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Rose Gulbranson

Position: Behavior Intervention Specialist
School: Jordan Middle School
School District: Jordan Public Schools
City, State: Jordan, MN

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Rose Gulbranson was nominated by her colleague, Chelsey Meyer.

"Rose Gulbranson embodies the title 'LifeChanger' in all that she does. I tell her as often as I can that she is the most thoughtful person I have ever met, and that extends to everything she does," explains Meyer. 

Ms. Gulbranson was previously a fifth grade mathematics teacher. She has worked as an educator since 2002 and is always striving to be better.

"When my time began as the counselor here at the middle school, I was always in awe of Rose's ability to reach students from all walks of life. Whether they were struggling or had it 'easy,' kids learned an immense amount from Rose," said Meyer. "Her zest and love of learning inspires students to be their best. She has since moved into the role of behavior specialist here at the middle school, so now, I get to work very closely along side her. This role was made for Rose, as her ability to connect with students who are making poor choices at school while teaching them life lessons amazes me."

Students are drawn to Ms. Gulbranson, especially students who have trauma in their history. That's because she sees them as a whole person, not just the behaviors they may display. It is such a fine line to be in a role where you are discussing consequences and negative actions while also making students feel loved, seen, and heard. Ms. Gulbranson does that. 

As far as being a colleague and friend goes, Ms. Gulbranson is the best of the best. She is the most comical person who is able to make light and fun of every situation, even situations that may embarrass her. Everyone knows that they can go to her for anything because she is loyal, genuine, honest, and will always follow through. Her ability to listen fully with her heart, even when there are a million things going on, is greatly admirable. She is constantly checking in on people's personal lives, either by calling/texting them or stopping by their house.

"Speaking from my own personal experience (and she does this for so many others), Rose is always thinking about my family and my personal life and checking in with me," said Meyer. "We had a loss in my family this past summer, and I truly don't know how I would have gotten through it without Rose's constant support (phone calls, meals, check-ins, small gifts). She even drove three hours to be at the funeral with my family. It's incredible what she does for others."

"We had a colleague pass away from an eight-year battle with breast cancer this past August," said Meyer. "Rose stayed at this colleague's house and was a pillar for her family during that time. She is a leader, nurturer, mentor, caregiver, friend, confidant, and many other things to so many people. The best part is that she truly, genuinely cares for everyone that she knows. There is nothing 'fake' about her thoughtfulness." 

"To summarize, Rose is the most incredible person I know," said Meyer. "My colleagues, friends, community, and especially students at Jordan Middle School would echo this sentiment. She deserves to be recognized for being a LifeChanger."

Comments (86)

Emma Posted 5 days ago

Mrs. Gulbranson was my 5th grade math teacher as well as my mentor teacher my senior year of high school during my introduction to Education course. People like her are the reason I am pursuing my teaching career. She is the perfect fit for this award and has always been a favorite of mine.

Misty tanner Posted 6 days ago

Rose has one of the biggest hearts I know! She cares deeply and works incredibly hard to do whatever she needs to do to further education, inspire, and make a difference in everyone’s life to those around her. ??

Annette Yoraway Posted 7 days ago

My sister, Rose is amazing. Since she was 3 or 4 years old, we had always known that she would be a teacher. Her imagination, talent, drive, passion, compassion and sense of joy in watching her students succeed is contagious and admirable. It leads others to strive to be their best too. So proud of my sis and what she has achieved. Looking forward to witnessing her future and where her abilities and gifts take her.

Mary Sawatzky Posted 7 days ago

Positive, supportive, great energy, deserving!

Stephanie Diebel Posted 7 days ago

Rose is one of my favorite teachers I ever had. She is such an amazing person in my life! She is everything I would hope to be as a mom and a friend!

Barbara Sheplee Posted 7 days ago

Ms Gulbranson truly exemplifies a professional in all aspects. An innovative developer of curriculum, she sets high standards for students and shares her sense of humor that sets a comfortable learning environment. She has a listening ear which allows for students, parents, and co-workers to be valued. More importantly, she has a gift of encouragement, patience, and kindness.

