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Robyn Nylander

Position: School Nurse
School: The Lucille Umbarger School
School District: Burlington-Edison School District
City, State: Burlington, WA

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Robyn Nylander was nominated by her principal, Kevin Johnson.

"I am so happy to nominate our school nurse, Robyn Nylander, as a LifeChanger of the Year. She is the hero of our school's story," explains Johnson. "In a time when we celebrate first responders across the country for all that they have done to support people in their most fragile and vulnerable state of life, we often forget that many schools across the country have first responders in the form of their school nurse. The integrity and care that Robyn brings to work on a daily basis is inspiring to me in ways that I'm not sure that I fully recognize yet."

Ms. Nylander treats every student in the school as if they were her own, regardless of the reason for their health room visit.  The health and safety of the students comes first, second, and third for her.  She carries the weight of this pandemic and its impact on her community, but she still shows up every day with a smile and love for the next person she interacts with. 

"We all know how overwhelmed she is, but there is no chance she will ever let you know. She is a steadfast district leader in community health, and we are better/healthier because of her effort and actions," said Johnson.

Comments (5)

Tiffany Hickman Posted over a year ago

Robyn is an amazing nurse! She is very nurturing and compassionate. She has dedicated her life to helping others and goes above and beyond what is required, putting in long hours to give the best care possible. She truly deserves this honor!

Marianne Waite Posted over a year ago

Robyn deserves this award. The fact that she's embarrassed that she's been nominated says so much about her. She would do anything for others. She cares so deeply for her family, friends and her school community. She is a life changer!

Lindy Johnson Posted over a year ago

Robyn is a wonderful nurse - when she was at Skagit Pediatrics she helped so many of us New parents with our newborns , questions we had reassuring that all of this will be ok - she is a wonderful parent and proud to call her my friend.

Thea O’Grady Posted over a year ago

Robyn is an amazing woman! She works hard for her students and is able to balance the demands of her job with ease, proficiency and kindness. Never forget her kindness.

Gail Omdal Posted over a year ago

Robyn is indeed a true treasure! We at The Lucille Umbarger School and in the Burlington-Edison School District are very very fortunate to have her as a part of our team!