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Charlene Lebron

Position: School Nurse
School: Lillian Fletcher Elementary School
School District: Homer Community School District
City, State: Homer, MI

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Charlene Lebron was nominated by one of her colleagues.

"Nurse Lebron joined our school this year, and she has already proven herself as a phenomenal addition to our team," explains her colleague. "In the middle of a pandemic, it's an extremely challenging time to be a nurse, especially in a school. Charlene goes above and beyond every single day!"

Ms. Lebron sees students with a myriad of illnesses and injuries, always treating them with love, care, and respect. In addition to her normal, daily visits to her office, she is also juggling the challenges that come along with COVID. She has spent many long hours at school conducting contact tracing, calling families, and giving COVID tests so students can return to school sooner. Even though this is hard, she never lets it show to students and families. 

Ms. Lebron is supportive of her colleagues, too. She communicates quickly with them regarding their students and what's going on with them. She ensures that information is disseminated to everyone who needs to know, and she supports her colleagues and their medical concerns with students. Ms. Lebron even performs COVID tests on staff who want the extra reassurance that they are keeping their students and community safe.

"We appreciate her so much and can't imagine our school without her," said her nominator.

Comments (12)

Mrs Eishen Posted over a year ago

Thank you for putting so much into everything you do! We appreciate you!

Emily Tewell Posted over a year ago

Charlene an amazing asset to Homer Schools, but she is also an asset to the community. She always goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone is loved and taken care of. Not only is she a school nurse, but she's a kind heart and a shoulder when kiddos need uplifting. I don't know anyone else who is more deserving!

diego Posted over a year ago

My mom works very hard and is very dedicated to the school. My friends in the school love her as the school nurse and know they are getting the best treatment around. She treats all the student with respect and love and as one of her own children.

Macy Blair Posted over a year ago

Nurse lebron is an awesome nurse. She is always there to help no matter what! I have diabetes and anytime i need somethings she is on her way in a minute she is always there for me and many other kids in our school district. She is a loving, caring, and supportive nurse! We are going through tough times with COVID-19 but nusre Lebron is staying strong and being as tough s she can be and she is doing an amazing job at it. I love you Charlene keep being amazing and doing the awesome work you are doing, Thank you so much i appreciate all you do for our school!

Mike Leskowich Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lebron is a tremendous asset to our district. She goes above and beyond the call of duty for our students. Thank you for everything you do to make Homer Community Schools a healthier and happier place to be!

JoEllen O'Keefe Posted over a year ago

Nurse Lebron is an critical member of the staff at Homer Community Schools. She is always willing to go above and beyond to provide all levels of support to our students, staff, and families. We appreciate her dedication, commitment and care to our school community!

Tamra Bagwell Posted over a year ago

Nurse Lebron is a rockstar! She is always ready to help our students. She is always on the move to wherever she may be needed. I appreciate her more than I can express.

Torry Kissinger Posted over a year ago

Charlene, you are doing an amazing job with our kiddos. This is a tough time and you are handling it like a Rockstar!!! We appreciate you so much!!

Rebecca Willis Posted over a year ago

Charlene is a wonderful addition to Homer Schools! She has hopped in and also helped the Cross Country program!

Thyra Landis Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lebron is an outstanding additions to HCS. Her communication to parents is top notch and having her on staff is such a blessing. My children have had several experiences with her and most recently my daughter had to get a Covid test administered by Ms. Lebron. The kindness and comfort she provided for my daughter helped ease the stress and anxiety of having to do the test. I am so grateful to have her at school helping keep my children safe and feel like she is a very deserving individual of Lifechanger of the year award. Her compassion for the children shows in all that she does.

Jennifer blatter Posted over a year ago

She’s Amazing

Sarah Smith Posted over a year ago

Charlene—- thank you so much for all you do to help keep our kids and staff safe and healthy. You are appreciated beyond measure!!!