lady!

Karly Pitney Posted over a year ago

Alaina is one of the best people I have ever met, and truly the best nurse I have worked with. I look up to her in so many ways! Working in the ER she was always kind, compassionate, and patient with every person that walked through our doors. I have no doubt that she makes her students and staff feel like the most special person in the room every time they see her. There is no one who deserves this award more than Alaina!

Belinda Razo Posted over a year ago

Great job...Congrats on a nomination well deserved. :)

Mary Lou Shean Posted over a year ago

I am so proud when one of our regional nurses is nominated for an award! Through her work at East Valley School District, we see that she goes above and beyond every day to meet the hard daily challenges of being a school nurse. Congratulations, Alaina!

Lorre Gefre Posted over a year ago

Congrats! on your nomination for the Life Change's Award. I don't always read the news but happened across an article that told of your story. I remember you as an East valley student with a smile and friendly personality. It takes a heart of passion and compassion to be where you are today. Thank you for making a positive difference in the lives of children and others. Job well done, Alaina!

Cindi Badillo Posted over a year ago

Alaina is always super caring, loving and a joy to be around! You will always see her happy and spreading her love.

Kalene Posted over a year ago

A great nurse, friend and sister!

Lisa owens Posted over a year ago

You are so special to our children and school staff. You help anyone in need at all times

Tara Posted over a year ago

So proud of you Alaina!!! You deserve to be recognized for ALL of the hard work you put in everyday!!!!!

Jeri Posted over a year ago

The best??

Kateland Posted over a year ago

Alaina Linden is one truly amazing coworker and friend, and will always strive to fill any role to the best of her ability. I have worked along side her for many years now through the ER and I can without a doubt say she has been one of the best RNs I have ever met. She is truly a huge asset and inspiration to this community! I am so proud of Ms. Linden and her ability to care and build trusting relationships with the children in our community. She’s capable of so much and I look forward to what she achieves in the future.

Kari Thompson Posted over a year ago

Knowing that Nurse Alaina is taking care of my child if he get sick or injured at school gives me a huge peace of mind. She is amazing with kids, knows her stuff and puts everyone at ease. We love her and are so proud to have her for our nurse!

Leslie Wilson Posted over a year ago

Alaina is a awesome person and always has a great attitude.

Josie Posted over a year ago

Nurse Alaina is amazing! As a teacher at Terrace Heights I feel so thankful to have her as our school nurse! She takes such good care of our students and is there for the teachers too. She ALWAYS has a smile on her face and an encouraging word. She is truly a life changer in our building!

Latoya montoya Posted over a year ago

Nurse Alaina is AMAZING!!!! My kids were new to Terrace Heights Elementary this year and they absolutely looooove her! She is kind, treats them with respect, and makes them feel safe and happy. My son recently used some of his hard earned ‘BEAR BUCKS’ so he could have lunch with his siblings and nurse Alaina. She has always been super sweet and genuine when she has contacted me about the kids. She’s great!

Brandi Garza Posted over a year ago

Alaina is always kind, professional, and selfless. She is a great mother, daughter, coworker, friend ,and she’s one amazing nurse!. I’m not surprised by this nomination, she is simply the best!

Nicole Mata Posted over a year ago

I’ve know Alina for a long time, we went to school together. Alina always has a smile on her face even if her day has been tough and very stressful. She has a way of putting the kids at ease. She is a total rock star!!

Wendy Linden Posted over a year ago

I'm so proud of my daughter. She truly loves her job and the kids. She has a servant's heart.

Lyndsey Bazan Posted over a year ago

Alaina is one of the best nurses I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is a staple in the emergency department at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital her patients rave about her outstanding care and personable skills. I have literally seen her save a life and also been the one that hast to tell the family member that they no longer have a loved one. I’ve seen her on hard days where everyone in the department is drowning and yet she is a beacon of light for all that she encounters. She is an amazing school nurse and the East Valley school District is so lucky to have her she is one of the most honest caring intelligent people that I have had the pleasure to work with and she definitely deserves recognition for going above and beyond. She is an ally to her students and they feel like they can come to her with anything and they know that they’ll be greeted warmly with an understanding smile. There is no one in my 16 years of healthcare experience that I believe deserves this more than Alaina Linden.

Stacey Cline Posted over a year ago

You deserve it Alaina!! I’m so proud of you! I love you!

Christy Posted over a year ago

Students, families and staff all adore Nurse Alaina. She's kind, hard working, knowledgeable, remembers everybody's name, and has endless compassion for all students.

Kerri Sutton Posted over a year ago

Alaina is a caring nurse always willing to listen to her patients. One of my best memories was when Alaina came to work with a pair of shoes for a homeless patient she had been caring for. Alaina has been working tireless hours in our local ER during the pandemic along with being a full time school nurse and mother of two.

Kim McLoud Posted over a year ago

I enjoy Nurse Alaina. She is always concerned and caring for our kiddos. Nurse Alaina will always make contact with us when there is an issue with one of the kids. She is the best!!

Tiffany Dawson (Aubriana’s Mom) Posted over a year ago

Alaina is one of the most caring and compassionate nurses Terrace Heights Elementary has ever had. She has amazing communication skills. When my child has gotten hurt or is sick she calls to let me know. You can tell that she loves her job and really cares about the kids. ?? We need more nurses like her in this world !

Chelsea Raskey Posted over a year ago

My daughter loves nurse Alaina! She's been such a great support person at the school, and has been so helpful in keeping the kids safe during the pandemic and making sure I know what to do when my little girl is sick.