Randy Posted 7 days ago

Rose has always been the type of person to put others needs ahead of her own. She is constantly looking for ways to help others and make their lives better.

Alicia Blackstad Posted 7 days ago

Rose is a great mentor, friend, colleague, and teacher. She shows love and kindness to everyone she meets. Her school would not be the same without her. She brings so much positivity to anywhere she goes. Students and colleagues are so lucky to have her.

Matthew Helgerson Posted 7 days ago

Rose is full of infectious energy which lifts up everyone around her. She has this way about her that makes people smile and enjoy being in the same room. She gives so much of herself without strings attached. Rose is genuine and makes this world a better place!

Emily Randolph Posted 7 days ago

Before Rose was a behavioral intervention specialist, she was an excellent math teacher. I never had the privilege of having her as a math teacher, but she was my advisory teacher for my fifth grade year. She made the chaotic transition from the elementary school to the middle school a comfortable experience for me, and I cannot thank her enough for how she helped my confidence grow during my fifth grade year. As a senior in high school, I am so grateful for all of the skills Rose taught me as they have helped me to develop into the person and student I am today.

Dasha Bondarenko Posted 7 days ago

Mrs. Gulbranson was absolutely the best teacher ever!!! She made my roughest years better. And to be honest now that I’m in high school I miss her dearly. I miss her crazy, awesome, and overall funny personality. She made school fun for me. Even when it wasn’t. I’m personally lucky to have had her for two years once in 5th grade and in a bit of 7th & 8th.

Megan Pivec Posted 7 days ago

Rose is the best! She never hesitate to help in any way:)

Mary Sawatzky Posted 7 days ago

Upbeat, positive, super passionate. Life changer - absolutely!

Anna Pederson Posted 7 days ago

Rose is an amazing person with a genuine heart! She embodies many qualities such as her kindness and caring heart that shine through. She is a life saver abs has helped me through and been there for me during challenging times.

Heidi Graf Posted 7 days ago

Rose- This describes you perfectly. You are a life changer for everyone who meets you...student, coworker or friend. You go! We are so lucky to have you in our district.

Heather Davis Posted 15 days ago

Rose is amazing! She is an outstanding teacher, mom and friend!

Carolyn Mager Posted 22 days ago

Rose is someone I’ve had the privilege of knowing since I was a young child. Our parents were friends and since we lived in a smaller community, we’d see each other in school and spend time together in 4-H. Even though Rose was several years older than me and closer in age to my older sister, she always treated me with respect and kindness and never treated me like the “annoying little sister.” Rose is kind, she’s strong, she stands up for her beliefs and always wishes for the underdog to win. Her laughter is infectious and you find yourself wanting to be where she is. I’ve never been able to witness her first-hand in her profession, but it’s easy to see how her amazing attributes shine through to all the students and colleagues she surely helps. Rose is a true day brightener and if that’s not a LifeChanger, I don’t know what is. The world needs more Roses ?? (no pun intended). ??

Kristi Roberts Posted 22 days ago

Rose is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. She is always thinking of how to give other people that one little thing that will make them smile. Smiling is what she does best. She can make anyone she meets smile and laugh. I admire her ability to walk into a room and be the person everyone remembers. She has a unique quality to remember details. Those details make others feel connected to her. Life changer is the perfect award for Rose. She changed my life 22 years ago when we became roommates in college. She hasn’t left my side since. She is forever a part of my life and I am beyond thankful for that.

Joan Dresow Posted 23 days ago

I was blessed to be part of Rose's teaching career from the start as she was a student teacher in my fourth grade classroom almost twenty years ago. She may have picked up a few teaching tricks from me, but I was the lucky one who got to witness the magic of Rose: her infectious personality, her kind and giving heart, her strong work ethic, her compassionate, empathetic nature, and her genuine love for all people. She was then hired as a teacher in Jordan where she has continued to inspire her students by making them feel important and cared about. Through the years Rose has been a "go to" person when people need advice or someone to listen. She is never too busy to lend a helping hand. She has been an incredibly loyal friend and colleague who can always be counted on. A true life changer!

