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Jill Cockrell

Position: School Nurse
School: J-E-T Middle School
School District: Edgefield County School District
City, State: Johnston , SC

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Jill Cockrell was nominated by her principal, Debbie Courtney. who submitted a video containing testimonials from her colleagues and students.

Check it out at:

Comments (9)

McKenna Palmer Posted today

Jill is a great hardworking woman! She is willing to do anything to help the students of JET Middle School!

Whitney Martin Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Cockrell is a wonderful person who cares about so, so many! Jill has the sweetest spirit and kindest soul. She gives her all to not only our school, but to our entire district! We could not ask for a better person seeing us through this pandemic. No matter what time of the day or night, she is always willing to pitch in. It does not matter when or where, she never makes you feel like you are bothering her if you need her help. She is full of great wisdom and I try to soak up everything she says. She is a true life changer.

Shannon Densmore Posted 2 days ago

Jill Cockrell is an amazing lady and has kept us going throughout the Pandemic and then some. She is always willing to help anyone and goes out of her way to make sure things are taken care of properly. I feel she is very deserving of this award. We all know here in Edgefield County that she is someone we can always count on. She spends endless hours of her own time working as well to ensure our kids safety as well as the employees of Edgefield County.

Meredith Burnett Posted 2 days ago

Jill is most definitely a life changer in so many ways. She goes above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of all our students here at J-E-T as well as throughout the district as a lead nurse. Additionally, she is a great friend and listening ear when needed. She never complains and puts others first. I cannot imagine the number of lives she has changed throughout her life as a nurse, friend, wife, mother, and daughter. Jill Cockrell definitely deserves this recognition as she never asks for anything in return, but will give you the coat off her own back. She is one of the most humble and sincere people I have ever met!

Erica M. Curry Posted 8 days ago

Jill is one of those amazing people in life that you know you can always count on! She will give you 150% of her abilities every single time.

Jason Schumpert Posted 8 days ago

She is a great asset for our school. She is dedicated and willing to help with anything that helps our students at JET Middle School.

Wendy Jacobs Posted 8 days ago

Jill Cockrell is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. She works with a smile on her face and reassures those around her with her calm demeanor. During this Covid pandemic, Jill was proactive in working to ensure the safety of all in our district, including students, faculty, and staff. I am so grateful for Jill and all she does for those around her. She is most deserving of this honor!

kelly Hyler Posted 8 days ago

Jill Is the one and only!!! THe BEST

Debbie Courtney Posted 8 days ago

We love Jill. She is amazing in every way! No person in the USA does more the Mrs. Cockrell.