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Sarah Martin

Position: School Nurse
School: Welborn Elementary School
School District: Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools
City, State: Kansas City , KS

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Sarah Martin was nominated by her principal, Collette Chaney.

Ms. Martin is concerned about the health of everyone in her building. She provides teachers and staff with advice, knowledge, and feedback. She has taken those who are struggling to health care facilities and appointments, even on her own time. Ms. Martin follows up with them and makes sure they are okay.  She has so much on her plate with caring for over 540 students, yet she still takes time for staff.

Ms. Martin loves her students and their families. She also provides them with advice, support, and understanding. She takes them to appointments on her own time. Instead of judging them, she teaches them about student health and well-being. Parents know they can go to her with problems about their child because she is so caring and kind.  

"Sarah supports us with her knowledge," said Chaney. "She teaches all of us how to care for ourselves and our students.  We don't always know what is going on with a child, and she suggests supports that will be the most beneficial. We could not do this work without her. She is a game changer!"