Kathy Brown Posted 28 days ago

This is so incredible and honoring of you! You are so deserving of this award because you exemplify all these beautiful qualities in your personal life as well as professionally. I'm so proud of you,and happy for you for this incredible honor. It's evident that you are truly making a difference in students lives for a lifetime. Congratulations on your nomination!

Michael Mangone Posted 28 days ago

The improved classroom culture I've noticed over the last few years can be wholly attributed to Rose. The work she is currently doing with my students helps them maintain their social and emotional health, which, in turn, allows me to better meet my students' needs. In the past, the process of forming a relationship with my students would be consuming, but because of the work Rose is doing, my students have a better grip of their social and emotional state, and a classroom culture can be equitably established so learning can commence.

Rose Johnson Posted 29 days ago

Rose has grown students that love math in the past, and she is now in a role of building stronger community by developing student independent skills, self-advocacy, and character. She is a mover and a shaker and definitely a life changer.

Megan C Posted 29 days ago

Rose is the most genuine and compassionate person my child and I have had the pleasure to work with. Rose really takes the time to listen and understand what children and families are going through. Rose sees the kids for who they really are, deep down, and that can and does mean the world to a child and a childs family. It is great to have that one person, that one resource that I can put my full confidence into when it comes to my childs care at school. It is very reassuring to know that Rose has our back while still holding kids accountable. Rose is far from a doormat but she always come from a place of love. Rose's intentions and efforts and every day attitude are truly genuine and her love is always felt. We appreciate and love you Rose! Thank you for everything you do for us!

Ashley Hyatt Posted 29 days ago

Rose is such an amazing person! She is always thinking of others and is constantly doing random acts of kindness.

Nikki Elliott Posted 29 days ago

I don't know if there are enough words to express or explain how amazing Rose is. In my first year of teaching, she was tasked with being my mentor. Seven years later, I continue to rely on her wisdom and guidance. She challenges students and colleagues but in a way that helps them grow and learn. She is beyond dedicated to helping us all be the best version of ourselves. Jordan Middle School is lucky to have her as a staff member and I am lucky to have her as my friend.

Gina Goehring Anderson Posted 29 days ago

Rose is truly amazing! She is always thinking of others and follows through with acts of kindness. She goes above and beyond to help our staff, students and our community. Whether organizing a triple wedding shower or baby gifts or staying after school to help her students with their homework or paying for a pizza party for her class or picking up something from Goodwill for you just because, no act of kindness is too big or small for her and she is always there when you need it. I am lucky to know her and call her a friend. We love you, Rose!

Tiffany Ogren Posted 29 days ago

Being new to the Jordan School District, Rose has gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome, comfortable and a part of the Jordan team! Despite her being busy and wearing multiple hats around school, she always finds time to answer questions and make me laugh! During my short time with the district it is apparent Rose is a valued team member and adored. Rose is a kind-spirited, selfless and gentle human being!

Kelly Kochlin Posted 30 days ago

Rose is an amazing person who is really fun to be around. She is full of life and she makes me laugh every day! She is also very kind, generous and caring. I am so lucky to have her in our office ~ she makes it fun!

Brenda Pittman Posted 1 months ago

Rose is a strong woman, powerful in her care and compassion to those around her. The joy our maker instilled in her glows forth in her smile, laughter, relationships, humor. She lights up my day, whether with a text or a call. She is a life long learner, constantly seeking truth and helping others to find it in themselves. Life changer is truly a fitting description for Rose. The recognition, right on!

Jamie Glover Posted 1 months ago

Words cannot describe the amazing heart, constant work, and dedication that Rose has for the students families and coworkers she serves. Rose goes above and beyond in every area of her job. The connections she forms and the genuine care and love she has for every student she works with is so apparent and extremely inspiring to me as her colleague. Rose lights up the room when she walks in and she has a talent for pulling out the light within everyone she touches. Rose is a true gift to the Jordan School District and I feel blessed to work with her and to call her my friend.

