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Maxine Pare

Position: School Nurse
School: Sebasticook Valley Elementary School
School District: Regional School Unit #19
City, State: Newport, ME

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Maxine Pare was nominated by her principal, Laura Donahue, as well as her district’s facilities director, Licia Goodridge. The following profile contains information from both nominations.

“To say that Maxine Pare is a LifeChanger is not an exaggeration,” said Donahue. “Having spent part of her life serving our country, we are honored to now have her serving as a member of our RSU 19 staff. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and dependable.”

Ms. Pare’s cool head and ability to act quickly in emergency situations have helped countless students. She knows all of the students who attend her school by name, and she checks in with all of the classrooms each morning while doing rounds. When asking students what three words they would use to describe Ms. Pare, the majority of them would say she’s helpful, nice, and funny.

At the professional level, Ms. Pare is a forward thinker who proactively starts each year with renewals of MOU's with MD offices, as well as inspections of equipment. She is a life-long learner who submits certificates with credit hours monthly.  She investigates and stays abreast of the most recent information on pandemics, immunization information, and other health concerns for her district.

“Her daily self evaluations are rigorous. I believe she goes home each night and asks herself ‘What could I have done better today,’” said Goodridge.

Due to the added complications of the coronavirus, Ms. Pare spends countless hours after school, on the weekends, and in the evenings contact tracing. She has reacted to calls from staff throughout the RSU (8 towns) for testing and guidance in personal care. She responds to everyone who needs her at all hours of the day and night. Her unwavering dedication to keeping everyone safe is known throughout the RSU to staff and residents. She strives to keep everyone she comes in contact with safe and healthy. 

Ms. Pare is an active, respected member of her community and is frequently seen outside of school walking her dog and visiting with others while out and about. She attends nearly every school board, education, pandemic, and finance committee meeting held in her school district.

Ms. Pare is seen as a leader among nurses, both within and outside of her school district, and she’s frequently asked for advice and guidance. Each year, she helps support and organize her district’s flu clinics and leads many CPR and first aid trainings. Additionally, she feverishly takes on student nurses to share her wealth of knowledge and show them skills that she has acquired over the last 40+ years.  

Ms. Pare is also a major factor in her school’s ability to keep its doors open during this pandemic. She helps ensure that mandates are followed and that teachers are clear about the guidelines and protocols to help keep students safe and the doors open. In short - she’s not just a school nurse. She's a sensitive healthcare professional who wants to help everyone around her, both in and out of work.

“We feel so fortunate at Sebasticook Valley Elementary School to have Maxine as a member of our staff,” said Donahue.

“Maxine has a vibrant character and is a delight to everyone who knows her,” said Goodridge. “She wants the world to be better and is doing her part in her space, every day!”

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Comments (2)

Ann Sullivan Posted 5 days ago

Maxine works hard every day to keep us all safe. She is a great co-worker and we frequently collaborate together regarding student physical and emotional wellness. Maxine participates on our Student Intervention Team and helps develop individual plans to support students to be successful at school. She's an important part of this team as often her "customers" are in need of more than the frequent band aids they ask her to administer. She knows that those visits are often tied to social/emotional needs that are not being met. She is a very strong positive influence in our school and in her community outside of school, gathering clothing for school for kids in need and checking on her neighbors to make sure they are doing well.

Brittany Levesque Posted 6 days ago

Maxine goes above and beyond daily to make sure students have a safe space and parents are comfortable. She has gone above and beyond with my family making sure to come pick up medicine for my child from home when i had no vehicle. She has paid for medicine out of her own pocket as well! She really is amazing