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Tyasia Mosley

Position: School Nurse
School: Lagos Elementary School
School District: Manor Independent School District
City, State: Manor, TX

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Tyasia Mosley was nominated by her colleague, Melanie Griffin-Hamlin.

Ms. Mosley left the private sector this year to begin her career as a school nurse. She has already made a mark and impact on her students. She truly puts in the time and energy to make sure that school health is priority.

"Our school is fairly new, and after five years and a new nurse each year, Nurse Mosley is truly amazing," said Griffin-Hamlin. "We know that she loves her job and our students love her. During a time when educators and health care workers are being pulled on so heavily, it is a blessing to have people in the right position for a time such as this."

Comments (14)

Shamaine Greene Posted 3 days ago

Tyasia is the most hardest-working, compassionate, attentive, loving person I have ever met. She’s goes above and beyond with everything she does! I pray she wins because she deserves it !!! ????

Khadijah Carpenter Posted 4 days ago

Tyasia is a consummate professional, there is no job too big or too small for her, as she gives her all in everything she does! Her students and staff are lucky to have her.

Crystal Wilmot Posted 4 days ago

Glad you are rocking out at your new job...keep up the good work.

Wanda Carpenter Posted 5 days ago


Endia Posted 5 days ago

Tyasia is such a wonderful person and wonderful nurse . She really dedicated are time and energy into what she does .

Brooke E Kuykendall Posted 5 days ago

Tyasia is a fantastic nurse, person, and mother! She is a strong, intelligent role model. What a blessing it was to work with her in the past!

Francine walden Posted 5 days ago

I know you’re awesome. I raised you to be the best and do your best in any giving situation. Congratulations on your new journey, we all appreciate you. I love you.

KRISTI WILLIAMS Posted 5 days ago

I’ve know Tyasia for years and I’ve had the pleasure of working with her and to call he a friend. Tyasia has always been the type of woman to go above and beyond the call. She always takes pride in her work and those she works with. She is one of the most compassionate and loving people I know and she does it without recognition it’s just who she is. She is very deserving of this award and I’m so happy for her.

Shadran Barnes Posted 5 days ago

Not only is she a great nurse but she is also a great person!!

Denise Posted 5 days ago

You are such a professional and lovely person!

Teri Rodela Posted 5 days ago

Tyasia is such an asset to any organization! She’s a knowledgeable, hard worker and a pleasure to work with. It’s such a joy to see her recognized!

Victoria Hall Posted 5 days ago

Congratulations Tyasia! You always go above and beyond to help when someone is in need. You are definitely a life changer and a life saver. Continue to leave your mark on the world and influence the youth that health matters. The children are the future and I know they are in great hands in your presence.

LaShonda Edwards Posted 5 days ago

Tyasia Mosley is and have always been a blessing to others… I met her on a covid travel assignment in 2020 and she was the heart of our group… Motivated us and kept us all going in the most darkest moments… Her switching over to help take care of our children is such a blessing and I am so happy that they received an amazing nurse to join their team… Thank you Tyasia Mosley for everything that you do…

Ola Odunaike-Cherry Posted 5 days ago

I have known Tyasia for years and she is one of the most dedicated hardworking person I know. She cares about people and this is why she is a nurse. She has served our country and a Soldier and continues to serve. I can't think of anyone else more deserving than Tyasia. I hope you win Tyasia!!! Good luck!