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Celeste Babiarz

Position: School Nurse
School: H.O. Brittingham Elementary School
School District: Cape Henlopen School District
City, State: Milton, DE

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Celeste Babiarz was nominated by her assistant principal, Equetta Jones.

"Nurse B is an example of bravery and endurance. She dedicates countless hours to ensure that our scholars are happy, healthy, and safe," explains Jones. "Her professionalism, fortitude, and readiness to do her job is revealed over and over again. During this pandemic, there have been many ups and downs, yet she has stayed the course and endured through a world of constant change."

School nurses are so often forgotten heroes. Nurse B can tell by simply looking at a child or staff member if they are getting sick and need to go back home (“sorry, but bye”). She can also tell when a scholar is trying to fake being sick to get out of class (“I think we can handle this here”). She coordinates with parents and the school to make sure sick students get what they need to get better and back in the classroom (“just checking in…”). Nurse B fixes minor injuries that happen to students (bumps, scrapes, and boo boos) so teachers can tend to the rest of their class (“Let’s wash it off and make it better”).

"Most importantly, she looks out for our scholars and puts their best interests first," said Jones. "Whether she's intervening if she suspects something is happening at home, or just listening when a child needs someone to talk to, Nurse B is there. Saying thank you is great, but will never repay her for the time and dedication that she puts forth daily! Let’s hear it for our HOB nurse!"

Comments (11)

MARY LOU WARREN Posted over a year ago

So proud of my good friend & nurse colleague! Celeste, when we first met many years ago as office nurses in family practice, we quickly became friends & together learned the value of teamwork. I am certain that I became a better nurse from my time working with you. You have so much knowledge & compassion - as we know, both are great traits for nurses! Your upbeat personality & your insight really allow you to connect with children & adults from all walks of life. You are always willing to learn new things & go the extra mile . When schools were closed or remote due to COVID, you were out there doing COVID testing. I have always been able to depend on you , both personally and professionally . I know how dedicated you are to the staff & students at HOB Elementary, (many days working well beyond your normal hours). They are so fortunate to have you as their school nurse. Many of your students have needs beyond medical issues, and I know they can find that love & attention when they come to Nurse B! Congratulations Celeste for this well-deserved nomination!

Jacki Schell Posted over a year ago

CONGRATULATIONS CELESTE! You are an amazing nurse and best friend to my mama. Growing up I never wanted anyone else to administer my shots because you were so good at it. Thank you for your commitment to caring for so many others for so many years and sharing your passion for nursing. I will always remember the times you have been there for me.

Cathy Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to an outstanding and dedicated nurse! I am so proud to have worked with Celeste! She is a true professional!

Susan Hoffmann Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Celeste. Thank you for modeling best practice in school nursing!

Anna Miller Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Celeste. Such a well deserved nomination

June E Taylor,RN, MS Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to this nurse and her administrator ??. I agree that nurses are often forgotten for their leadership and dedication to their profession.

Shelley Bridge Posted over a year ago

Congratulations from DSNA! You are a true leader and represent the Delaware school nurses well!

SUZANNE MARIE MANSI Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination Celeste!

Mark Steigerwalt Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Celeste!!!! So worthy of this nomination. You have always been there when needed and continue to help empower the school nurses of our district. Thank you for all you do.

Marcy DeEmedio Posted over a year ago

Very well deserved nomination Celeste! You inspire all of the Cape Henlopen School District nurses and we are so lucky to have you in our group!! Thanks for always sharing your wisdom!!

Celeste Babiarz, RN Posted over a year ago

I feel so blessed to have been nominated for this very special recognition. Many thanks to Ms. jones, our assistant principal at school.