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Christie Oros

Position: School Nurse
School: Stone Academy
School District: Greenville County Schools
City, State: Greenville, SC

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Christie Oros was nominated by Jen Knox, the parent of a student.

"Nurse Christie is a steady, comforting, constant presence at my kids' elementary school. Through all six years that my older child spent there, and through these remaining few years my younger child has left in elementary school, we have always been able to count on Nurse Christie," said Knox. "She is a loving, kind, enthusiastic presence every day. When one of my children went through a bit of a hypochondriac phase in early elementary school, I could always count on Nurse Christie to handle each situation with grace, understanding, and excellent professional judgment. She knows innately when to call the parent and when to hold off. There is nothing more reassuring to busy working parents, especially during a pandemic, than knowing a highly competent, loving, outstanding professional like Nurse Christie is at the school. She is there each day to care for and protect children. Our whole family loves Nurse Christie, and she is so very deserving of this award."

Comments (46)

Beth Hicks Posted today

Nurse Christie is so deserving of recognition. She knows every child’s name, and she connects with them in a way that sometimes teachers cannot. She is kind, upbeat, and shows great care and understanding for students, and their needs. She’s amazing.

Sonja Black Posted 1 days ago

Nurse Christie is an awesome nurse! We have always thought of her as being compassionate, reassuring and very caring. Our children love her , could not have picked a better nurse!

Sarah Posted 2 days ago

Nurse Christie made sure my daughter took her medication at the best time of the day. Kept in communication with me when either her or my son were in the office.

Alex G Posted 2 days ago

Nurse Christie helps a bunch of people every day. Once when I was in kindergarten I spilled chocolate milk on my pants, and she helped me by giving me clean pants to borrow.

Kacey Eichelberger Posted 2 days ago

I have had three kiddos at Stone and give thanks for her ministry! One of my children, who shall go nameless to protect their identity :-), went through a phase of crafting a story for a nearly daily check in with Nurse Christie. As a family we used to laugh and say, God Bless Nurse Christie! File her under Local Unsung Hero, please.

Andrea Walker Posted 2 days ago

We LOVE nurse Christie! She makes the kids feel safe and loved. She is an amazing nurse, that makes every child feel special. She is very deserving of this recognition.

Lisa Boyle Posted 3 days ago

Nurse Christie is well deserving of this title. In the four years we’ve been at Stone, nurse Christie has been there through all the boo-boos, ant bites, and bugs. Providing our children all the expertise of a medical professional delivered warmly by a person who truly cares. There’s no one else I’d rather entrust that responsibility to!

Cathy stevens Posted 3 days ago

Nurse Christie truly is a gem. We feel so lucky that she is at Stone Academy.

Cathy Posted 3 days ago

She’s absolutely remarkable. I think my sons and make up illness in order to get to go see her!

Michael Shade Posted 3 days ago

Nurse Christie has been so wonderful in our daughter's time at Stone. She is thoughtful and caring. We are thankful for her!

BettyJo Russell Posted 6 days ago

I have spent many hours in Christie’s Office discussing children and our families. She is such a caring and compassionate nurse, mom, coworker and friend. During her summers, instead of taking the break she so deserves, she then gives her heart working at a camp with children who have special needs. Christie is a selfless, amazing person.

Jennifer Medlock Posted 7 days ago

We were at Stone Academy for a total of 9 years. Nurse Christie has our highest recommendation. She always treated each child as she would her own, with care and concern. She went to great lengths to be sure each student had the support and help they needed and had a great attitude doing it. She often went over and above, pitching in in the front office as needed too. Wish she had followed us through our middle amd high schools!!

The Bentons Posted 7 days ago

The Bentons love Nurse Christie! She demonstrates sincere care and concern for all students, and she has an excellent rapport with students and parents. Stone hit the jackpot with this nurse! We are so thankful for her!