Sharon Fix Posted 1 months ago

She’s a person who can cheer a person up whenever they’re down. Very caring person, she can help them by talking about their problems their having. She can get a smile from whoever she talks to. I know that, because she calls me and it isn’t too long and she gets me laughing. She knows how to get you to relax. Rose has a very special place in my heart as she is my niece. Jordan High School is very lucky to have someone so gifted. We need more people like Rose to help young people solve some of their problems they are experiencing in life right now. Rose is so deserving of this honor. Rose will always be a life changer not just this year but all years to come!!! Love you Rosie ......Aunt Sharon. #LCOY

Larry Schmidt Posted 1 months ago

My daughter who was a colleague and close friend of Rose. She had a long battle with cancer. Rose was always there for her in more ways than I could imagine. She was so helpful to our family. She took her turn to stay with her when she couldn't be alone. Now she is very helpful to our family after my daughter's passing. She is a remarkable person.

Billie Jo Johnson Posted 1 months ago

Wow, what to say, seriously one of the most caring people I know. I worked at school with her and when I needed a little extra help with a student, she was my go to. She gives even when she is going through things of her own and may be exhausted. Her laugh resonates throughout the school in a way that makes you feel everything is going to be ok, even on your worst days. She is definitely a life changer, we have students that have moved on to high school, but still come back to the middle school to seek her out. Love you Rose!

Jaime Harmon Posted 1 months ago

I have known Rosie all my life practically and she fits the perfect depiction of a Lifechanger. You can’t meet Rose and not be impacted by her amazing personality. She is upbeat, positive and just a really fun person to be around. She has never worried about what others thought and went after her dreams! She has made such a difference in so many lives that she has touched and I am immensely proud to call her a friend. If anyone is deserving of this award she is the poster child for it.

Denise Heskin Posted 1 months ago

Rose is a gift to everyone she meets. She treats everyone In her world with dignity and respect. She is self-less and willing to sacrifice her own needs for the sake of those around her. I’m honored to call her “friend”.

Beth Borchardt Posted 1 months ago

Rose is so deserving of this! Her loyalty and willingness to be a great friend, and making others laugh and enjoy life are great qualities! Congratulations on being nominated Rose!

Roleene Roberts Posted 1 months ago

I have know Rose ever since she & my daughter were in college. She is one of the most loyal & caring people I have ever known. She throws herself wholeheartedly in to everything she does & helps everyone in whatever way she sees that they need it. A truly beautiful person, inside & out.

Deborah Marie Pauly Posted 1 months ago

Jordan Public Schools are so blessed to have Rose. She is truly a caring, dedicated person. Witnessing how she walked the journey with our staff member who passed away after a long battle with cancer was so inspiring. She is very deserving.

Amara Ledesma Posted 1 months ago

Rose , is a game changer she has helped my boys and has been patient with them showing them there is a better way by teaching them.She is very kind and sweet Thanks you Rose.

Heidi Posted 1 months ago

Rose Gulbranson is an amazing, full hearted, caring, understanding, beautiful lady, that cares so much for her students and staff. She is ALL in and a game changer in the Jordan school district.?? Jordan schools are honored to have her working in our district

Jean Wormer Posted 1 months ago

Rose is the epitome of a life changer. My special needs child entered Middle School anxious, friendless, shy, and struggling. Rose is a phenomenal teacher that took time to know him, challenge his capabilities, help connect friendships by teaching about and encouraging him to speak about his challenges to peers. She continued to connect with him in hallways and public events after he moved grades. At the end of middle school, my son stood tall and proud, excelled academically, and was able to work though difficult situations. Rose’s impact is a work of heart and a life-changer for not only my son, but hundreds of other students and families during her career. She is a huge asset to her team at school and the community she lives in and would be well deserving of this honor.

Connie Posted 1 months ago

This lady is an amazing engaged teacher. Our school and community is so lucky to have her. Each student and staff member she touches is blessed. Her giving goes beyond school and into the community too.

Rachel Short Posted 1 months ago

I have known Rose my whole life. She has always been very caring and put others first. She makes everyone feel welcome. She is deserving of this honor. She has worked hard to improve everyone’s lives around her, especially those at her school.

Holly Baker Posted 1 months ago

Although I don’t have the privilege to know you as a teacher, I know you as a person and I can’t think of anyone else more deserving… congratulations to you Rose! You are an amazing person…I can only imagine the number of lives you’ve been able to touch in your position!

