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John Burke

Position: School Nurse
School: Andrew Cooke Magnet School
School District: Waukegan Community Unit School District #60
City, State: Waukegan, IL

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Music that Describes John

John Burke was nominated by his colleague, Julie Ahern.

"John Burke is our dedicated and much-valued school nurse at Andrew Cooke Magnet Elementary School. He had previously been an active Cooke parent. We always have so much going on at our school, and he was a part of it. When John joined our school as a staff member, his hard work and dedication continued," said Ahern. "We have been amazed by how John has helped our school community through the COVID-19 pandemic."

Mr. Burke's days have been non-stop. He has been helping students who fall ill or need testing to return, communicating with parents, and completing an unimaginable amount of paperwork. Mr. Burke is known for keeping impeccable records and reports to keep everyone up to speed on what is going on, and he remains positive and friendly to all.

Mr. Burke has been a leader during these challenging times. He has brought extra programs to his school, including a yearly dental program and a fruit and veggie grant. Mr. Burke is also a member of the school district's COVID response team, helping to create a return plan after students and staff had been out of school for a year and a half from remote learning. 

"Thank you, John, for everything you do for our Cooke family," said Ahern.

In addition to the songs above, this tribute to nurses, called Give You a Hand, also describes John Burke.

Comments (36)

Jeanne Posted 7 months ago

Congratulations you deserve it and you look great Hope all is well with your family Nima keeps me posted on everyone congratulations again and we love you all

Kevin J. Burke Posted 7 months ago

I could not be more proud of my nephew, John. I have seen these qualities in him since he was a young child. What he has done for people in need and now in his work at the school does not surprise me at all, as he has always been a life toucher and helping person throughout his life. Thank you, John for making your school and the world a better place!

Cindy Slosson Posted 7 months ago

Dear John First of all congratulations on being Life Changer of the year! I knew when I first met you God had something special for you. I’m so happy for you and your family, they must be so proud of you. May God continue to watch over you and bless you all the days of your life. God bless??

Veronica Perkins Posted 7 months ago

Even through all of the stress this year has brought our school nurse, he takes care of every issue the children have with a smile on his face. In between making sure our school is safe from Covid, he fixes up a scraped knee like it’s the most important thing he’s done all day. Every child is a priority and made to feel important. Mr. Burke is always so calm and so kind. A true professional.

June Little Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Burke Is the best school nurse. Here at Cooke he takes a lot of pride in his work. He takes very good care of the students ,staff,and parents. Always has a big smile on his face whenever you see him. Keep your light shining!

Robin Sims Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Burke is the best school nurse. He cares so deeply for the well being of the students at Coooke. He always has a smile on his face. he is the most compassionate person. We are so lucky to have him here.

Margaret Buffin Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Burke is the best! He truly cares for each and every person that he comes in contact with. He is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met, and our school is so lucky he is our school nurse. Not only does he care for our students, but also our staff and parents.

Felita Sims Posted 10 months ago

Thankful for all of your dedication and hard work for our students, families, and staff. You are an expert nurse. Keep shining!

Shanon Szczesny Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Burke goes above and beyond his job description with an extremely positive attitude. He is patient, kind, and caring to our student, staff, and parents. He consistently follows safety protocols and communicates expectations for everyone’s well-being. He is nurturing and calm for our students. Mr. Burke is also extremely knowledgeable regarding treatments and requirements. He is such an asset to our building.

Maria Meza Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Burke goes above and beyond to make sure all students are healthy and safe at Cooke. He is very kind and professional. My class enjoyed very much his presentation on Washing hands. Thank you, Mr. Burke!

Elizabeth Zamora Posted 10 months ago

Señor Burke: nuestro enfermero comprometido, atento, trabajador, comprensivo, educado, amable, profesional, disciplinado y merecedor de tantos calificativos que no terminaría de describir su trabajo y su persona. Agradezco cada atención y tiempo dedicado a nuestros estudiantes durante los momentos más difíciles en que vivimos. Su desempeño transmite seguridad y tranquilidad a nuestra familia Andrew Cooke Magnet. Realmente se le aprecia y valora todo su hacer.

John Reznar Posted 10 months ago

Wow!!! As past grand knight of the Knights of Columbus, I am pleased to report to everyone that John Burke is an outstanding Knight. He has always helped on all of our fund raisers, so that we are able to support a number of social needs in our community. Congratulations John. You deserve this honor. Your fellow brother Knight, John Reznar

Betzy Perez Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Burke is always thinking of staff and students and works hard to keep everyone safe. He is kind and is indeed a life changer! Thank you for all your hard work, and kindness!

Jackie Spencer Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Burke is a compassionate, patient and kind. The best qualities for an elementary school nurse, in or out of a pandemic. I am grateful to have him on our team at school and know that he is modeling caring for our future citizens. Thank you for your dedication Mr. Burke.