Jaime Miller/Evie Posted 7 days ago

Nurse Christie is very deserving to receive this award. My daughter has visited her lots as a student at Stone! Christie has always been loving and quick to respond appropriately to her needs...small or big. Even in the car line I can hear her talking to the children with encouragement and saying "I love you". Medical Intelligence has to coincide with compassion and grace, and she exudes this in measures!! My child has never had anything but rave reviews, and this is priceless for a parent! A school nurse works many roles behind the band aid and ice! This nurse is strong, capable, confident, and knowledgeable in all she does to give exceptional medical care to the student while loving them like their "mother" would. My pediatrician has agreed with her any time Evie has told her she saw "nurse Christie" at school and why. Evie has even named nurse Christie in her prayers if she has been absent feom school. This says a lot!!

Paula Hayes Posted 7 days ago

As a mom of twins with different health issues, I depended on Nurse Christie on almost a weekly basis. She has an amazing way with both children and parents. She is so supportive, helpful and reassuring. She handles everything from lice to asthma attacks and stomach bugs with a calm expertise that lets you know that everything is going to be okay and that “this too shall pass”. We miss her greatly now that we have moved on to middle school and I can’t think of anyone who deserves this more!

Ed Holliday Posted 7 days ago

She is very patient, kind & caring with children

Karen Peace Posted 7 days ago

Nurse Christie is awesome. She loves the kids at Stone and really cares about her job, she know how to handle every situation that comes her way and with kids that can be a lot of situations!

Marie Berquist Posted 8 days ago

I worked with Nurse Christie for years and have always admired her for the patience, kindness, and care she shows to each and every student, no matter the circumstances. I took many a crying kindergartener to her and she was always able to calm their fears, wipe their tears, and send them back to class with a smile. She goes way above and beyond her job, not only for the students but for fellow employees and for everyone in her life. The most giving person I have ever known.

Melody Powell Posted 8 days ago

Not only does Nurse Christie “wrap her arms” around every one of our kids, taking care of every bump, bruise, boo-boo, and bother, but she also extends her loving arms to her fellow colleagues. I recently had several skin cancers removed from my back in a place that made wound care impossible. Nurse Christie didn’t hesitate when I asked her to check on their progression and side in wound care. She loves us and takes care of us the same way she would our students. Nurse Christie is there for everyone. She is simply amazing in every way.

Shannon Posted 8 days ago

Nurse Christie is the best! She is so knowledgeable and knows how to assess everything from a broken heart to Covid 19. Students and staff alike seek both her expertise and honest opinion - which she always makes the time to give. THANK YOU CHRISTIE, for your selflessness and superior care. You are an awesome nurse, coworker and friend!

Jean Thomas Posted 8 days ago

Christie is always there for everyone! I call her “my primary care physician“ because I always go to her first when I have a question or medical problem. She always knows what to do and say!

Emily Kirkpatrick Posted 8 days ago

Christie is the best! She has such a calming presence and helps both students and staff feel cared for.

Jennifer Posted 8 days ago

Nurse Christie is an integral member of our school family. She is always ready and willing to lend a hand. Christie is so generous with her time, experience, and skill. She is a trusted voice of reason, understanding, and compassion in our school community. My daughter fell on the school playground and the wound was quite severe - requiring an ER visit, X-rays, and stitches. The first thing the ER nurse said was, “Did our triage do this pressure dressing?” I replied, “No. It was the school nurse, Christie.” The ER nurse replied, “Woah, she’s good!”

Brett Vaughn Posted 8 days ago

I’ve had the privilege of supervising and working alongside Nurse Christie for many years. She is truly an advocate for all children. She dedicates her time year round to help students in need. Whilst some of their needs are physical, she’s also quick to recognize when students just need a little extra because they’re feeling blue or because they’ve lost some thing or someone special to them. She’s very attuned to the health needs of others. She is also willing to go to other schools and support nurses in need. Students, parents, teachers, and other nurses all appreciate her supportive nature and willingness to teach and comfort in every situation. She truly is a very special nurse in person!

Carrie Lee Posted 8 days ago

Nurse Christie is more than a nurse, she is a friend, she is family. At Stone Academy, Nurse Christie serves our students with a servants heart. She is caring and compassionate. We are incredibly grateful for Nurse Christie.

Karen Posted 8 days ago

Nurse Christie is the BEST! She is such a compassionate, knowledgeable, and amazing nurse to our students and staff. Her warm smile will make you feel better instantly. She is definitely a life changer to all!

