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Willie Fisher

Position: Assistant Principal
School: Matt Kelly Elementary School
School District: Clark County School District
City, State: Las Vegas, NV

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Willie Fisher was nominated by an acquaintance who wishes to remain anonymous.

Mr. Fisher has dedicated his life to education and his students. Whether as an administrator or teacher, he has always worked to make a difference and be the difference in his students' lives. He often recieves calls from former students who are now adults with families, thanking him for what he's done for them, and sometimes still asking for advice and guidance.

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Byron A. Botler Posted over a year ago

I am exceedingly proud to endorse the nomination and recognition of Mr. Willie L. Fisher, Jr. as the 2017 - 2018 LifeChanger of the Year Award recipient. For over 40 years Mr. Fisher has exemplified an optimum level of commitment to nurturing and shaping the course of our youth as an untiring and obligated professional in the field of education as a teacher, mentor, band director, administrator and colleague. His personal experience as an accomplished musician and performer alone clearly helped him to recognize the impact teachers have on student's lives, so he developed an aggressive yet positive formula of engaging them. Fisher is at his best when students are agonizing over challenges that seem to be calamitous, finding ways to help them realize their full potentials, and he's done it with incredible compassion and dignity while exemplifying life - strengthening values. Through enthusiastic leadership and generous giving of his time, this nominee has helped stimulate and improve student's self -awareness and opened their eyes to a world where they see they too can make significant contributions and soar to unimaginable heights. The reciprocation is found in the numerous calls he gets from former students from around the world. Whenever he decides to finally stop, "Fish", as he is affectionately called, will leave a legacy of a highly respected difference maker who shuns but deserves significant recognition in a profession that sometimes discounts those like him who have been a testament to effective dedication, influential and uncompromising guidance. It is with great honor and distinct privilege that I render my complete confidence in his nomination. Mr Fisher truly defines the rationale of the LifeChanger of the Year!

Alaina Criner Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege of working with Mr. Willie Fisher for two years now and how grateful I am. He truly has the gift of helping others and de-escalating situations. He is a positive role model in our school community and a fine example! I am very blessed to work with an individual like Mr. Willie Fisher. He truly is an asset to our school, our community, and is well respected by so many! What an outstanding honor for him and it is well-deserved!

richard guaraldi Posted over a year ago

Mr. Fisher is a great administrator and teacher. Someone has to look out for the Children of Clark County and that someone is Mr. Willie Fisher. Too often, one hears about teachers and administrators talking bad about the children; especially, when a child make a mistake--then that person is literally thrown under the bus throughout the years in school. Mr Fisher is trying to remedy that stigma. It is not easy being a teacher, but it is easy to forget about the children. Mr. Fisher does not forget.

Robert bush Posted over a year ago

Fish is a gift to the youth of the city and many lives will be changed due to his efforts.

Debbie Bush Posted over a year ago

Mr Fisher thank you for your servanthood. Your a Man of God Caring Loving You Make a Difference in the lives of Children and all that you meet. You are a wild bad drummer. Great husband. FUNNY AND SERIOUS. YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL LIFE CHANGER. DEDICATED FOCUSED REAL

Carla Kelly Posted over a year ago

Mr. Fisher is a devoted educator and administrator to everyone who has had the honor of working with him. He goes above and beyond for everyone. His relationship with parents is held at a high level of respect but also makes himself approachable. I have observe Mr. Fisher calm a storm between two 5th grade students that I’m sure no one else could have change the outcome from negative to positive. I am proud to know Mr. Fisher as an administrator and a positive role model.

Tamyra Donelson Posted over a year ago

It was a honor and privilege to work with such a phenomenal leader who went above and beyond for the students in which we love! Mr. Fisher was always available to guide and support!

Larry A. Parker Posted over a year ago

Mr.Fisher has a gift to open minds to want to learn with a winning spirit in heart

Rosemary LeeJohnson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Fisher and I were neighbors when we grew up as middle to high schoolers . Great to see hi still being that kind giving person he always was . Whoever nominated him did a great job . He deserves this and more ! Good to see you ( Rosemary Burrage) your friend .

George Ilgenfritz Posted over a year ago

Dr. Fisher is a magnificent educational leader. He is inspirational to staff, students, and parents. But what makes him unique and wonderful is his extraordinary faith and belief in all the members of his educational community.