JoAnn Thomas Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Burke is an amazing nurse and person. From the moment I met him I understood the pride he takes in his work and willingness to keep all scholars safe. His ability to see the positive in situations less than, is something that has/will make him stand out from the rest. Thank, you Mr. Burke

DELYRIS MARTINEZ Posted 10 months ago

I love Mr. BURKE! He always provides the best medical care to my Sophia!

Kathy clark Posted 10 months ago

Hi, I just read your comment for Mr. Burke on the Dogo page. We're you able to post it at the LifeChanger link? I love what you had to share! kathy clark (Marisella C's parent) Mr. Burke should be nominated for a extra special reward, he deals with my daughter and always make sure he goes above & beyond to make sure her needs are addressed and I know what is going on & im updated. thank you for your love& care for the children

Mari Borjon Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Burke is an awesome nurse!! He has high organization skills. He always makes sure he takes notes of every students situation and their school medical routines. He even triple to quadruple checks on files and situations. He also gives his best to keep calm during stressful covid events or other medical emergencies. He is kind to the students and attends his best with each parents' needs. We are fortunate to have Mr. Burke at Andrew Cooke Magnet Elementary School!

Mayra Siordia Posted 10 months ago

Excelente Enfermero siempre está al pendiente de los niños cualquier síntoma lo toma muy En serio en el buen plan es muy profesional . Muchas Gracias por su Excelente trabajo y más ahora en tiempos de covid creeo que hasta merece un aumento ya que el cuida cada uno de nuestros hijos en Escuela . Saludos ?? ??

Ocaren Guadarrama Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Burke is a wonderful school nurse. He has answered emails about questions regarding my child’s return to school requirements promptly. He is very kind, respectful and hardworking. Thank you Mr. Burke for all you do!

Dorothy Evenhouse Posted 10 months ago

I have known John Burke for many years, ever since he stepped up to be book fair chairman his first year as a Cooke parent. When he sees a need, he steps up to help. Now he shares this positive helpful attitude as a school employee. I am so glad to hear of this nomination, recognizing all he does for the community.

Shelly Andres Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Burke is so accomodating to my students with special needs. He has a kind word of encouragement, explains in child friendly terms, and takes into account the limited communication skills of some children. Mr. Burke also caters well to staff. He asks for information from staff prior to making decisions. By far, Mr. Burke is the most professsional and sincere school nurse I have ever worked with. He deserves this award, plus so much more in life!!

Mollie Brand Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Burke is a wonderful school nurse and he is always looking out for the health and safety of our staff and students! He is always on top of everything and is always there when you need him. Thank you for being so amazing, Mr. Burke! We are lucky to have you as part of our Cooke Family! :)

ML Posted 10 months ago

We appreciate all you do.

Julia Andary Posted 10 months ago

John always brings a kind spirit to all he does at work! He is a positive presence that makes all staff and students feel safe and cared for. Thank you John for all you do!

Henry Brash Posted 10 months ago

Way to go, John, so very proud of you and I pray all of God's continued blessings on your life.

Tami Gibbs Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Burke is an amazing school nurse. He greets everyone with a smile and kind word, showing patience, kindness and caring to all. Thank you, Mr. Burke!

Rebecca Solano Posted 10 months ago

John was a great help when I was dealing with waiting for PCR test results for my son! I wanted him to get back in school and CVS faxed him our results after school hours and John responded to me right away confirming he received the fax and my son could return. He always is professional, helpful and hardworking! Thanks, Mr. Burke!

Mrs Baartz Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Burke is always so professional, knowledgeable and kind! He goes non stop to provide a safe place for our students and staff!!! Thank you Mr. Burke!! Keep up the good work!

Emily Schwartz Posted 10 months ago

John is a very caring individual. He has remained patient and dedicated to the students and staff during this very challenging time. Emily Schwartz

Ericka Lara Posted 10 months ago

Mr.Burke is a wonderful school nurse! He is very kind and caring towards the kids. Thank you for all you do!

Wendy Trevino Posted 10 months ago

Our school nurse Mr. Burke is awesome. He is very diligent at his job. He is always so patient and very very kind. He is a joy to work with and such a hard worker. We appreciate him immensely. Thank you "Dr. John"!, as he is commonly referred as.

Kristin Northern Posted 10 months ago

John has put in countless hours keeping our staff and students safe. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award. Despite the ever changing mandates, John remains flexible and positive. He is truly deserving of this!

Jenni Posted 10 months ago

Thank you for all you do for us at school John. We appreciate you, more than you know.

Jaime Miceli Posted 10 months ago

Nurse Burke is wonderful!!! He truly cares about the students and their health and it shows in any conversation you have with him. We are blessed to have such a caring, dedicated, educated and professional nurse taking care of our students and staff!

Venessa Esp Posted 10 months ago

My son has been in and out of the nurses office numerous times since kindergarten and Mr. Burke has always been compassionate and understanding! His services are invaluable and definitely appreciated.