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Joline Pettit

Position: Eighth Grade English Teacher
School: Momence Junior High School
School District: Momence Community Unit School District #1
City, State: Momence, IL

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Joline Pettit was nominated by one of her students.

"When talking about Ms. Pettit, LifeChanger doesn't even begin to express how truly amazing she is," explained the student. "I had her in the seventh grade as my English teacher. I knew her for a few years before I actually had her as a teacher, though, because she was my cousin's teacher and she was in our school, so I spoke with her every once in a while walking past her."

Ms. Pettit is a very energetic and peppy teacher. She is always bringing everyone else up and is extremely caring. Her number one saying is: "I Can. I Will. I Must." Ms. Pettit also isn't one to give up on anyone. No matter what, she will always stick by your side. Ms. Petit prepares you for life in high school. She's one of those people who pushes you so hard just because she cares that much.

"Ms. Pettit continues to help me on homework, listens to my problems, and helps me make the best decisions," said Metz. "She's a LifeChanger who can make you feel like you can change the world yourself. She touches each child's heart and has never failed to make someone smile!"