Teresa and Larry Crawford Posted over a year ago

To whom it may concern: We can not think of an individual who is more deserving of such a recognition than Mr. Willie Fisher. We are thrilled he is being considered! We have been and remain close friends with Mr. Willie Fisher for over 25 years. Mr. Fisher has continually supported, cared for, guided, and been a role model for all youth. He has a unique ability to disarm even the toughest child. He gains trust of each child through his genuine concern and caring guidance. We have also personally witnessed young people approaching Mr. Fisher at various concerts and events wanting to thank him for his help in turning their life around and directing them to more positive life and career choices. Mr. Fisher's passion and love of music and teaching has also allowed him to connect with youth of every age! One would think that at a certain point in his life the weight of caring for each and every child would become too heavy, but not for Willie! He still strives for and pursues excellence for all the youth in his life! Mr. Fisher continues to work diligently in the fields he has so loved all these years, teaching, music, and influencing our youth to be a part of creating a better tomorrow! Thank you for all you do Mr. Willie Fisher!

Jerome Gates Posted over a year ago

Willie Fisher, is a man of the highest caliber and has spent his entire life in educating kids! He is necessary and needed by our society and children especially our blacks kids who need a positive roll model! He is one of the few men to share his life and values with those he's never met!

Martel Calhoun Posted over a year ago

I went to HighSchool with Willie Fisher he was a great person a great friend and he was a great asset to the city of Seattle and Garfield High School I'm really jealous that he's in Las Vegas now because he could be here helping our students but he is a great nomination you guys are lucky to have him

Glenn Norris Posted over a year ago

There is not a more caring person in the school system then Mr. Willie Fisher jr he has worked his way through the educational system and it helped a lot of kids suceedall I can say is good things about this man he’s a very caring person

Joelle Mills Posted over a year ago

I had the privilege of working with Mr. Fisher a few years ago. He was my music teacher. Last year he was promoted to become the Assistant Principal at Matt Kelly ES. Mr. Fisher truly cares about his students, staff, and school community. He always strives to make his student's lives better, both academically and socially. He is so positive and caring! I often reach out to him for professional advice, and I appreciate that he takes time to listen and offer assistance based on his many years of experience. Mr. Fisher is an example of what being an educator and a leader is all about.

Catherine Hoye Posted over a year ago

Congratulation Mr. Fisher on the Life Changer of the Year Nomination. Mr. Fisher possess all of the qualities necessary to make positive changes in the life of teachers and students. He is a "People person", always making himself available in the classroom, on the playground, in the cafeteria and other areas of the school campus to provide help.. He makes a special effort to get to know the students and teachers, always saying hello and treating everyone with respect. He treats each child fairly, always encouraging them to do their best. If a teacher is struggling with a particular issue or group of kids, Mr. Fisher is there to provide support and to help them develop more successful strategies. Mr. Fisher is making an impact in the lives of students that will follow them throughout their lives.

Keith Williams Posted over a year ago

I have know Mr. Fisher for over 20 years. In a business and social capacity. I know he is dedicated to education and serving his community. I witnessed him changing the culture of one the poorest performing schools in the district. He turned the attitude of the students around to believe they could achieve success. Turned the sports program around to one of respectability by hiring quality people to coach and quality teachers. He is supportive of small businesses in the community he serves in. Where ever Mr. Fisher is there is there is going to harmony and peace and no nonsense. He is a genuine person from my experience with him.

NAVFE TERRY Posted over a year ago

Mr. Fisher has been changing my life for nearly 30 years. You will never find a more dedicated teacher or administrator anywhere who still teaches his life lessons to everyone he meets.

Robert L. Lyons Posted over a year ago

Mr Willie L.Fisher, aka (Fish). From Childhood to Adulthood. I've known the Fish since we were five years old, still keep in touch no matter what. This is my other brother of another, God knows. Our family is very close, my parents and his parents made it that away. Fish started playing music a year before I did. We both played the drums. His parents bought his first drum set, which was from Sears and Robucks. He was still in elementary school. Some days after school you could walk pass their house on 21st and Spruce, on the corner hearing Fish playing those drums. His parents would have him practicing for about an hour or two, making sure you practice before you went out to play with others. Fish was in a band with my cousins and they were still in elementary school. When they moved to 19th Spruce, about the fourth house from the block. By then he was in Junior High, after school you go pass the house and in the back of the house you heard the Fish, kicking on those drums. In Junior High School, we were in Band and Orchestra, he would sometime go and get on the teacher stand and conduct the class, that when I notice that he wanted to be a master of music. In High School, we were in the Marching Band and Orchestra, Fish was the Lead in the drum section. We had some good times, it was fun especially our Senior year of High School. Fish was also our High School Senior President, business looking and very serious. Will still never parted, Fish went to Southern University, but we still stayed in touch. He told me that he wanted to work in Education, helping children, teaching. I agreed with him, I know him. Being a leader was what he want to be, and he is, if you know him. Children are who he care about the most, educating then and guiding them. Fish talks to me about some of his feeling for the children. My daughter and her friends stated how much they liked Mr. Fisher as their Principal at Hazen High School. Fish, not only as a very close friend and brother. Just knowing you, I nominate you as Life Changer of the Year. Congratulations, Love ya.