Candace Bolt Posted 8 days ago

There is no one like Nurse Christie! No matter how big or how small she is ALWAYS there, not only for our students, but the staff as well. I often refer to her as my “primary physician” because she is so amazing and always takes the time to listen and help no matter what is happening in her own life. Christie has been through the unimaginable in her life, most recently with her husband’s cancer diagnosis, yet she never waivers in her commitment to everyone at Stone. I can’t think of a more giving, humble, deserving person than Christie Oros. She deserves everything good in life to come her way.

Faith Chase Posted 8 days ago

Nurse Christie takes good care of all the kiddos at Stone Academy. We feel lucky to know her!

John Thomas Posted 8 days ago

Best school nurse ever

Logan Chandler Posted 9 days ago

Thanks for all you do Nurse Christie!

Thomas Allen Posted 9 days ago

Nurse Christie is always so kind to me and everybody else who goes to see her. She is always trying to cheer you up and make you feel better. Thanks for being a great nurse!

Amanda Davis Posted 9 days ago

“One day, I was playing on the playground and I bumped my head on a pole. I went to nurse Christie. I liked that she is so nice. She said I was brave and that made me feel better.” (from my daughter Sloan)

Bonnie McClain Posted 9 days ago

Nurse Christie is so deserving of this award! As a teacher that works with her, as well as a parent, she is always available when I need her. She is patient, kind, loving, and treats each child with the utmost care.

Erica Blackston Posted 13 days ago

Nurse Christie is simply amazing! She goes above and beyond for students and teachers. We love you Christie!

Erica Blackston Posted 13 days ago

Congratulations on being nominated as a lifechanger! You’re an amazing nurse and friend. I’m so excited for you!

Debbie Wilklow Posted 13 days ago

Nurse Christie is a friend, a colleague, a nurse, a doctor, a mentor, etc. She takes care of the students, the staff, the teachers. She even answers questions about family members health. She has been a life saver through the pandemic working double time. She makes t-shirts, and monograms masks for children who keep losing theirs. She is constantly finding ways to care for those around her. All this while caring for her own family. We would be lost without her.

Jane Leo Posted 13 days ago

I love this woman! If I could have half her knowledge of caring for people, I would be in Heaven. I would take her as my family doctor any day! I even text her at night or weekend to ask medical advice. She is quick to answer and follows up with me. Her compassion is beyond measure. She is always looking for ways to help our students and staff. She goes beyond being a nurse. She is a saint!

Sissie Beane Posted 13 days ago

Christi Oros is exceptional!!! She takes care of all our students and all of our staff too. She is upbeat, positive and always joyful. She has a calming way of soothing little ones and also of spotting those who may not be sick! We adore her and appreciate what she does for us!!

Suzanne Posted 13 days ago

Nurse Christie is by far the most hard working school nurse I’ve had the privilege of working with. She is so dedicated to the children in our school and will bend over backwards to help in any way she can. She is also willing to help out across our school district whenever needed. We are so fortunate to have her as part of our staff! She is truly a life changer!!

Katie Allen Posted 13 days ago

Nurse Christie we are so proud of you. We couldn't appropriately provide for our students with out you. Thank you!

CJBell Posted 13 days ago

Best Hands down!THE BEST! So kind knowledgeable and humble??

Angela Smith Posted 14 days ago

Christie is amazing! I honestly don’t know how our school (teachers and staff mostly) would survive without her!!! She is kind and loving to everyone. She is there for anything!

Brittany Wright Posted 14 days ago

Nurse Christie is one of those people that always brings a smile to your face. She is a listening ear and always willing to help whoever is in need! We LOVE her!!

Cyndi Waddell Posted 14 days ago

Christie is an amazing nurse in our school. She is always caring for our students and looking out for their best interest. She is also a wonderful colleague; cheerful, kind, and thoughtful. She is definitely a life changer!

Emma Quaglia Posted 14 days ago

Nurse Christie is amazing! She is caring, loving, and patient! She helps teachers and staff just as much as students. She is a true life changed!

Jeana Nitsche Posted 16 days ago

Nurse Christie is an amazing colleague, friend and THE best nurse ever!!! I am so thankful for all that she does for our students, staff and families at Stone Academy.