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Pam Cleveringa

Position: District Nurse
School: Ephrata School District
School District: Ephrata School District
City, State: Ephrata, WA

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Pam Cleveringa was nominated by one of her colleagues.

"Pam is a LifeChanger for sure! She not only does her job, but is a critical component of our leadership team. When Pam speaks, the whole team listens (she is E.F. Hutton)," said her nominator.

Ms. Cleveringa is a person of the utmost character. As such, she's trusted at every level/aspect of the community, not just the district. It is not uncommon for community members to call her at home for personal and/or professional advice. School board members call her personally and frequently request that she speak at board meetings.

"Pam puts in long hours at the expense of herself, her kids, and her husband. When I beg, press, request, and suggest that she go home, take time off, or come in late, she comments that she cannot because her community needs her right now. I can only stand in amazement," said her nominator. "Pam is so humble!  When assistance is offered, when coffee cards and complements come, and so on, Pam will seek me out to say, 'I hope everyone is getting this same love because I know everyone is working their butts of too.

Ms. Cleveringa has a co-champion in Shellie Hansen, who has also been nominated for LifeChanger of the Year. Together, they are a team! Some specific activities that these ladies have engaged in beyond their "normal" school nursing duties include:

  • starting a drive-up COVID testing program;
  • volunteering, on their own time, countless times at community vaccination clinics;
  • contributing to the review and adoption of the district's sexual education policy, procedures, and curriculums;
  • being the heart and soul of the health and safety team;
  • regularly participating in regional Zoom meetings;
  • working directly with the health officer and department; and
  • putting together the vaccinate/terminate/exemption documentation and Google Form.

Ms. Cleveringa and Ms. Hansen are others-oriented, believable, trusted, sought out, consistent, hardworking, and committed. They are that good.

"These two ladies embody all that is good and right in the human spirit," said the nominator. "They are poster people for what it looks like to love and empty yourself for the good/benefit of others."