Stephanie Nisaa Lippai Smith Posted over a year ago

Congratulations my dear friend. You are certainly deserving of this award. The children are blessed to have you.

Rev. Judy Ann Young Posted over a year ago

Mr. Fisher is a positive, loving man of impeccable character & integrity. To see him working with children restores my faith in humankind. Mr. Fisher is definitely both human & kind! I wish there were more like him. Congratulations on living a purpose driven life

Geraldine Smith Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Principle Fisher on your 40 years in Education!

Sandra young Posted over a year ago

Congratulations cousin, I'm so happy for you may God continue to bless you and all that you do Love you much!!

ADRIEL Paine Posted over a year ago


Albert Franklin Posted over a year ago

I have known willie, since we both were in grade school. Always driven, goal oriented. Good parents, firm upbringing. An achiever, the kind of person who stays with it, to finish. Yep, a Lifechanger

Ken Curl Posted over a year ago

This is the man that changes lives for the better

Mary Kaplan Posted over a year ago

Fish, God Bless you for trying to help children develop their potential and therefore bring rewarding and happy futures for the coming generations!! Wow! How great are you!!

Kevin Estes Posted over a year ago

I've been an educator for over 35 years. During that time, I've worked in multiple schools and numerous districts. I calculate that during my career I've worked under nearly 40 building administrators. Willie's ability among the best that I've worked with. None displayed the combination of integrity, accountability and empathy more than Willie. When it came to making sure a school meets the needs of its students and staff, no one was more insightful or reliable than Willie Fisher. If he called, I would go to work for him again in a heartbeat. He should be applauded for his work and more than deserves every accolade that comes his way. He is the model to which any person new to school administration should look in order to understand how best to be effective for students and staff in that position. Willie. It's great to read about your nomination. You deserve to be recognized for your work. In 35 years as an educator who's work under almost 40 administrators, you were definitely one of the most effective. I really appreciated working with you and would do so again in a heartbeat if offered the opportunity. Many of the other administrators I've worked under could have learned much from you. Again, congratula

Veronica Savino Posted over a year ago

I know "Fish" through his wife Rheda. As a retired teacher myself, I can see he loves "his Kids" We had a shoe drive for the students and he so appreciated what we collected.

Wilson Jones Posted over a year ago

Mr. Fisher has always been an inspiration to young people, I remember when I started working at the 19th Ave Rotary Boys Club in Seattle, Wa. he was one of the outstanding young members and student leaders who was always providing encouragement and support to the younger members of the club.

Ted Hanlon Posted over a year ago

It is doubtful that any other nominee is more deserving than Willie Fisher for this award. Having known "Fish" personally for a number of years, I have witnessed first hand his dedication to education, his approachable demeanor, his humility, his grateful attitude, his ambition toward excellence, the way he listens to others and encourages them, among other traits. Willie is the type of teacher that we all wish we could have had in school. Congratulations on your nomination Willie and I can only hope that the judges are as fortunate as I have been to witness what a great mentor you are.

Rodney Crawford Posted over a year ago

Mr. Willie Fisher or “Fish” as we affectionately call him has been a great influence in my life as a teacher and exceptional as a friend. He instilled in me and our entire class to don’t just settle, always give your best and I continue to this day to use or refer this as a guide to those who seem to be in my shoes at their early age. As a musician he gave me my very first studio experience and all of those involved in the recording continue to speak great things of the “ teacher who cared”. No one that I can think of deserves this acknowledgement more than Willie Fisher and I hope you will truly consider him for this prestigious honor!

Rheda Fisher Posted over a year ago

Willie "FISH" Fisher is truly "one of a kind". His passion and love for children and his community is what drives him to get up EVERY Monday - Friday after 40 years as an educator and give a little bit more. Not only does he give, listen and care for his students', he equally displays the same to his staff, parents and community. He is was just nominated and excepted the position of Vice President of the African American Heritage Club and is bringing new and exciting ideas to enhance the already innovative, diverse, cultured 55+ community where he and his wife lives. Fish attended Southern University University through a Music Scholarship as a drummer where he received a Master of Science Degree in Education (on the advise of his father to ALL WAYS have something to fall back-on because music pays only sometimes). He left school a few times chasing "the dream" to become famous through drumming. After being stiffed on gigs after drumming all night, he returned to school to complete his education and become the person he is today. He told me a story once about a parent he ran in to from a school he left. The parent told him that his son had to be placed in therapy after he left. He has students who are now grown with their own child who call him just to check-in and say hi. Willie "FISH" Fisher deserves this nomination. I am his wife, I see first hand the long hours he puts in. Is he tired? YES, does he think about retirement? YES, is he faced with daily challenges that come with the position of being as Assistant Principal? YES and yet he returns to the school, the staff, the students and to the community.