Cayla Posted 1 months ago

All of what was said is true. Rose is a dedicated educator, who has refined her craft and knows how to meet students and families where they are. She expects growth but supports her students with grace and humor. Her ability to support others in their most difficult moments is what makes her an amazing friend, colleague, and community member. Also her ability to tell a story and her ability to give the best hugs make her outstanding and someone I'm lucky to call a colleague and friend.

Gina Geving Posted 1 months ago

Rose is one of those people that is hard to explain, but everyone understands. I have known her longer than I haven't now. Many of our conversations start with laughter, turn to tears and then right back to laughing. If you want an honest opinion, Rose is your gal....but be prepared because she won't sugar coat it! And that is one of the many things I love about her. I met her freshman year of college and watched her learn how to channel her love for kids into a career in teaching. Her students are truly blessed to have such a caring, wonderful, passionate person in their lives.

Lorri Komisar Posted 1 months ago

Such a sincerely good hearted person who makes sacrifices to help others. Always great energy too!

Tiffany Valle Posted 1 months ago

Rose, you continue to amaze me! You are definitely a life changer.

David Schmidt Posted 1 months ago

Rose has a Heart of Gold. So happy someone took the time to nominate her. I've never met anyone more deserving.

Krystle Posted 1 months ago

Rose, Ms. G , has the biggest heart and such a contagious attitude of love and grace! We are so thankful to have her be apart of our school and involved in our children’s life’s !

Sara Sievers Posted 1 months ago

Rose has the biggest heart I know. Her compassion for others is off the charts. Her positivity is contagious and always brightens one's day. Not only is she there for her students, but if a colleague is in need, she is the first one there. She exemplifies "life changer".

Lanae McClellan Posted 1 months ago

Rose always has a smile to share with others. I love her positive attitude!!!

Kara Breeggemann Posted 1 months ago

Thank you for all you do for your students, friends and our community.

Melissa Berte Posted 1 months ago

I met Rose through a good friend of mine. She is one of most upbeat, fun & positive people I know! This nomination is well deserved!

Beth Johnson Posted 1 months ago

Always a positive ray of sunshine. Thank you for all you do Rose for your family, school and community.

Karen antonson Posted 1 months ago

I read all the comments how to you add to it.she is so deserving of the reward

Lesley Vavra Posted 1 months ago

You are so deserving of this title. You are a caring person and put everything into your job, friends and family. Your loved by all with your charismatic personality and charm.

Dorothy Downing Posted 1 months ago

Rose, you are a blessing to your colleagues and students. You are a gift from God. Congratulations.

Vee Diebel Posted 1 months ago

Rose shines in every aspect of her life. I am honored to know her and love watching her “feed” so many. Listening to her talk about her work with students makes me smile as I watch her face light up. Love you Rose.

Arlanda Dahnert Posted 1 months ago

Thank you Rose for all your wonderful work you do at our Jordan Schools! You are amazing and always so positive! I never not see a smile on your face! You deserve this award!

Emilee Little Posted 1 months ago

Thank you for all you do to be a life changer every single day!

Ranae Evenson Posted 1 months ago

Rose is one of the most dedicated educators I’ve had the privilege to know and work with. Her passion for students is evident in all she does and she’s one of the most supportive colleagues anyone could ask for! She makes us all proud!

Sara Casey Posted 1 months ago

Very deserving!!

Cinda Smith Posted 1 months ago

Rose is a very fun and energetic teacher. She truly cares about her students.

Heather Briese Posted 1 months ago

I have had the opportunity to know Rose both as an educator to my children and a colleague. Rose always has a smile on her face and a genuine “hello, how are you?”. Her compassion and zest for life radiant daily. We in Jordan are very fortunate to have her working with our youth!

Amy Peters Posted 1 months ago

Rose is so deserving of this award. She is hard working and kind and reaches out to connect with all students.

Patty Flowers Posted 1 months ago

Jordan school is lucky to have you and I’m honored to have you as a friend!

Ashley Frideres Posted 1 months ago

Rose is the sweetest nicest person I know.

