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Lindsey Barroso

Position: District Nurse
School: Maxine Johnson Elementary School
School District: Parma School District #137
City, State: Parma, ID

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Lindsey Barroso was nominated by her colleague, Shari Doramus.

Ms. Barroso is the sole school nurse for her school district.  She has led the charge in the battle to fight COVID-19 in her school district and community.  She has spent tireless hours monitoring, contact tracing, and trying her best to make appropriate safety decisions in an ever-changing environment. This is all in addition to her day-to-day duties as a kind, compassionate school nurse.

Ms. Barroso not only cares for the students, but for the staff.  When she sets up vision, dental, and hearing screenings for students, she strives to include staff members who wish to participate, as well.  She sets up vaccination opportunities on site for the staff (flu, COVID, etc.) so everyone has the best chance to be protected with minimal loss of work time.

"When I think of Lindsey, I think of kindness, caring, compassion, nurturing, intelligence, humor, problem-solving, excellence, skill, grace, and above all, a desire to help others," said Doramus.  "She is a selfless leader with a heart of pure gold!  She has always been a LifeChanger in our district, but the last year more so than ever, and she does it all with a smile."

Comments (22)

Rachel Chadha Posted over a year ago

Lindsey, You are a perfect example of all that’s good in this world. I can only imagine how much you mean to those kids and have no doubt the care you give treats more than the issue at hand. You are a rare kind soul that cares for folks whether you want to or not. You don’t know how to be any other way! It doesn’t surprise me that you’re being nominated for this award as you’ve already changed and touched so many lives.

Lara Miller Posted over a year ago

Student, staff, and parents have all sought Nurse Lindsey’s kind and caring expertise. Her willingness to stop whatever she is doing to listen and care for our school community exemplifies her selfless character. The stress and overload of work during Covid has not diminished Nurse Lindsey’s spirit or humor. Many do not know the the load she carries, for Lindsey just keeps going like the Energizer rabbit. Between her roles as a nurse, a parent, a friend, and a staff member, Lindsey is the consummate professional in a time of great discord. I deeply respect her professionalism and work ethic in these difficult times. There is none better for this recognition than Parma School District’s Nurse Lindsey Barroso.

Nora Iacoboni Posted over a year ago

Nurse Lindsey, You are a phenomenal person, and I am so glad to have met and worked with you. Nobody deserves to be awarded more than you. You are passionate about your work, and always have a smile on your face. Your laughter is contagious. You have this amazing talent of knowing the name of each student as they walk in the door. You’re very motherly towards each person and provide a safe and nurturing place when one doesn’t feel well. Parma School District would be a very different place without you in its community. I honestly think students not only see you as a nurse, but as someone they can talk to as well. Go Panthers !!

Sally Glasgow Posted over a year ago

Lindsey make everyone feel important. She is a very special person. Way to go, Lindsey!

GENIA N. WATKINS Posted over a year ago

Nurse Barroso is a rock star. She takes care of ALL the students like they are her own. Knowing that our kids have someone at school to watch over them like she does is a blessing!

Kelley Noe Posted over a year ago

What can I say about Mrs. Barroso that hasn’t already been said? We love her, the community loves her and she has truly poured her heart and soul into being the best school nurse. As stated everyone loves to go see her; I wonder if some actually fake not feeling well just go visit her ??. And then add covid into the mix and she has worked even more to ensure the school is operating in a safe manner. Can’t think of a more deserving person for this award.

Stoney Winston Posted over a year ago

Lindsey is an amazing person and nurse. Lindsey is part of the district leadership team as she has critical knowledge that has helped make the hard decisions over the last year and a half during the pandemic. Her efforts were recognized in the district last spring when she received the Panther P.R.I.D.E. (Positive, Respectful, Integrity, Dedication, Excellence) Award. Nurse Barroso comes to work every day with a positive attitude. She is always respectful of students, staff and parents needs. She has strong integrity as she will never do anything she won't sign her name to. She is dedicated to the job as she spent many hours during the pandemic after school hours to complete contract tracing and checking up on students. She strives for excellence everyday by not only helping/treating students but knowing them and caring for them far beyond the job description. Parma School District is fortunate to have Lindsey as part of our family. She is very deserving of this recognition.

Deanne Galloway Posted over a year ago

Every kid in Parma wants to go to the nurse because she is so amazing! They always come back to class happy and reassured that they were well taken care of. Mrs. Barroso is beyond deserving of this award!

Steffanie Altenbern Posted over a year ago

She is always going above and beyond to do what is needed so our kiddos can stay in school. She is ALWAYS smiling. The kids adore her.

LeAndra Cate Posted over a year ago

So grateful to have Lindsey as our school nurse. It is no question that she has a challenging, tireless job, and despite all that, she still pushes through and does the best she can for her students & staff while staying positive. She is a Life Changer. She works with Grace, Grit, and Growth.

Rachel Nichols Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Barroso is one of a kind. She goes above and beyond to take care of our kids. We are so blessed to have her at our school. ??

Jeff Rodgers Posted over a year ago

I'm the Deputy Fire Chief for Parma working with Lindsey is always a great privilege. She is always available to help in anyway she can. I can not think of anyone the deserves this award more then Lindsey.

Tricia Kelly Posted over a year ago

Our school district is extremely blessed to have Lindsey as our District Nurse. She is everything Shari Doramus said and more. She goes well above her duties and spends a lot of her free time working on district needs or helping out a district staff member. She deserves all the accolades and the prize that comes with the LifeChanger of the Year Award. She takes care of us all, with possibly a joke, but always with a smile. Thank you Lindsey for being our District Nurse and taking care of all of us! :)

Faere Watson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Barroso is the best - she loves and treats every kiddo as if they are her own. She does the work of 3 people and does it all with a smile and humor. We are so lucky to have her in Parma!

Janel Shaw Posted over a year ago

Lindsey, you are an amazing school nurse, and so much more!! You have gone above and beyond as a nurse, managing an elementary, middle and high school. Working through all the craziness of Covid, you have been exceptional with parents, students and staff. But more than that, you are a friend to all around you! Your always caring, listening and understanding, patient and kind! Thank you for ALL you do!! You are the best:)

Zara Sorensen Posted over a year ago

She is the best!!

Kathleen Legg Posted over a year ago

Ms. Barroso always has a warm smile and greets everyone with a cheery attitude! Her patience and kindness are truly from the heart! ??

Amy Cuevas Posted over a year ago

Ms.Barroso is amazing! My daughter is in Elementary and has Epilepsy she has made the transition to school easy and comfortable for us. I feel safe when my daughter is at school Ms.Barroso has communicated with staff how to help my daughter if she needs it How to use Emergency Medication and what to watch for!! She has always been in communcation with me and replys very fast with my questions or concerns! I am thankful to have her in our schools. My daughter loves visiting with her aswell!

Keri Wilhite Posted over a year ago

Lindsey is a fantastic nurse and a wonderful person.

Sherry Jetton Posted over a year ago

Lindsey supports and cares for all the staff and students in the Parma School District. It is a pleasure working with her. She is professional as well as personable.

Heidi Salvesen Posted over a year ago

Lindsey always goes above and beyond to make the students feel important. She has pulled a tooth, given a bandaid and a hug, even removed hair from a scooter lol. Most importantly she has even checked on me as a parent after I had to have a major surgery. She is truly a part of our community and goes the extra mile with love and compassion!

Susan Stevens Posted over a year ago

The strength and grace that Lindsey has shown is these trying times has been very admirable. She is always considerate and fair when making decisions for our students and families. She has given so much of herself and I can’t think of a better person that deserves this award.