Gwen Schultz Posted 1 months ago

Rose is indeed a life changer. As a math teacher she made her lessons so fun and interactive that her students LOVED math! As a colleague Rose is always quick to support and encourage in any way she can. Rose has a sunny disposition and students know they can go to her for what they need. Rose has changed many lives over the years, but would be too humble to ever acknowledge it.

Angie Samuelson Linsmeier Posted 1 months ago

Rose has always been one of the nicest, kind, big hearted people I’ve had to pleasure to know and will always remember our softball games and her positive attitude always and knows how to put a smile on anyone’s face??

Gwen Schultz Posted 1 months ago

Rose is an amazing educator who takes the time to build relationships with her students, parents, and colleagues. Rose finds a way to get her students excited about learning and making positive decisions. Rose is the perfect choice for this award, as she has changed many lives and is too humble to acknowledge it.

Erin Hjelmeland Posted 1 months ago

Rose is a life changer to so many! She is an amazing teacher, colleague, friend, and so much more. She embodies servant leadership and constantly goes above and beyond to support those she serves. Her warm and boisterous personality welcomes everyone, and people are simply drawn to that warmth. Our students, families, teachers, staff, and entire district is beyond lucky to have Rose by our side. Thank you Rose for all that you are and all that you do.

Heather Coopman Posted 1 months ago

Thank you for all you do!

Jane Foote Posted 1 months ago

Working with Rose in our church nursery was always a joy! She brightened up the nursery with her enthusiasm to help wherever needed. She is a Life Changer because of her positive outlook on life!

Pat Schmidt Posted 1 months ago

Thank you for all the hard work you do for students, staff and families, Rose!

Lilly Gulbranson Posted 1 months ago

First and foremost, Rose is not the “life changer of the year”. She is and always will be a “life changer”. Although this title will be an honor to her, it won’t change the fact that she is one the best people in my life. Most likely Rose the best person in a lot of lives that she has come across and warmed with her big heart. This past year and every year she deserves every ounce of of being recognized for all the things she does and will continue to do. And for whatever the outcome I am so grateful that I can call her (step)Mom.

Jen Bahn Posted 1 months ago

Rose is absolutely deserving of this award! She goes above and beyond DAILY to help and give to others. The words written in this capture her perfectly. I started doing a project last year where my kids all do a report based on a Who Was Book, and I will very often get to school on a Monday and have a book or two on my desk that she found out shopping and purchased for my kids to use. She is always there to provide a smile or a laugh, and would stop what she was doing instantly if a student or friend needed her, to be there for them. On top of all she does during the school day for kids and colleagues, she's also always willing to host a shower at her home for a coworker, or plan a fun outing outside of the school day, just to continue to make people smile and make their lives brighter. She is a true gem.

Toby LaPointe Posted 1 months ago

Never have a met an educator who cares more for the children in her care. The extra effort she takes to make sure every child gets the help they need to succeed!

Sarah Fritzke Posted 1 months ago

I am not totally sure how Rose does it all, but she does! An amazing colleague, friend to all, dedicated educator, and so much spunk in her personality. Rose is truly deserving of this award.

Kris Dyrhaug Posted 1 months ago

Beautiful words! Rose has such a gift!

Stephanie Olstad Posted 1 months ago

Life changer….for sure! She is always looking for finds at Goodwill for my classroom, checking in with us about things happening in our family, and paying for the person behind her in the drive through line. All that Rose did for our colleague through her long battle with cancer was amazing! We are blessed to have Rose in our circle!

Irene Sari Posted 1 months ago

Rose has been a gem of light & stability during the loss of my daughter. I'm so fortunate to have Rose in my life today! Helping our family through a most difficult time, we have laughed and cried together. Thank you for your caring and love, you are most definately a "Life Changer"!!

Joy Posted 1 months ago

I completely agree with everything you have to say about Rose.

Lisa Ruehling Posted 1 months ago

This is exactly who Rose Gulbranson is!! A life changer for all she meets! She deserves this honor so she can see how much she means to so many! She can finally be on the receiving end.

Ansley Peters Posted 1 months ago

Rose is so deserving of these accolades! She is the definition of thoughtful and generous!

Kelly Hyer Posted 1 months ago

Rose is the best!